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Miami scam alert: In this day and age, vigilance is a must

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Debt Relief

Are you a Miami-area resident who has been contacted by a lawyer from the State Attorney’s Office named Joseph Foster regarding money you allegedly owe the government?

If so, you’re not alone. Mr. Foster has been busy lately haranguing state residents via email contacts regarding debt he states is delinquent and must be immediately repaid.

There is only problem concerning Foster’s demands, namely this: He doesn’t exist.

Moreover, if you feel sufficiently threatened by the email targeting you to duly comply with its stated payment demand by remitting money to an indicated address, please note that your cash might be finding its way to scammers in Thailand.

It has always been the case in the United States — the world’s foremost capitalist economy — that consumers need to do their homework regarding debt collectors and money outlays. The unwary are routinely fleeced in Florida and all other states across the country, and that is becoming increasingly the case as more contacts and transactions are conducted online.

In short: The phrase, “Buyer, beware” has likely never been more relevant than it is right now, in 2014.

Miami-Dade prosecutors are understandably piqued and concerned with the scam attempts, many of which contain legal language, reference a fictitious law firm and claim to be sent on behalf of the state government.

We occasionally mention such scams to readers to put them on alert and to advise them to always exercise due vigilance when dealing with unknown parties concerning any money matter.

South Florida residents with questions or concerns regarding debt collectors or collection activities can receive sound and timely advice from a proven Miami debt relief attorney.

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