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Miami-Dade County sees increase in foreclosure rate

As we have mentioned previously on this blog, many homeowners in Miami-Dade County and Florida have faced mortgage struggles and foreclosures in recent years. Mortgage struggles and foreclosures can have significant impacts on homeowners. Recently, a report was released which contained some interesting statistics on mortgages and foreclosures.

Proposed foreclosure legislation arises in Florida

In recent years, many individuals in Florida have faced foreclosure. Also, over this time, a backlog has been developing in Florida courts when it comes to foreclosures. Reportedly, the foreclosure backlog in Florida currently consists of over 200,000 cases. The state has tried many different methods to address foreclosures and this backlog.

How prevalent was robo-signing?

It is very important for lenders and mortgage processing companies to not engage in suspect practices when it comes to documents related to home mortgages. Such practices can cause homeowners to suffer harm. One type of suspect practice that has gotten a lot of attention in recent months is robo-signing. According to an article by the Associated Press, robo-signing might actually have been more prevalent than was previously believed.

Family living in home's backyard

A foreclosure action can have major impacts on a homeowner. Thus, it is very important for mortgage lenders and banks to do everything they can to make sure that they do not wrongfully foreclose on a property. No individual should have to be the victim of a wrongful foreclosure.

Property value declines easing in South Florida?

One of the things that many homeowners in Florida have seen in the wake of the mortgage and foreclosure crisis is falling property values. Decreases in property values can have many negative impacts on homeowners. Such decreases can result in homeowners losing equity in their homes and can lead to homeowners facing problems such as being underwater on their mortgage (a person is "underwater" when the value of a property he or she owns is less than the amount he or she owes on the mortgage on said property).

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