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I'm Facing Foreclosure, Should I Consider a Short Sale?

Foreclosure is a difficult situation to face, but have you considered a short sale instead? Many people don't know the legal opportunity that short sales offer to homeowners who have fallen desperately behind on their mortgage payments. To end your strife and get started on repairing the damage, contact a debt attorney immediately to find out if a short sale is the right option for you.

Report: New foreclosure filings in South Florida continue to decline

While the past few years of reports on the state of the housing market here in South Florida, particularly as it relates to foreclosures, have shown remarkably steady improvement, many in the industry have remained understandably unconvinced that this trend would endure.

Will a Florida Supreme Court decision reignite foreclosure woes?

In our last post, our blog spent some time examining acceleration clauses in the context of home mortgages. To recap, if a mortgage contains an acceleration clause, it means that in the event of default by the borrower, the lender can seek immediate payment of the full balance of the loan and, failing that, initiate foreclosure proceedings.

A primer on home mortgages and acceleration clauses

On the momentous occasion when a person's offer to purchase a home is accepted, they start eagerly watching the calendar, counting down the days until they are finally given the keys. Indeed, the excitement may be so great at the closing that the person finds it difficult to retain everything they've been told or remember the details of everything they've signed.

Threat of foreclosure still very real in some parts of Florida

The last few years have seen Florida's residential real estate market undergo a miraculous recovery. Indeed, the influx of qualified buyers looking to capitalize on record low housing prices in the wake of the recession coupled with improving economic conditions and rising wages has served to fuel demand and create greater overall stability in the housing sector.  

South Florida continues to see drop in foreclosures

Given the considerable damage sustained by Florida's housing market during the Great Recession and the length of time it took to start recovering from this damage, people in the Sunshine State -- especially here it hard-hit South Florida -- can perhaps be forgiven for still being a bit skeptical about positive real estate reports.

How much do you know about the horror of zombie foreclosures?

While the nightmarish foreclosure levels reached during the height of the recent recession may seem firmly in the rearview mirror, it's important to understand that the horrors of the not-so-distant past are still very real for some Floridians. Indeed, hundreds continue to be haunted by what have become to be known as "zombie foreclosures."

Florida still struggling with foreclosures, underwater mortgages

Two of the nation's leading real estate analytics groups, CoreLogic and RealtyTrac, have released reports over the last month examining the state of the U.S. housing market as it pertains to such factors as completed foreclosures, foreclosure inventory and underwater mortgages.

Report: Florida continues to rank high for foreclosure activity

Back in January, our blog discussed a report from one data analytics group examining the state of the foreclosure market in 2015. Here, the report concluded that while the scars of 2010's foreclosure crisis had largely healed, it's effects were still lingering in many states -- including Florida.

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