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Only the best credit counseling services provide free resources

When bills keep piling up, you may feel overwhelmed and wonder how to survive today when you cannot seem to get past yesterday. Some Florida beachcombers who find themselves under a growing pile of debt can only blame their personal spending habits and uncontrollable use of credit cards.

What can credit counseling accomplish?

If you live in Florida and are finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of your finances, you may be considering setting a meeting with a credit counselor. A credit counselor is someone who offers credit counseling, debt management or financial education services for consumers in need, and credit counselors often help people regain control over their finances or work through common financial obstacles.

Credit counseling with a focus on the big picture

You might have started out with manageable debt in what seemed like some good investments, such as real estate or a small business. One bad turn led you to owing too much to your lenders. At Kincaid Garcia McMaken, we take pride in the fact that we have helped our clients make a fresh start through debt reorganization strategies, Florida bankruptcy counseling and repayment planning.

Stop creditor harassment now

At Kingcade Garcia McMaken, we know that plenty of law-abiding Florida residents are the targets of ruthless-- and sometimes illegal-- harangues on the part of people to whom they owe money. There are even professional debt collection companies that make a sport and a business of hassling our neighbors.

Dealing with debt after a divorce

The last thing that Florida residents want is to add more problems to their divorce process. Unfortunately, since the state's divorce courts divide debt in a similar manner to assets, financial stress is sometimes unavoidable. While no debt relief strategy is perfect, there are ways to minimize the impact of post-divorce debt.

Ways to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy

Florida residents who have completed bankruptcy proceedings may wonder if the hard part is just ahead, namely rebuilding their credit score. To many people, bankruptcy feels like a scarlet letter, a sign of massive financial failure that is hard to ever recover from. However, according to Forbes, there are ways to rebuild a credit score following bankruptcy and to restore one's financial reputation.

Making your taxes a priority

Anywhere you are in the nation, Florida included, tax season always springs up at the same time of year. In the current atmosphere of economic change, you might be tempted to neglect giving your business's taxes the full attention they deserve. That neglect is even more likely if you have accrued other debts you believe should take priority. At Kingcade & Garcia, P.A., we often help clients with tax issues during debt relief and bankruptcy processes, but we are only empowered to do so if our clients have stayed diligent in their past filings.

Debt relief: what to do when the bills pile up

Florida residents who have run into a streak of bad luck and find medical bills piling up may find themselves tempted to file for bankruptcy. According to USA Today, Americans choose bankruptcy most often as a result of outstanding healthcare expenses. When emergency surgeries or other unexpected crises impact financial well-being, what should families do?

When can wages be garnished?

One of the biggest concerns you may have when you are facing a lot of debt in Florida is having your wages garnished. This can be devastating because the chances are good that you are having trouble paying your bills with the money you are making and if garnished, you will not be bringing home even less money. It can throw you into even deeper debt. So, when can a debt collector garnish your wages?

What is the danger of credit card debt?

Getting a credit card in Florida can make you feel secure like you have extra money if you need it. However, it is really easy to use the credit card for situations where you didn't need to spend money. Credit cards can lead you to live beyond your means. Eventually, all that debt catches up with you. 

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