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Posts tagged "Foreclosure"

Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative includes Miami-Dade County

Beginning on Dec. 1, the Federal Housing Finance Agency will open up the housing market in Florida counties such as, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, to include more than 2,000 homes that have been foreclosed. Similar efforts have also begun in Detroit and Chicago earlier this year.

Can filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy prevent foreclosure?

There are a wide variety of reasons people begin to consider filing for bankruptcy, from burdensome medical bills to credit card overuse to bad tax decisions. One common reason folks begin to consider bankruptcy is that they become unable to make their mortgage payments. But can a debtor really stop foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy?

Deficiency judgments can bite back years following foreclosure

Well, here’s a business model that an overwhelming number of people across the country would view as unprincipled and even egregiously unethical: buy up old mortgage debt for a fraction of its face value and then go after debtors for what is still allegedly owed, often years after those debtors went into foreclosure and their properties were sold by lenders.

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