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Pace of growth of consumer credit in the U.S. slows down

In previous posts, we have discussed how the U.S. experienced fairly aggressive growth in consumer credit in the three-month period between November 2011 and January 2012. Some debt-related statistics that were recently reported on by Reuters indicate that this aggressive growth may now be slowing.

U.S. experienced rise in consumer credit of over $17 billion in January

Recently, Reuters reported on the U.S. consumer credit numbers for January of 2012. The numbers indicate that the large surge in consumer credit that the U.S. saw in November and December continued in January.

U.S. consumer credit rose in October

Last month, we discussed how consumer credit in the United States went up in September. Some recent debt-related statistics indicate that this trend of rising consumer credit continued in October. The statistics were reported on by an article on Reuters' website and they are from the Federal Reserve.

U.S. sees rise in consumer credit in September

In a post last month, we discussed consumer debt in the United States. Specifically, we talked about how, in August, consumer credit in the United States went down. Recently, an article on Reuters' website reported on some statistics that regarded consumer credit in the United States in September. These statistics indicate that the trend of falling consumer credit that the U.S. saw in August did not continue in September.

U.S. consumer credit dropped in August

Recently, an article on Reuters' website reported on some interesting debt-related statistics. The statistics regard consumer credit in the U.S. in August of this year. The statistics appear to indicate that the U.S. saw some very different trends in consumer credit in August than it did in July.

Is student loan debt increasingly becoming a problem for students?

In today's economy, many individuals are struggling with high amounts of debt. There are many types of debt which individuals can hold. One type of debt that individuals in Florida and the country as a whole are increasingly holding in high amounts is student loan debt.

April is National Financial Literacy Month

There are many reasons that people find themselves struggling with debt. For some, it is largely out of their control. Job loss and serious illnesses or injuries can leave families without much needed paychecks. But for others, simply not understanding basic financial principles can play a large role in their financial struggles.

Beware of debt settlement or credit repair scams

With the tough economy, most people are struggling to make ends meet. Many have turned to credit cards to bridge the gap between income and bills, but that can only go on for so long. At some point, the debt from the credit cards and unpaid bills can become overwhelming.

Old Video Rental Late Fees Could Impact Credit Scores

Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery filed for bankruptcy nearly a year ago. At the time, thousands of movie renters owed the company a few dollars here or there for late fees. Now, the collections company working for the video chain has begun filing negative reports to credit agencies regarding these "outstanding debts."

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