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Multiple types of debt up in Florida

Struggles with debt can have major impacts on consumers. Recently, some interesting debt-related statistics have arisen regarding Florida. The statistics are from CreditKarma and they regard consumer debt averages in Florida for several different types of debt in March 2012.

Robo-signing lawsuit brought against Florida-based company

When lenders, mortgage servicers or mortgage document companies engage in wrongful conduct regarding mortgage/foreclosure documents, it can result in consumers suffering great harm. Such wrongful conduct can sometimes even result in unlawful foreclosures. No consumer should have to face a wrongful foreclosure because a lender, mortgage servicer or mortgage document company engaged in wrongful document-related practices.

Consumer default rate rose slightly between November and December

Struggles with debt can have major impacts on consumers. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported on some debt-related statistics. The statistics are from a survey by Standard & Poor's Indices and Experian and they regard consumer default rates in the U.S. in December of 2011.

Miami-Dade County's foreclosure rate at 18.13 percent as of October 2011

Foreclosures have become an increasing major issue in Miami-Dade County in recent years. Foreclosures and mortgage struggles can have significant impacts on a consumer. Recently, the South Florida Business Journal reported on some mortgage/foreclosure related statistics. The statistics are from CoreLogic and they regard Miami-Dade County's foreclosure rate and mortgage delinquency rate.

Mortgage debt down in the U.S. in 2011's third quarter

One of the types of debt that consumers sometimes hold is mortgage debt. Recently, an article on Bloomberg's website reported on some mortgage-related statistics. The statistics came from multiple sources and they regard mortgage debt and underwater mortgages in the U.S. in 2011's third quarter.

U.S. sees slight drop in underwater properties

One of the mortgage debt-related problems many homeowners have faced in recent years is being underwater on a property. A person is underwater on a property when the value of the property the person has a mortgage on is less than the amount the person still owes on the mortgage. Being underwater on a property can have a variety of impacts on a homeowner.

Mortgage lender's mistake leads to wrongful foreclosure

Florida homeowners who are struggling financially may be at risk of losing their homes even if they miss only one payment. That may sound harsh but, as we've all seen, some lenders have been quick to foreclose in some cases even when they have not met all the legal requirements to do so.

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