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Story highlights abusive tactics of Florida collection company

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is federal legislation that was enacted in 1977, prompted by the dire necessity of protecting Americans across the country, including in Florida, from abusive debt collection practices.

Debt collector and FTC reach settlement in deceptive practices case

It is very important for debt collectors to only engage in proper conduct in their debt collection efforts. In today's difficult economy, consumers have enough on their plates without also having to worry about having to be subjected to wrongful debt collection conduct. Wrongful debt collection conduct can be very harmful to consumers.

Man accuses debt collection agency of wrongful debt collection conduct

No consumer should have to face wrongful harassment at the hands of debt collectors. Such wrongful debt collection conduct can be extremely harmful to a consumer. Thus, it is very important for debt collectors to make sure to only engage in proper conduct when making efforts to collect on debts and to not wrongfully harass consumers.

Debts erased in bankruptcy are no longer subject to debt collection

When Florida residents have accumulated unmanageable debt, one option is to seek bankruptcy protection. By filing for bankruptcy, lenders and debt collectors will be subject to the bankruptcy rules regarding the debt owed.

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