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Understanding credit counseling

Residents in Florida who are experiencing debt challenges may often not know where to turn. Some people immediately think bankruptcy is their only option while others may even be too afraid to seek any type of help at all. While bankruptcy may be the right option for some people, it does not mean that it is the only solution to debt problems. Consumers may find that working with a credit counselor can offer the assistance they need.

How much of your wages get garnished for unpaid credit card debt?

As one of many Floridians who are currently facing monumental credit card debt, you may have concerns about whether your creditors can garnish your wages at work until they get everything you owe them. Wage garnishment often occurs when you have unpaid credit cards, child support or student loan payments, and it can prove embarrassing and problematic.

What happens to credit card debt when you divorce?

If you are like many people across Florida who are going through a divorce, you may be looking forward to making a clean break from your former partner and getting a fresh start. Doing so can prove more complicated, however, if the two of you share considerable credit card debt, which is common among many American couples. So, what, exactly, happens to that credit card debt when you and your one-time partner split?

What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

If you live in Florida and face overwhelming debt, your phone likely rings a lot. You may have stopped answering it when you fail to recognize the incoming number, fearing the call is from one more of your creditors calling to harass you about debt repayment. You may feel that you have no rights at all.

How to recognize debt settlement scams

As a Florida resident who feels like you are drowning in debt, you may be looking for just about any type of assistance you can get. You may, too, find that you are increasingly becoming a target of debt settlement companies who may make all kinds of promises in an attempt to get you to work with them. At Kingcade Garcia McMaken, we recognize that some debt settlement companies are little more than scams, and we have helped many clients facing overwhelming debt pursue safer solutions that meet their needs.

How do I find a good credit counseling agency?

Since good credit counseling can save you from a possible stint in bankruptcy court, you want to find the best credit counselor for you in the state of Florida. Still, with the variety of choices available, you might feel lost. Some people may also feel panicked because of their mounting debt and decide to go with the first counselor they come across. However, Nerdwallet suggests you will be better off if you undertake some careful preparation before making a commitment to any counseling agency.

Is it true that federal student loans won't be forgiven?

You may have accrued significant student loan debt, figuring it would be no problem to repay it once you began your career. Unfortunately, like many Florida residents, you encountered unforeseen financial troubles and you are having difficulty staying afloat, let alone paying down your student debt. You might be considering filing for bankruptcy, but you've heard that student loans are not eligible for a bankruptcy discharge.

Choosing the right debt relief option for you

Floridian residents who are in a financial bind may be tinkering with the idea of looking into debt relief options. There are many benefits to different methods of relieving debt, but there can be potential drawbacks as well. A person should be aware of both before making a decision.

How to avoid calls from harassing debt collectors

If you are one of the many Americans who are behind on your credit card, house, medical bill or car payments, you may have been contacted by a debt collector. While many times they appear as annoying phone calls periodically during the day and/or night, debt collectors may use a number of ways to get you to make a payment on your late account. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits collectors from calling excessively, using profane language, using scare tactics, posing as attorneys or saying that you owe more than your actual debt amount. However, there are many stories of debt collectors going beyond what is allowed and harassing people.

Recognizing illegal debt collection practices

If you, like so many others across Florida, are facing increasing pressure from debt collection agencies, you may be searching for ways to end the harassment and regain control over your finances. Debt collectors will often resort to a broad range of tactics to try to get you to pay up, but in some cases their methods cross the line and become illegal. At Kingcade Garcia McMaken, we recognize how stressful it can be when debt collectors continuously contact you, and we have helped many clients facing similar circumstances find solutions that meet their needs.

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