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New law slowing down foreclosure process in Florida

The new foreclosure law in Florida designed to make sure banks prove they own the mortgages they are foreclosing on has led to a delay in foreclosure proceedings in the state. In addition to the law making sure lenders don't wrongfully foreclose on a home, it also allows banks to speed up the foreclosure process. 

Home foreclosure: a continuing national problem

Constrained financial circumstances for many American families continue to result in hassles with lenders regarding debt across a wide spectrum of concerns. Credit card debt continues to be a struggle for millions of individuals and families across the country. As we have noted in past blog posts, so, too, does student debt, with legions of former students weighed under by staggering and long-term loan obligations. Medical debt is also a sobering concern for many.

Foreclosures: South Florida lags nation, still digging out

Given all the evidence and firm data, there is really no disputing what many people persistently say is a flat reality in the South Florida housing market, namely this: Notwithstanding the good news across the country generally concerning a rise in home equity and escalating market values for homes, South Florida lags virtually all areas in noticing that uptick.

"Little-known horror of the U.S. housing bust:" the zombie title

You pay your mortgage in a timely manner for years and then start having some difficulties. Perhaps you lose your job, or a family member incurs a health problem that results in unexpected expenses. You start slipping behind on house payments as a result and eventually receive a foreclosure judgment from your lender and notification that your home is to be sold at auction pursuant to a sheriff's sale.

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