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When the writing’s on the wall: signs of serious debt problems

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2014 | Avoiding Bankruptcy

If you find yourself steadily slipping into deeper debt for one or several reasons, it makes eminent sense to consult with a counseling professional. Indeed, most people in Florida and throughout the country can find a nonprofit counseling organization that might be able to lend a hand without much of a problem.

When money-related worries grow to an increased magnitude, however, with questions outweighing answers and the quagmire of debt seeming ever more insoluble, a candid consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney might be a more sensible strategy.

What are the signs that debt has truly spiraled out of control and might be impossible to rein back in? Are there concrete and obvious indications that reveal a debtor that likely needs immediate help from a proven debt-relief attorney?

Actually, there are several, and they are discussed in a recent article on the subject authored by Bankrate, the Florida-based personal finance company that provides investment and other financial information to consumers nationally.

Some of the harbingers of pending financial meltdown seem intuitive, if not outright obvious. Are you regularly paying bills late and incurring finance charges? That’s a telling sign. Are you drawing down on IRA or other retirement accounts to deal with current obligations? That’s certainly problematic. Are you bickering with your spouse about money? Are you paying off one credit card balance with … another credit card? Are you drawing down home equity to pay for basic essentials?

If that describes you, a visit to a bankruptcy lawyer’s office could be time well spent, if just for the simple reason of openly putting all issues on the table and discussing them in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust. Consumers with serious debt worries are often heartened — and surprised — to note that life-bettering options do exist for combating their money problems.

A proven bankruptcy attorney can inform a client of those options and help him or her deal legally and responsibly with debt problems.

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