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Demographic trends, financial strains, solutions re the family home

As has been noted by national media stories and prior posts of this blog, Americans' financial problems that can potentially make things get a bit out of hand -- or flatly impossible to deal with -- can owe to one or a host of interrelated issues that result in a spiraling debt trap.

Staggering medical debt: It doesn't have to be a life-long curse

In the economic downturn of recent years, many Floridians and persons from elsewhere across the country have stated that it was a sudden and unforeseen job loss that created insurmountable financial problems for their family and resulted in bankruptcy. Others have noted that it was an unexpected expense or two that was charged on a credit card, with principal and interest payments subsequently becoming onerous over time and eventually beyond their means to pay.

Tight economic times increase unsecured debt for many baby boomers

The primary distinction between secured and unsecured debt is that the former is backed by collateral of some sort that a creditor may have ready access to in the event of a payment default. A classic example is a home, car or other physical asset.

Credit card debt: It doesn't have to be onerous and perpetual

Credit card debt is the heavy chain that hangs around the necks of many Americans, including Floridians who have encountered job loss, unexpected medical expenses, home foreclosure, staggering student debt repayment obligations and other payment exactions.

Make a list, check it twice, to avoid debt during the holidays

Since the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season, many Florida families are scouting out the best deals and looking for fun surprises for their loved ones. While gift shopping can be fun and exciting, it's also important for Florida families to be wary of special offers and deals that might make them spend more than they can afford.

New household debt numbers from Fed tell a mixed tale of hope, woe

The adage "statistics don't lie" impliedly includes an addendum along the lines of, "They can also often be interpreted multiple ways and reasonably point toward disparate conclusions."

Credit Cards for College Students? Parents Need to Weigh the Risks

Although it might seem like summer vacation just started, the beginning of the school year is fast approaching. For those students headed off to college, many will be experiencing life away from home for the first time.

Pace of growth of consumer credit in the U.S. slows down

In previous posts, we have discussed how the U.S. experienced fairly aggressive growth in consumer credit in the three-month period between November 2011 and January 2012. Some debt-related statistics that were recently reported on by Reuters indicate that this aggressive growth may now be slowing.

Multiple types of debt up in Florida

Struggles with debt can have major impacts on consumers. Recently, some interesting debt-related statistics have arisen regarding Florida. The statistics are from CreditKarma and they regard consumer debt averages in Florida for several different types of debt in March 2012.

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