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On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Debt Relief

You might have started out with manageable debt in what seemed like some good investments, such as real estate or a small business. One bad turn led you to owing too much to your lenders. At Kincaid Garcia McMaken, we take pride in the fact that we have helped our clients make a fresh start through debt reorganization strategies, Florida bankruptcy counseling and repayment planning.

Once the bills start piling up and the creditors start knocking on your door, it might start feeling as though it is too late to fix your debt problem. Debt collectors often generate this feeling intentionally as a strategy to cause you to panic and make disadvantageous financial decisions. Stay calm, and you, like many of your neighbors, might be able to get out from under your crushing and debt with some planning and perseverance. 

While we are always ready to provide advice to stop creditor harassment and rebuild credit, we also realize that no single strategy works for everyone. That is why we encourage clients to take a thorough look at their finances and prepare to communicate the facts to banks, courts and other parties that might become involved in your road to financial recovery.

We also suggest that our clients be honest with everyone involved. You might be surprised at who comes over to your side of an argument when all the facts are on the table: Mortgage companies, former spouses and others to whom you owe money are usually more amenable to debt restructuring when they know all of the details of your precarious situation. Please continue to read more on our main site for more information.


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