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Rolling Stone Takes a Look at Florida's Rocket Docket

The Florida rocket docket controversy has even caught the attention of Rolling Stone magazine. The term "rocket docket" was coined to describe the in-and-out philosophy of foreclosure courts. The article features the experiences of Matt Taibbi, who went to Florida to examine the foreclosure process.

Courts Using Summary Judgments To Clear Foreclosure Backlog

As we have discussed before in a previous blog post, Florida courts have been called "rocket dockets" for their speedy hearings for foreclosure cases. The court system has been accused of not taking the time to ensure all foreclosures are legal and fair. A new report suggests that this trend continues in foreclosure cases.

Banks Accused of Changing Locks on Occupied Homes in Foreclosure

Adding more controversy to Florida foreclosure proceedings, some banks are sending representatives to change locks on Florida properties that are in foreclosure, even though they are still occupied. Florida foreclosure defense attorneys are concerned about the implications of this newest scandal.

Housing Crisis Fueled by Racial Predatory Lending

A study released today in the American Sociological Review reveals that predatory lending focused on minority neighborhoods played a significant role in the foreclosure crisis. The study was conducted by Professor Douglas Massey of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and graduate student Jacob Rugh.

Thousands of Foreclosure Filings under Scrutiny Due to Faulty Paperwork from Banks and Lenders

Thousands of foreclosures are being scrutinized after employees at several major lenders approved thousands of foreclosure affidavits and other documents without proper evaluation. JP Morgan has suspended some 56,000 foreclosures after admitting some may have been authorized without proper review. Ally Financial, another major lender, suspended evictions in twenty-three states.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Facing Rocket-Docket Accusations - P. 2

In our last blog post, we established that Florida's courts are flooded with foreclosure cases and examined the system created by Miami-Dade Circuit Court to deal with the problem. Today, we will continue to discuss the controversy surrounding Miami-Dade's approach.

GMAC Suspends Evictions After Employee Admits to Robo-Signing

This week, GMAC Mortgage Co. halted foreclosure sales and evictions in 23 states, including Florida, after it was revealed that affidavits were signed by individuals who had no personal knowledge  of the information contained in the documents.

Mortgage Modification, More Problems - Part 2

Our post yesterday discussed the overall breach of contract claim in lawsuits filed against Bank of America for HAMP mortgage modifications. However, the homeowner complaints against Bank of America allege problems much deeper than just "they denied my modification against the terms of the contract." The complaints allege that Bank of America did not act in good faith during the modification process.

Mortgage Modification "You Breached" - Part 1

Most people consider their home one of the most important things in their life. A house should be a secure place for people to relax in and to enjoy time with their families. In this economic downturn, home ownership has become a struggle for some. Many homes are "under water" and while most people try to pay their mortgage on time, they are finding it harder to do. Banks are not making things any easier.

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