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Due reflection on those credit cards as the holidays approach

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Debt Relief

Here it comes again, with its annual return marked by all the customary hyperbole and anticipation.

Black Friday. If you haven’t yet noted it, you’re likely to soon do so, courtesy of a mailbox stuffed with advertising filler, strident television commercials hyping deep discounts and round-the-clock shopping opportunities, and credit card offers.

Be wary of it all, of course, but be especially alert regarding that latter enticement, given the slippery slope associated with it for many consumers.

Not every person can fully give into all the shopping whims related to the holidays and make prompt cash purchases for goods to fill every loved one’s Christmas stocking.

Many Floridians and other consumers nationally use credit cards, instead, securing today’s wants with money not yet earned and to be paid later.

As most of us readily concede, that can be a dangerous proposition. As we noted during last year’s winter holiday season in an article on past-due credit card bills, paying for year-end purchases on credit can be especially dicey for consumers already challenged by high debt levels.

Although card companies might come across as friendly and full of good cheer when they are seeking your signature for a new card, ultimately they just want your money and will do whatever it takes to collect it from you.

That is especially true if you fall behind on payment duties. If that becomes the case, your new “friend’ is likely to be a collection agent. Your credit score could tumble. You might become hard pressed to deal with other recurring payment obligations.

A proven debt relief attorney fully appreciates that scenario and can help any debtor who is struggling with severe financial hardship. A timely discussion with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help a consumer fully understand debt-related options that can be pursued and achieve a fresh financial start.


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