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(March 2019)

It is never pleasant to go to a bankruptcy attorney. However, this firm makes it short & sweet. They explain the process, inform you throughout and deliver results. When my case was filed my score was in the 400's 25 days later it was at 698. I was impressed. Although, I know that every case is different I personally thought that it would take much longer than what it did to show improvements on my credit score. Save yourself the hassle and the aggravation of dealing with 'other' law firms. Retain this firm and let them work for you.

- Gabriel P.

Great attorney. Great service by staff.

- Alexander H.

Going to Kingcade, Garcia & McMaken was the best thing that happened to us. They are very professional and helped us to go thru all the process. Our credit 3 scores after 6 months are unbelievable over 700. Thank you Mr. Kingcade and everyone that help us in your office.

- Alicia

The Kingcade team was very organized and pleasant to work with. The made the whole process very easy from beginning to end. Definitely put any concerns or fears I had about this process at ease. I highly recommend this practice. I feel like I’ve been given a second opportunity in life.

- A.T.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken was with me all the way, helping me with every detail. They have an amazing staff and are very knowledgeable.

- Manny

Everyone at this firm was very helpful and attentive throughout my case.

- M.A.

Excellent communication and support throughout the process.

- Jenny

(February 2019)

My case was complicated and took over a year to resolve. Kingcade and group was with me all the way and we finally got things resolved. The entire staff is always responsive, attentive and caring. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and Kingcade Garcia McMaken totally understand this and are professional in dealing with these problems and able to get immediate relief to begin the process. Tim and Kristina will answer any question almost immediately and usually had solutions before I even asked a question. If you find yourself in a similar situation I highly recommend the firm of Kingcade Garcia McMaken. There are many Attorneys who claim to specialize in this area of law but I know for certain this firm is one of the best.

- Danny L.

I hired Mr. Kingcade and the results were excellent, would not hesitate hiring him again if I ever needed bankruptcy representation.

- Luis

Siempre estuvieron muy pendiente del caso.

- Jose

Really friendly and knowledgeable staff, always to the point.

- D.P.

Kingcade and staff was very professional and was able to take the entire stress of my painful situation away. What I thought was an end to everything they took total control and worked out an acceptable solution where I could start over and sleep at night. I would highly recommend Kingcade and staff to anyone.

- Dr. L.

I always feel supported by Kingcade & Garcia, PA during the whole process. Thank you very much to the team.

- M.C.

Great service, excellent results!

- C.C.

(January 2019)

Tim Kingcade and his staff were absolutely awesome during my entire case. I had never done business with a firm that responds so fast to emails. Everything was clear and exactly as explained on the first day.
I will recommend everyone I know to this attorney. 10 STARS!!!

-Juan G

Kingcade Garcia McMaken made the bankruptcy process go smoothly. Absolutely no problems.

-M. Rossin

Very helpful on explaining the situation. Excellent on resolving all issues and getting the job done. Excellent customer service.


Very Professional and fast service. Very pleased. Thank you.

-J. Peterson

Pues consegui mi objetivo perfectamente!


Mr. Kingcade, was very knowledgeable, professional, and communicative with all issues regarding my matter. His staff, along with the other attorneys, were very courteous and professional as well.

- Cyndi

They did everything to help me have a smooth transition. I had no issues come up and all was settled.


(December 2018)

They were very helpful and patient in taking me through the process of bankruptcy helping me understand the procedure and what I must do to get through it.

- Max

Thanks to the professional work From Timothy Kingcade I have been able to get my driver's license back. Now to make money selling cars... Thanks, again.

- Daniel

Best lawyer in the State of Florida!

- Sandra

All the staff is very attentive and efficient.

- Ximena

They all were great. Very professional and always willing to answer any questions I might have had.

- Luis

Lo explicado en la primera cita fue como ocurrió todo, sin sorpresas.

- Marie the BS...all qualities that make decision making easy.

- Josh

I give this firm a 10/10. They gave me a fresh start!

- Deleveaux

They did an excellent job listening to the client and explained everything in detail in a way I understood it.

- Jea C.

The service was outstanding and the lawyer I had in court was excellent.

- D. Espana

This firm got me out of a really bad situation and I could not be more grateful.

- D. B.

The staff was very knowledgeable when it came to bankruptcy law and the customer service was always the best.

- Juan

Everything was smooth from start to finish. Thank you!

- Daniel

Your team did a great job and were very professional.

- Brodon

(November 2018)

At a time when my options seemed limited, the office of Kingcade Garcia McMaken helped me through the process of filing for Chapter 7. My questions and concerns were answered with the upmost professionalism and providing personal attention to my particular situation. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case, and with the services provided right until the end, Great lawyer and awesome Staff.

- Massy

Professional, efficient and clear. They will answer any questions in a fast and easy to understand way. Happy with the results from my case and couldn't ask for more from this office.

- Memo G.

I wish I would have known what a painless process it was and I would have done it a long time ago. They were with me every step of the way to reassure me and answer any of my questions.

- Sun K.

Going to Kingcade, Garcia & McMaken was the best thing that happened to us. They are very professional and help us to go thru all the process. Our credit 3 scores after 6 months are unbelievable over 700. Thank you Mr. Kingcade and everyone that help us in your office.

- Alicia S.

Yo estaba perdiendo mi casa, y kingcade Garcia me ayudaron a salvarla.
Gracias Timothy Kingcade Garcìa.

- Sonia P.

Excellent and professional service. They are experts at what they do.

- Chris M.

Professional & personable office with exceptional customer service. Very attentive to customers needs and always available, providing prompt responses to questions.

- Kay H.

Organized, Punctual, Outstanding customer service, very attentive. Would recommend this company to anyone in this type of situation.

- Cindy G.

The process was transparent and fast, provided that I brought all the paperwork to the meeting and was punctual with the deadlines to submit paperwork. You guys performed to expectation!

- Anthony

I received excellent service from this Law Firm. Filing for bankruptcy is s stressful situation and the advice and guidance from everyone at the office was stellar. My thoughts are that as long as all information is disclosed to the attorney from the beginning, there is very little room for error. Kingcade made himself available around the clock. Answered all inquires personally within minutes. Very satisfied with his services along with all of his office staff. Would highly recommend.

- Lisette

(October 2018)

The whole staff made me and my husband feel as if we were family, and that they would work to our best interests to alleviate all the stress that we had created in our financial life.

- Andre F.

Overall, excellent customer service at this firm. Very rapid and clear responses whenever an email was involved.

- O.M.

The staff is attentive, polite, and always followed up with me regarding the case.

- Maria M.

The firm was always honest and upfront and kept me informed throughout the process and were always available to answer any questions I had.

- D.M.

(September 2018)

Five star law firm. They made it easy to pay for bankruptcy and they paid attention to you in a way that made you feel like the only client.

- E.S.

Everything was done on time from start to finish. Mr. Kingcade was hands on which I thought was great usually the Lawyers are too busy.

- L. Lowder

I never had to wait a long time to be seen. Everyone was courteous and answered any questions I needed. A very professional atmosphere.

- Susan

The idea of going through this process made me nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. Kingcade and his employees made this a smooth transition. Everything was provided in detail, they allowed me enough time to obtain the necessary documents, and they made me feel at ease. I just had an overall great experience.

- C.B.

Your firm was very professional and respectful handling my case. Everybody in your office are polite and professional.

- Maury

The staff and Mr. Kingcade were very clear and thorough with the explanations of what I needed for them to help my case. And the day in court was very easy going and smooth.

- Erica G.

I was reassured from the beginning and told any questions or concerns would be answered for me. Everyone was very professional and made the process a pleasure.

- Sue

I appreciated how they worked so patiently with me on payment plans.

- J.R.

(August 2018)

Reliable & effective attorneys. Mr. Kingcade helped me with a very difficult chapter 7 bankruptcy. His team was always very responsive to my questions. I felt that I was always prepared. His fees were also very reasonable. Without the help of his firm, I could have lost my career and my reputation. They care about their clients and they uphold the law. I highly recommend his firm.

- Anonymous

The entire process was transparent and fast, provided that I brought all the paperwork to the meeting and was punctual with the deadlines to submit paperwork. You guys performed to expectation!

- Anthony

Excellent service! The lawyer is truly the best. You can trust in him.

- I.V.

Organized, Punctual, Outstanding customer service, very attentive. Would recommend this company to anyone with this type of situation.

- Cindy

Everything from start to finish ran very smoothly. They did an excellent job!

- Jes

Everyone that helped me out throughout my case was extremely helpful and friendly.

- D.J.

(July 2018)

100% satisfied with the service an professionalism ever since my first appointment.Kristina was fantastic making sure that the documentation was all in order before presenting it.

- Rafael V.

The best in his field. I highly recommend Timothy Kingcade. He and his team navigated me through a very difficult time with the upmost professionalism. His expertise and knowledge in his field second to none.

- Jason

Mr. Kingcade helped me with a very difficult chapter 7 bankruptcy. His team was always very responsive to my questions. I felt that I was always prepared. His fees were also very reasonable. Without the help of his firm, I could have lost my career and my reputation. They care about their clients and they uphold the law. I highly recommend his firm.

- Anonymous

Customer service and professionalism returning phone call on time and follow up my case until get my discharge thank you very much to all your staff

- Oma

Kingcade & Garcia, P.A. really took care of everything that was an issue for me. I would recommend anyone to them if they have a similar issue I had. They know how to take care of people and address their concerns. Thank you guys for helping me out! I appreciate it.

- Cynthia

(June 2018)

Since the first day I met Mr. Kingcade, he helped me and understood everything about the process of the Bankruptcy. He answered all of my questions and most importantly, I felt comfortable with him in handling my case.

- Carlos

Porque me atendieron muy bien con el profesionalismo con amabilidad y con toda intención de ayuda y completar mi caso.

- F.B.L.

The service was outstanding from the very beginning.

- William F.

Customer service and professionalism was kept to the highest standard. They always returned phone calls on time and followed up on my case until I received my discharge. Thank you very much to all your staff!

- Quin

The entire staff was considerate and easy to deal with. Everything was explained very well, and the assistance was AMAZING.

- Carlson P.

They are very professional, good customer service they get back to you with the answers.

- Marcia

Profesionales,eficientes,responsables y lograron cumplir con todas las expectativas.

- Cacha

I trust Mr. Kingcade’s professionalism, courtesy and experience as an attorney.

- A. Caldero

Excellent Service! They were always helpful and available.

- B.G.

(May 2018)

I was careful in selecting an attorney to represent me in bankruptcy, spent considerable time in researching reputations, reviews, professional standing, and academic credentials. I also had initial consultations with three different attorneys with highly regarded reputations in Miami. I chose Mr. Kingcade for several reasons: one, he expressed more knowledge and was able to communicate more clearly about his subject area of expertise; two, he gave me a sense of confidence in his ability to represent me and three, he is both a career bankruptcy attorney as well as a Certified Public Accountant ("CPA"). For these reasons, I selected Mr. Kingcade to represent me and, during the very troubling time of bankruptcy, could not have had a more positive experience. He and his outstanding team of professionals did exactly what they said they were going to do and that is a rare commodity, no matter what the profession. I could not more highly recommend an attorney for bankruptcy representation. Through the representation of Kingcade Garcia McMaken, I am able to get a fresh start with my financial matters and there is no way I can say thank you enough for this opportunity!

- J. Michael

They are very efficient and professional and made the whole bankruptcy process easy and less scary/intimidating than I originally believed it was. I only dealt with Mr. Kingcade during the initial consultation. He treated me fairly & considerately as a disabled individual. All in all, it was a good experience. If I had known it would be this simple, I’d have filed for bankruptcy years ago.

- Karel B.

The Counselor lawyers and Office workers are always professional and extremely capable, did a wonderful job helping us.

- Nelson

Atty. Ruiz at the firm is great dealing with clients & answers all the questions I need to know.


Your corporation and team did a great job, I’m very happy with Mr. Kingcade and his firm,absolutely no doubt about it.

- R.F.

From the moment you walk in, you feel welcomed. Appointments are always kept, and wait times are kept to a minimum.The attorneys are very thorough in explaining the bankruptcy process.

- Norma

Professional! Smart! Always responds quickly!

- Sonia

(April 2018)

Kingcade, Garcia, McMaken guided me and my family through bankruptcies with great skill, compassion, and professionalism. Timothy Kingcade is an extremely capable attorney who provided practical advice and was always available to answer questions and explain legal proceedings. Along with Mr. Kingcade, his colleagues, Jessica McMaken, and Ashley Rius, are also caring well prepared attorneys who assisted us throughout court filings and appearances. The office support staff are friendly and extremely competent. I highly recommend them.

- Alberto M.

I cannot thank Mr. Kingcade and his team enough. They helped me every step of the way through the bankruptcy process and made the whole process very simple.

- E.B.

Tim and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. This team makes a very difficult reality a quick and easy fix.

- Nancy

I could not be more satisfied with this firm. I would like to thank them for their kindness and dedication throughout my bankruptcy case.

- Norm

Highly recommend - Attorney Kingcade and team made the process as easy as possible and gave solid advise for handling finances and credit afterwards.

- Chuck

I filed Bankruptcy with Kingcade & Garcia and have nothing but amazing things to say about them. I was a nervous wreck, but from the second I walked into Kingcade & Garcia, I felt welcomed and comfortable. Mr. Kingcade took close to an hour of his time to speak to me, getting to know me, and my situation. He thoroughly explained the process to me. I knew what to expect and everything he told me was true. Mr. Kingcade answered all of my emails, even on the weekends and while he was on vacation. Mr. Kingcade clearly knows bankruptcy and has a lot of experience. I am happy to say my Bankruptcy is now over and done with and I owe it all to Mr. Kingcade and his office staff. The 2 girls that work the downstairs office for him are so helpful and pleasant. They took the time to help me sort out all the documentation I needed and they even made copies for me. Attorney, Jessica McMaken, which went to my 341 hearing with me was amazing!!! She met me at court 15 minutes before my meeting to answer any questions I had and calm my nerves. Six months after my Bankruptcy was discharged, I once again have credit. I know a lot of people look at Bankruptcy in a negative way, but it is a solution to a problem that many Americans face.

- Tracey V.

Had an amazing experience with this law firm. Atty Kristina Gonzalez was assigned to my case and I would recommend her and the firm to anyone on need of help.

- Viviana W.

(March 2018)

Attorney Kingcade and team were very knowledgeable and efficient in filing my bankruptcy case. He gave solid advice about the case and managing finances and rebuilding credit afterwards. Within a few months after discharge, my credit score was up to 674. Thank you!

- Charles

I filed bankruptcy and the law office of Kingcade & Garcia made my experience as painless as possible. I believe that if you're ready with the documents they ask for and follow the process, then it can turn a bad situation into a positive one. I would recommend Mr. Kingcade to anyone who has to face the same financial hardships that I did. He and the team were all quick to reply to my emails and stayed in constant contact with me. God forbid I ever face that crisis again, but if I do, I know who I'll call.

- Scott

The firm was always so helpful with legal information and kept me informed all the time till my case was finished.

- Sonia

This whole bankruptcy experience was a bit daunting but with help from the law firm, it wasn’t as overwhelming and difficult as it first seemed.

- Rebecca

Attorney Kingcade is very experienced when it comes to bankruptcy. I can gladly rate this law firm a 10/10.

- Carlos

From the front desk person to all people that I had to meet with there I had the best experience, very professional.

- Vitalo

They are very professional. I always felt their experience in the matter. I would always recommend them.

- Ruro

Very professional, you do not have to worry. It was a quick process and I will recommend to everyone... I’m proud of the good decision I took to choose them.

- Molina

Your team is excellent. Thanks a lot for your hard work and best wishes.

- Daz

Very Professional staff and attorneys, reasonable fees at this law firm.

- Dalis

All good, I completely recommend- The best in all of Florida!

- Cosmo

(February 2018)

The entire staff is friendly and helpful. I was never confused about what to expect next because everything was always thoroughly explained. In the event that I had a question about my case I would send an email and I would receive a prompt email back.

- Allison

The firm made it very clear of the opportunities bankruptcy provided and made me feel comfortable with a difficult situation.

- RB.

Porque me dieron un buen servicio ,y muy profesionales.

- S.T.

They explain everything you need to do and you see results when the process is done.

- Mar G.

Fast, easy and professional!

- K.V.

I was very scared of the bankruptcy process. i met with Mr. Kingcade for my consultation and he gave me a wealth of information that made me comfortable with moving forward. If I ever had a question or concern Mr. Kingcade or a member of his team would get back to me same day within the hour most of the time.

- A.N.

If you are going through a bankruptcy, I highly recommend Timothy Kingcade. He is by far the best in Florida. Mr Kingcade handled my case with the utmost care and expertise. He is exceedingly proficient and well versed in the bankruptcy laws. He is truly a pro! Mr. Kingcade will ensure that the laws will work for you--so you can get a fresh new start! After Kingcade & Garcia worked my case, in a span of only a few years, my credit score has rebounded immensely. From dismal lows, it has rocketed to 680 and even 700+ and going higher. I never had my credit score so high! I could not have done it without Mr. Kingcade and his Firm. I owe him much gratitude for his excellent work. If you're going through a bankruptcy, do yourself a favor and give him a call.

- ASLN Miami

Timothy Kingcade and the staff at Kingcade & Garcia are an amazing legal team. Timonthy was easy to speak with and genuine in his desire to help me with my bankruptcy. He and his team respond quickly and are informative. Even if you are one of 10 other clients, you feel that you are valued. If Timothy wasn't available someone on his team was to assist me with questions/concerns.

It was an easy process and I was glad I chose to work with Timothy in handling a serious matter at a difficult time. I would HIGHLY recommend this team!

- H.R.

(January 2018)

Easy, fast and great results!

- Carrero

Estoy muy satisfecho con la atencion y los resultados.

- Marce

They made the process very easy, and the service was excellent every step of the way.

- H.V.

Very helpful with all of my questions, and punctual in all of our meetings. Also did a great job in following through with what they stated they would do for me. I have no complaints. Thank you, Kingcade & Garcia.

- Jovy

The results from this firm were exactly what was promised.

- J.D.

Attorneys are knowledgeable and guide you through the process.

- Malmeida

Very helpful in all my inquiries.

- M.N.

(December 2017)

Service was always fast and expeditious.

- Siron

Very professional and fast results.

- Terri

Excellent communication between me and the staff. I was always updated with any changes or documents needed to move the case along fast.

- J.V.

Very professional staff, they walk me through the whole process. Mr. Timothy Kingcade is the most down-to-earth lawyer I've ever met, made me feel real comfortable about the whole situation. I would most highly recommend your services. Thank you for everything you did.

- Juan

Was highly recommended by a previous client I received professional and efficient service, I was very satisfied with the end result of my case.

- V.L.

I heard about Kingcade & Garcia on WLRN radio, which is my local NPR station. Customer service was awesome. They're open on Saturdays in order to accommodate clients like me who work 9-5 on normal business days. No complaints at all.

- Fenick

(November 2017)

The bankruptcy process was simple and straightforward with this law firm. They respond to queries same day.

- Keisha C.

Awesome response time by Timothy Kingcade himself. He made the overall process easy and stress free.

- J.D.

Since day one everything was excellent. My case closed with satisfaction. I'm very happy I chose Kingcade Garcia McMaken.

- Israel

Garcia lo que promote lo cumple ,muy satisfecho con el trabajo de equipo que tiene en su despacho me dio la oportunidad de empezar nuevamente con mis finanzas .Gracias Tim te deseo muchos exitos y a todo tu equipo de trabajo.

- Eric C.

Great staff, very attentive and knowledgeable.

- Carlos B.

My concerns, questions, any issues I had were always handled in a professional and proficient manner!! With all of the staff, and attorneys.

- A.L.

The service was all the time at this firm very professional.

- K.M.L.

(October 2017)

They provide excellent customer service. Both Mr. Kingcade and his staff are reliable and know their field very well. The whole process was very smooth and flowed in an excellent way. I would recommend Mr. Kingcade extensively.

- Romorales T.

Total attention provided throughout my case. All of my debts were successfully discharged.

- Tony Y.

This firm was so responsive to everything, all of my questions answered instantly. Love the quick reply with the emails.

- Rick C.

Professional all the time, very nice people at this firm.

- Joe

Mr. Kingcade answered all of my questions personally via email immediately.

- Eddie

Overall, really good service at this firm.

- Jessica

They really care about the client and their needs. This was evident throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

- Rosy

(September 2017)

Simply the best client experience. The lawyers and staff were very professional and knew there bankruptcy laws.

- Josue

Excellent customer service!

- M.C.

Very good experience. The attention I received throughout the process was excellent.

- F.S.T.

Overall, I was very happy with the experience.

- Mauri

Direct and effective legal representation during a difficult time. I could not be more grateful.

- Petra

(August 2017)

I contacted Kingcade Garcia McMaken for a complicated financial situation we found ourselves in. Since Day one Mr. Kingcade was very helpful, straightforward and really took the time (not once but twice) to explain the process and what to expect. He even made it possible to get out of very thorny financial issues. Every time I'd email him or any other staff member, they'd promptly reply with an answer to my questions or comments. Ashley and Tina have been very helpful and courteous all the time. Kristina Gonzalez is a great asset to the firm. She is a very skilled professional and her warm personality makes you feel respected and well taken care of. I'd recommend Kingcade Garcia McMaken at any time, in a heartbeat!

- Yahumara G.

The process was easy and well explained along the way. The staff and Mr. Kingcade, was also very professional and explained the whole process. The whole experience was excellent.

- Gio

I felt my overall experience was great I had no issues. Now I am free of debt and my client experience was awesome of course. They allowed me to break up the payments for service, which helped a lot at the time.

- Julie

Everyone at this firm is extremely professional and easy to work with, which made the process a lot easier.

- Ally S.

All of my issues were resolved very quickly and all my questions answered every step of the way. Many thanks!!!

- Nelly

Seamless, comforting, and my case was well handled.

- Kevin

The absolute BEST! Quick, effective and supremely kind.

- Luigi

(July 2017)

Absolutely awesome experience, really glad I returned to them. (I had recommended my aunt years ago to go see Kingcade and Garcia and it worked out well) when the time came for me to need their services it was painless and well worth it!! Courteous and friendly staff and to the point!! Thanks again.

- D. Ripoll

Everyone in the law firm was very helpful, professional and very nice never had a problem when I needed help with any questions.

- M.V.

They are always willing to help with clients' questions and concerns.

- Cee B.

Very easy to talk to everyone, nice people.

- P.F.

Very patient and willing to work with you under any circumstance!

- Jordan H.

Great staff all the way around.

- Eric

(June 2017)

Everything was done exactly how it was explained to me. An issue came up in my case and they addressed it right away. I was more than satisfied. Highly recommend!

- Daniel

The firm helped us through a difficult financial situation since our first meeting, clarifying the whole process and working in a timely manner to get it done. Mr. Kingcade always answers promptly every email we send to him.

- S.R.L

Very professional firm, my case was closed out and done in a short amount of time.

- Martin

Garcia lo que promote lo cumple ,muy satisfecho con el trabajo de equipo que tiene en su despacho me dio la oportunidad de empezar nuevamente con mis finanzas .Gracias Tim te deseo muchos exitos y a todo tu equipo de trabajo.

- Eric

Great customer service, always. The firm and its attorneys really exceeded my expectations. Really happy I returned to them.

- D.S.

Great experience overall. Kept up with scheduling information and appointments. Information was always presented accurately and on time.

- Arnaldo

The firm was perfectly clear as to what to expect in my case- exactly what I needed at the time.

- Brandon

(May 2017)

Attorney Kingcade is professional, considerate and prompt! This is my second time contracting the firm of Kingcade, Garcia and Mcmaken; so far with much success. Congratulations to Kingcade Garcia McMaken for adding Jessica Mcmaken to their roster of partners. She is a credit to their to their high-ranking law firm. Thank you to all the staff and lawyers for their assistance in all matters of this process. Kudos to counselor Mcmaken! She has responded and resolved all my questions and problems during my bankruptcy process with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. When a serious medical emergency prevented my attendance to an original court date; all was resolved BEYOND the call of duty and immediately! Her expertise and advice have proven to be invaluable!

- L. Espinosa

I have to admit their firm has patience. They have been very helpful to me and my husband thru our whole process. I for sure recommend Mr K. and his firm!

- Michelle V.

The attorney that I dealt with was Jessica McMaken. They are worth every penny I paid. Their representation, the girls in the office, Ashley was amazing. Every time I emailed the attorney she replied back in a heartbeat with an explanation that I can understand and most of all the process went just as the attorney explained. I truly recommend this law firm.

- Benita

Excellent service at this firm. They took care of my issues right away.

- Eva M.

Very friendly associates, excellent service.

- F.D.

Real good, fast and experienced. I didn't have to ask them for anything regarding my case. They just took care of everything, it was great.

- Howard

They made the whole process easy. The attorney did everything he said he was going to do for me.

- Marco

Good service and very professional.

- Giuvel

(April 2017)

Mr. Kingcade and his staff recently helped me in the process of declaring bankruptcy for an elderly relative. At every point in the process, they were clear, transparent, provided intelligible options and guidance. I would highly recommend their services.

- Alfredo G.

Good office recommendation! Kingcade will make time for you and always tries to find a way to get things done. Staff is also very helpful.

- E.C.

They were a great help when I was in need. Very short response time with email and questions.

- Stephanye R.

K&G are industry experts. They comforted us throughout the process and made us feel like we had an advocate looking out for our best interest.

- Mark

They explained everything in detail and asked for everything that was needed. Also, someone was always there to answer any questions that one needed an answer on.

- M.C.

Atención muy profesional. Quedé satisfecha con el servicio brindado y los resultados finales. Los recomendaría. Graciad a Kingcade y su equipo.

- Mirka

They are complete professionals. When I started my second bankruptcy I had a few questions that Mr. Kingcade answered for me and then everything happened like he told me it would.

- Gerardo F.

The service at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was excellent. They take care of business right away!

- Diann

Attorney Kingcade knows his stuff.

- Aramis & Maria

I was thankful for the professionalism and patience they all had with me and definitely helped and blessed me.

- Kim

Mr. Kingcade and his staff were courteous, punctual, transparent and helpful throughout the process.

- Jose G.

Everyone was very nice and helpful making the situation not feel so bad. I was very happy with the outcome and thank you all for your assistance in this matter.

- Enrique

Very good assistance and problem solutions in my case.

- Ricardo

(March 2017)

I had tried to fix my own problem with trying to understand the legal process when it came to Bankruptcy. I was ruddily awaken to the reality of not knowing what really needed to be done. After a month of trying to deal with this stress, I contacted Kingcade Garcia McMaken Law Office and they relieved me of all my concerns. They took everything I had and resolved my problem and relieved me of the burden of not knowing. I finally was informed by the Law Office that I needed to pay a small fine and all of my legal requirements were gone. Thank you very much for your promptness and professionalism.

- Eric B.

Excellent service. The whole process is super fast and straightforward. They know what they are doing, and I'm happy that I went with them. Thank you Kingcade and Garcia.

- Arleys R.

Every single email I sent had a prompt response with detailed instructions and the office staff was always welcoming and very professional.

- Eduardo

Very satisfied with the services and the Kingcade Garcia McMaken Staff, and Lawyer very professional and always respectful.

- Mabelly D.

The firm was very professional and guides you every step of the way.

- Juan & Yohana

Excelente servcio, profesionalismo, puntualidad y prontitud en solicionar todos los problemas...

- Benjamin

They made the whole process easy. The attorney did everything he said he was going to do for me.

- Marco V.

Very helpful, great service and fast results.

- Paola

Very professional and understanding to the details.

- Alex B.

Great service. Very informative about the process and what is expected.

- Richard & Anca

(February 2017)

Every question I had was answered! Whether I asked via email, phone call or in person it was answered almost immediately. The people here were as helpful and kind as they could possibly be! They made you feel comfortable in a situation that many people may find uncomfortable.

- Ricky & Desiree

The firm had good client attention and excellent counsel.

- Arturo

I found Kingcade Garcia McMaken to be very professional and understanding to the details in my case.

- Alex

Kingcade and Garcia provided us with great service, they are very informative about the process and what is expected.

- Richard

The process was explained very well. We felt comfortable in this very intimidating and frustrating situation.

- Samuel & Natacha

Estoy satisfecha con la ayuda que me brindaron en esta oficina en resolver mi caso, en mi opinión trabajan con mucha responsabilidad y seriedad.

- Miriam R.

(January 2017)

I had tried to fix my own problem with trying to understand the legal process when it came to Bankruptcy. I was ruddily awaken to the reality of not knowing what really needed to be done. After a month of trying to deal with this stress, I contacted Kingcade Garcia McMaken Law Office and they relived me of all my concerns. They took everything I had and resolved my problem and relieved me of the burden of not knowing. I finally was informed by the Law Office that I needed to pay a small fine and all of my legal requirements were gone. Thank you very much for your promptness and professionalism.

- Eric B.

Excellent service. The whole process is super fast and straightforward. They know what they are doing, and I'm happy that I went with them. Thank you Kingcade and Garcia.

- Arleys

The attorneys and entire staff have plenty of knowledge and experience in bankruptcy law. They helped me with any questions I had, up until the very end.

- Anabel

Everyone in the organization was very willing to help whenever I visited the office. If you comply with what is required of you by the Law Office, they will make sure everything gets filed in a timely manner.

- E.B.

Excellent! Information was provided every step of the way.

- Phillipe

I got their full attention whenever I needed anything. Awesome customer service!

- O.S.

Mr. Kingcade was professional, helpful & courteous. The office staff is very polite and helpful.

- May T.

I spoke directly with Mr. Kingcade when I had pressing questions and he gave me sound advice. He assured me that he would inform me of any changes and he did. His staff contacted me and provided updates throughout my bankruptcy.

- Kathy J.

(December 2016)

You can always count on superb service from Timothy Kingcade!

- W.D.

Initial meeting was straight to the point on timing to get this done, everything spoken happened exactly as Mr. Kingcade said it would.

- Michael M.

Courteous, professional, no nonsense and they get the job done. Highly recommend to any other person going through what I went through. Thank you Mr. Kingcade, Jessica, Tina and the rest of the group.

Sincerely and with appreciation,

- Ofer Z.

The firm is very professional and the office staff is very nice. I highly recommend them to my family and friends.

- Maria R.

Mr. Kingcaid's team is "The Truth".
I went to his office not knowing or understanding my financial future. Leaving his office, I felt a sense of relief. A sense of knowing I was in good hands. Thank you team for not only educating me but for putting the importance to my case. Again, thank you team!

- Frank V.

Extremely positive experience with the law office of Timothy Kingcade. My bankruptcy was perfect very smooth never had one problem. They make sure their clients are satisfied and have honestly been amazing, if you ever need a bankruptcy attorney call them!!

- Gennan C.

(November 2016)

Nice and competent! Kingcade is not just the Lawyer, he is the human being helping you ! I do highly recommend him- Many thanks!

- Maria R.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken helped me out so much! They truly care about the client and are very professional.

- R.M.

The attorney and paralegal were both very accommodating and answered all questions prior to the meeting with the trustees. Overall, it was a smooth process from beginning to end. Thank you for assisting me and getting me on track to improve my financial health.

- M.C.

Mr. Kingcade was honest and most professional. The same can be said for the entire K&G staff.

- Clifford T.

The firm always had quick answers to me and was on top of things in regards to my case. Good service!

- Solange

Excellent service and always attention paid to the client.

- A.X.

Great communication and made the entire process easy, fast and stress free.

- A.C.

I give Kingcade Garcia McMaken a 10/10 because of the Professionalism and the knowledge that was shown while associated with the company.

- Victor H.

(October 2016)

Exceptional service at Kingcade Garcia McMaken, at this Firm you will find highly skilled professionals, that not only know what they're doing their extremely compassionate towards their client needs, they are by far one of the few Law Firms that I have come into contact that actually deliver what the promise. I can't thank Mr. Kingcade enough his experience is truly unsurpassed - Kristina Gonzalez, Esq. the associate that handled my case is brilliant, extremely professional, demonstrates her skills, she maintains control and a calm demeanor at all times, carries herself like a true professional in a court room. She has a remarkable personality... a ray of sunshine... a true asset to Kingcade Garcia McMaken.

- Solangel B.

Mr. Kingcade was available at all times to answer my questions and the firm's team was very friendly and professional as well.

- K.P.

Kingcade is the best lawyer in the world!

- Q.B.

I cannot thank Kingcade Garcia McMaken enough for helping us through the bankruptcy process! - Nora
Repeated customer and would like to mention that Kristina & Tina in particular were very helpful and professional. Overall service was excellent, top rated. Emails were answered in minutes and in a very professional way.

- J.S.

Amazing service. Everything went so smoothly and they always answered all my questions promptly.

- J.P.

The staff is very good and showed genuine concern for my case, and was always there to help me.

- Janet E.

Everything was handled perfectly...

- Mitchell B.

The lawyers, staff and the entire Firm was excellent! They are the best Bankruptcy Firm around. There is no better than Kingcade Garcia McMaken! I would very highly recommend this firm to all my friends and family.

- Art L.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Kristina. She is an amazing attorney and human being!

- G.S.

The experience was always pleasant and professional. All of my questions were answered and I was able to remove a great deal of stress from my life.

- Shirley B.

Every time I had questions regarding my case I found Kristina to bevery prompt in her responses, clearly and patiently explained every step that was unclear to me. She's very professional and was always available!

- A.G.

Mr. Kingcade is extremely professional and I can't imagine going with anyone else other than him for my BK.

- Marleen F.

(September 2016)

Timothy and the entire Kingcade Garcia McMaken staff continually treated me with respect and were always there to follow-up on any question I had.

- J.G.

I rate this firm a perfect 10 because it was a very very big help to me and my wife during a difficult time. Kingcade Garcia McMaken was Excellent. I would certainly use them again.

- C.G.

Mr. Kingcade was professional and personable. He would always answer all of my questions truthfully and it felt as if he always had my best interest in mind. The staff was diligent and professional. He was recommended to me and now I can definitely recommend him.

- Lily

Porque fue excelente el servicio de todo el equipo en general.

- Eliana

The service at this firm was excellent; Mr. Kingcade provided all the guidance and help. The case was conducted in a very good manner to its success.

- C.J.

Great overall service.

- M.A.

Excellent communication always from the office personnel and Mr. Kingcade himself.

- Tanya

Provided great service and addressed my legal needs appropriately and efficiently.

- Brian

The entire ordeal with Mr. Kingcade's firm was phenomenal. Jessica and her team were very nice and made my experience filing for bankruptcy, not as negative as I assumed it would be. Mr. Kingcade was my last option and it turned out to be the best option I could've taken.

- Francisco

This firm is simply the BEST!

- Lesley

Atención profesional y sinccera

- R.C.

This firm knows what they are doing and is very thorough.

- Paulette

Excellent service, they will address all your concerns.

- A.J.


- Varrick & Gwen

Everything went according to plan and there were no surprises.

- B.L.

The professionalism the team showed during the process was top notch.

- A.L.

(August 2016)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken is a must to consider if you need to file bankruptcy. From my first meeting with Mr. Kingcade, throughout the entire process, the firm was very professional, friendly and helpful. I had to file bankruptcy as I lost my job due to downsizing. A search was performed by the staff which listed any possible creditors that I had, some of which I was not even aware. I was caretaker for my husband who suffered with Alzheimer's and the staff made the compilation of documents as easy as possible. After the creditor's meeting, one of my creditors, who did not appear at the meeting, posted a lien on our house. I was made aware of the lien and was advised that it could be removed thru the bankruptcy court. A few days prior to the hearing, my husband passed away. I was advised that I did not need to personally attend. Not only was the lien removed from the house, but the prior judgment was also removed with no possibility of being reinstated. I cannot express how much I appreciate the work of the entire staff on my behalf. Best bankruptcy attorneys hands down.

- Camella C.

The professionalism the team showed during the process was excellent.

- Daniel F.

Best lawyers to go to in MIA!

- Silvano

Always fast and efficient service.

- Aracelys

The service was very good, happy with the overall outcome.

- Ulises

The firm was very helpful and patient with all our questions and worries.

- Paula S.

I hired Attorney Kingcade because I read very good reviews about the services that they provide. And I give them 5 stars because the bankruptcy process was very smooth and fast. All questions via email or phone were answered quickly.. And because they are very organized. Very professional. For these reasons, I wouldn't hesitate to hire him if I ever need their services again. Thank you very much.

- G. Garcia

Very professional, very dedicated, very helpful, very detailed, I have no words to express how easy and friendly the whole process was since we started till the end of it !!!!!!!!

- S.D.

(July 2016)

Lawyer and Secretary Tina were very helpful and professional, however I have to give Tina a 10 plus, because she gave me piece of mind and always answered all my emails.

- Sole C.

All of my expectations were met.

- Lucia

Very knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough. It helps that Kingcade has good knowledge of legal and accounting issues. Up to date with current information in both fields.

- M.J.

You all are the BEST!

- Juan L.

Fast service and never had a problem with paper work.

- Phil

Excelentes profesionales!

- Fernandez

Great initial introduction. Going through the entire process with the same associate was helpful. Job well done. Thanks.

- Christan

The firm is always there for you, no matter the question no matter the situation.

- S.B.

This lawyer provides excellent service.

- Carmen

I felt that I was the most important client they had. They were there for me any time, any day, any hour.

- Megan

They just had the ability to get things done.

- Joe

I went to Kingcade Garcia McMaken for information about a pending home foreclosure. After assessing my finances, Kingcade suggested bankruptcy options to protect my home. I appreciate the fact that Kincade has a background in accounting and law. This allows him and his team to see the big "picture" in what is best regarding the order in which divorce, bankruptcy, and foreclosure options should be filed. Kingcade is very knowledgeable regarding taxes and other financial issues. He was able to help me with restoring my credit, advising with my divorce to protect my assets, and directed me in the right direction to save my house. I have already recommended his office to 2 other friends going through similar experiences.

- Marlene J.

(June 2016)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken is the best firm for bankruptcy in town. I had other friends file for bankruptcy and I heard the horror stories about the experiences that they had to go through. Not Mr. Kingcade's firm! I did my homework and went and interviewed several lawyers (they thought they were interviewing me). As soon as I met w/ Mr. Kingcade, I decide to go w/ him. He and his staff did an excellent job. I virtually didn't do anything, just provided w/ the required info. Again, no hiccups, no delays, no nothing. Just a professional, efficient and successful job well-done! Oh, by the way, the fees that Mr. Kingcade charges was almost 50% lower than most other lawyers. I got the biggest bang for my buck with Kingcade Garcia McMaken!!!!

- Joseph B.

The lawyer and his staff are the best team I have known. They are very kind, professional and are always at hand at any time without letting us down,

- Cruz

Staff was always helpful and eager to provide a good customer service.

- Lozano

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy was difficult and scary. 17 years of marriage ended in a bad divorce and my entire world collapsing. At 60 years of age my future looked pathetic and hopeless. The phone rang constantly, I was not able to sleep, and all I did was cry. I was lost and didn't know what to do. Then my daughter found Timothy Kingcade and I am so glad she did! During our first meeting his words were, "I want you to take a deep breath, and stop crying; everything is going to be OK. I have your back and I'll take care of everything." Timothy eliminated the stress and treated me with respect, compassion, and understanding. He explained everything, answered all my questions, and I felt (and still feel) protected. When I call or send emails he replies the same day. Timothy has walked in front of me throughout the entire process and today I can say "everything is going to be OK."
If you are in need of legal assistance on bankruptcy, I would highly recommend Mr. Kingcade. I know you will not regret it. He will explain all your options and guide you all the way. Selecting Mr. Kingcade as my attorney was the best decision! I am forever thankful for his assistance and the advice he gave me.

- Michelle C.

Good customer service, staffing very professional, results as expected.

- Pedro

Great response time to queries that were after thoughts and did not come up during my initial consultation

- David

In 2008, I used the services of Kingcade Garcia McMaken, It was a tough decision. The Great Recession was in full swing and a strategic moves needed to be made. I brought my life partner with me because the decision I would need to make would affect me for a long time. Tim sat down with us in his office and demonstrated his skills as a good listener and told me the strategy that was needed to solve my situation. At first I didn't like his honesty then after thinking it over, I realized he was right, and I needed to solve this. As a New Yorker I appreciated his straight talk and I knew his suggestion was the right move so I hired his law firm.

So, what took me so long to write this review you might ask, well! It is because I sent Tim an email this morning about a question I had in regards to my credit report. My credit score said on all three reports 775, I couldn't believe that score and wanted to once again ask Tim, why, why would I have such a great score before 10 years. I am going to take liberty and quote his email, "Because this is America and you get to start your life over."

The guy still answers emails from old clients. I don't personally know him since I live up in Fort Lauderdale, all I know of him when I needed a lawyer with specialties for my situation I asked around and his Law firm was mentioned more than twice that is why I ended up hiring his firm in Coral Gables when I lived so far away.

Do what you want with this information and testimonial, but certain things in life you got to not go on the cheap, you need to hire the best. Tim for me was the best move I have made for my situation. I have no regrets, I am glad the past is the past and to know he is right. This is America and we get to have a fresh start.

- Bill T.

(May 2016)

I am a happy client!!!! I walked into Mr. Tim Kingcade's office heavy due to debt and overwhelming life circumstances. During my first consultation he gave me direct upfront guidance and information that changed my life as well as displaying empathy for the circumstances that I was facing. His team allowed me to become financial fit, I was definitely financially obese and out of shape. I looked at my experience as a "Financial Boot Camp". This team of individuals did not allow me to sabotage myself, hence they held me accountable in turning in needed documents and explained the process over and over again to assure I understood my process. I can certainly say that this team of dedicated individuals provided me with the essential tools needed to become proficient within my personal finances in the future. I felt good about filing bankruptcy. I was emailed by Mr. Kingcade himself when he spoke of me to his team he included me in the email. WOW! He did not leave me out the process. These actions allowed me to feel appreciated as a client and respected as a person. The experience with Mr. Tim Kingcade and staff opened my eyes to the various options one has within the legal system they informed me quickly of any changes and answered my sooooo many questions. So I encourage anyone who is looking for an upfront, professional, dedicated, respectful lawyer contact Mr. Tim Kingcade. He has certainly gone above and beyond for me treating me with respect and concern.

Kathy J.

I was referred to the law firm of Timothy S. Kingcade by a friend after asking around for a good bankruptcy attorney. I will not regret taking this decision. They made me feel very comfortable from the beginning until the end. My bankruptcy was discharged. It's a great feeling to be debt free.

- Elsa V.

The process of having my bankruptcy filed and finally discharged was very smooth and fast with Mr. Kingcade. My wife and I went to meet him and he provided us with great advice. At the same time, the staff very was professional, especially the attorney assigned to my case who would promptly reply my emails with questions. I can gladly join other positive reviews in recommending Mr. Kingcade to anyone looking to file a bankruptcy.

- A.P.

Excellent service! Always very professional, I got more time than expected to stay in my home, I would highly recommend them. Thank you Kingcade Garcia McMaken!

- Betty

An excellent team, always there to answer your questions.

- Otto

They made me feel confident throughout the whole process, told me everything was going to go well- and it did. My bankruptcy was discharged.

- Elsa

Everybody on the team was great, especially Jessica McMaken, who was there for me anytime, any day. I'll recommend your firm to anybody in need of an attorney.

- G.P.

Always there when you need them.

- K.V.

Tim got done for me what no one else could!

- B.C.

(April 2016)

The law firm was upfront with me on pricing, broke everything down piece-by-piece to show me what the cost was and why. I really appreciated that and more than satisfied with their services.

- L.M.

I was always treated with kindness and respect.

- Elva R.

Perfect customer support always!

- S.K.

The entire process was very fluid, exactly how it was explained by Attorney Kingcade himself. Also, the office team was always very helpful and nice.

- C.Q.

I had a great experience from start to finish. This firm is very flexible, reasonable with payment options for clients.

- Briana

The entire process was flawless, from start to finish. Office staff was very polite and willing to help at all times. Going through bankruptcy is a tough and stressful event. Everyone at K&G helped reduce that stress and negativity.

- Jeffrey M.

All my emails were answered promptly. The whole bankruptcy process was handled efficiently by the whole team. Everyone was very helpful in guiding me to prepare for it and reassuring me at times when I had concern. It was a pleasure.

- V.B.

Efficient, Professional and Expedient!

- Esther

Everyone was extremely kind and caring.

- Michelle

Everything with my case was on time and the paperwork was presented in the proper way. This firm is very organized with filings.

- G.Y.

(March 2016)

You guys were fast with the attention, all was clear and honest and the customer service in the office was excellent.

- Ben D.

The staff was helpful and communicated every step of the way until the case was finalized. Thank you!

- Soly M.

The staff is very courteous. Attorneys are professional and informative. Questions, doubts and/or concerns are addressed immediately by Mr. Kingcade.

- Ivan M.

I give Kingcade Garcia McMaken a 10 because of the excellent customer service that I found at this firm, and the professionalism and knowledge ability of the attorneys.

- Alexis P.

Very pleasant office and lawyers, good manners and good result.

- L.C.

I contacted Timothy Kingcade to assist me in my Bankruptcy. Kingcade was very reassuring during our initial consultation and his office made me feel very at ease with the whole process. I received updates as and when necessary. I knew where I stood the entire time. I would not hesitate to use this Law Firm again.

- David G.

Excellent service and professionalism!

- A.F.

Very professional and responsible lawyer, great team work on my case. Thank you!

- Ileana G.

I am happy and satisfied!!! Thank you for your awesome job.

- Ly S.

I was in the office of Attorney Timothy, the same day that finished my opportunity to file bankruptcy; He told me if you bring all the documents we need; we can help. It was the best thing that happened to me. I went and come back half an hour later with all the documents and he and the whole team help me. Thank you.

- Esther M.

(February 2016)

I filed bankruptcy with this office. On a scale of 10 I would give them a 10. Mr Kingcade himself met with us, and treated us like long time friends. The amazing thing is everything was done quick, easy, smooth and affordable! He himself answers your emails on the spot, fast and friendly and even jokes, who does that....?? I sent others to him that had the same experience with him! Even 3 years out I still send him emails with my own questions and he answers himself or sends me to someone that would know the answer !!! Love him !!!!! Thanks for making something like a bankruptcy seem so smooth.

- Nilda G.

Kingcade and his staff were very prompt to respond to all my questions and concerns. Also, within less than a month they filed my bankruptcy and I am now debt free.

- O.F.

Professional and straightforward service!

- Mauricio

The staff was very professional.

- Marciam

They always responded to calls and emails. Very happy with the results!

- T. T.

I was very pleased with the timeliness of events & the communication was impeccable.

- Shasha

Excellent interview, Clear explanation and fast resolution.

- Tania R.

Excellent job in processing my case.

- V.H.

(January 2016)

KINGCADE ROCKS ! ! We all feel guilty & nervous about owing money.

Fortunately every American is entitled to claim bankruptcy.

Mr. Kingcade handled 2 of my bankruptcies (2001 & 2009).

You just go to Mr. Kingcade's office, stay in the waiting area until you are called in to meet with him, He asks you a few basic questions, the harassing phone calls from banks stop that day, you might be e-mailed or called from Mr. Kingcade's office during the process to provide a deposition or documentation, then he sends his legal rep to meet you at the bankruptcy building on your court date & it's done.

You are then debt free. Bada Bing Bada Bang !

After court I asked the rep to thank Mr. Kingcade & jokingly that I'd see him again in 7 years.

- A. Lion

Excellent and professional service. Everyone that I dealt with in every step of the process was organized and responsible. This was definitely a team effort and I was so impressed with the whole process. I had been postponing the bankruptcy process and it went as explained to me by Attorney Kingcade.

- Andrea G.

Excellent service and results. Excelente servicio al cliente y resultados rápidos.

- Emmy G.

Straight to the point when they speak to you and they always respond to you with straight answers.

- Rey D.

During our process we had several questions. We were in constant contact via email with both Mr. Kingcade and Jessica. Anytime we emailed they would respond within the same day or the next day. Mr. Kingcade and his staff were very on point with everything we were told happened just as it was supposed to.

- Gilbert P.

Everything worked out as expected.

- Jo A.

Excellent service and they have a lot of experience to resolve all of your inquires.

- Rafael R.

(December 2015)

The firm provided me with great service. Kristina Gonzalez was extremely helpful when we went to court. She explained everything that was about to happen and we felt fully prepared.

- Rosa D.

The entire staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was always very professional.

- Franklin B.

My experience was really good. Kingcade was honest and I was able to do my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I went with another attorney before him and was told I didn't qualify for Chapter 7 or 13. I thank Kingcade for making it happen.

- D.S.

I was treated very well at ALL times by clerical staff, other office/firm members and Mr. Kingcade. The outcome was exactly what you would expect from a firm of this caliber.

- Mady M.

Mr. Kingcade took the time to answer all my questions and concerns throughout my case. It was a very pleasant experience.

- Judith T.

Everyone was very nice and efficient and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process.

- Elizabeth R.

The experience was terrific- and I just received my first Credit Card after bankruptcy.

- C.M.

The firm did an excellent job protecting me throughout the case and I can't thank them enough for that.

- Adrian R.

They handled my case very efficiently, everything happened the exact way they said it would.

- C.L.

Everyone was fantastic with me and always had time to address all of my concerns and questions.

- H.G.

(November 2015)

I had gotten myself into a terrible financial situation. I filed Chapter 7 with Kingcade and Garcia in March 2014. At my initial meeting with Mr. Kingcade he was friendly, professional and clearly explained the process of filing, qualifying and proceeding. He explained the fees up front and ultimately I paid to the penny what he presented. Every associate I encountered was experienced and engaging. The amount of documentation they required was a challenge to put together but ultimately the package they put together coupled with the competence of the attorney that represented me at the discharge hearing resulted in my case breezing through in less than 10 minutes with only one question to me. I was amazed that all debt that could be discharged was. I was worried that the Chapter 7 would be stigmatizing forever but it wasn't, thanks to their team, now in 14 months I am pleased to report that both my Equifax and TransUnion Scores are back in the "Good" range. Since the bankruptcy I have not been late on any bills and actually pay ahead on my car loan. Firms are exceptionally busy. I strongly encourage anyone who may be considering bankruptcy to educate themselves. There is a tremendous amount of information available online. I am about 13 months from retiring I have to say that it is "very" reassuring to know I won't be waging war with creditors and finances. I was not proud to have let myself get in critical debt, I found the overall experience to be both uncomplicated and frankly life saving. I am more than pleased I did business with their firm.

- Tim S.

Mr. Kingcade and his staff were wonderful to us. One of us lost our job and we were struggling with keeping up with our bills. We tried to negotiate with our creditors but it was too much. Then the knocking on the door all time of the night and weekend, getting served with papers. It was a nightmare. We then decided that we can't get out from under this so we consulted Mr. Kingcade. We made a free consultation with him on a Saturday and he sat with us and explained the process. When my wife and I left we felt very confident with his explanation of what it will take to get this done. We just recently were told that our discharge has been entered. We could not be happier to get a fresh start and move forward with our lives without being harassed. Thanks Mr. Kingcade and his staff for getting us thru this difficult time in our lives. Special thanks to Jessica, who was at our hearing and was able to assist us in other issues we had regarding our vehicle. Which by the way was resolved and now we have a better car payment that we can afford. If you are looking for a BKC attorney, Kingcade and Garcia is the right choice. Thanks again, Mr. Kingcade.

- Javier P.

The firm was very professional, friendly and provided us with great service!

- M.G.

You can't find better service or a more caring law firm than Kingcade Garcia McMaken.

- B.N.

(October 2015)

Timothy and his staff were exceptional. I was very skeptical at first since I visited 4 other attorneys and was advised we did not qualify for a chap. 7 bankruptcy. Timothy reassured us at our first appointment that we did qualify and that if the initial means test said we didn't he would not take our money or our case. He was honest from day one. He layed everything out for us and set expectations on how the process would be. He even answered emails on the weekend! You don't see this too often from Miami attorneys nowadays with billable rates of $300-$400 an hour. He even shared with us why those attorneys were pushing us into a chap.11 because they were going to get a share each month. So, of course it wasn't in their best interest to help us with a chapter 13. I can't say enough about him and his staff. He was exceptional and I would highly recommended anyone to see him. He will help you if he honestly can. He's not in the business to rip you off or make money off of you. He truly wants to help you. He's a simple guy and does not have anything to hide. Thanks again Kingcade and Garcia!

- Melisa G.

When we came to Mr. Kingcade we were experiencing financial hardship due from loss of income. My husband had lost his job and when he found another job; his income was less than half of what use to earn. Prior to meeting with Mr. Kingcade we had consulted a different very pushy bankruptcy attorney and our experience with that gentleman who added to our anxiety. Our experience with Mr. Kingcade was the complete opposite. Mr. Kingcade listened and understood exactly what we were going through. Mr. Kingcade is knowledgeable; he knows his stuff. He took the time to answer our questions thoroughly and explained the bankruptcy process. As our Bankruptcy Attorney, Mr. Kingcade was always sincere and available to answer any of our questions. His entire staff is flawless. Cristy, Tina, Manny and the receptionist, all are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We are very appreciative of Mr. Kingcade and his entire staff for all the work on our bankruptcy case. We recently received our bankruptcy discharge and we are breathing again.

- Sandra

Mr. Kingcade came into my life when I was at the lowest point. 4 children, ready to lose my house, and all kinds of other issues, no job and so on,
He was the best, along with his office. They turned my life around, it was such a relief to talk to him and his staff so that my life could become stable again.
If you are doubting what it is about, don't be afraid, they make it very respectful, helpful, caring and soluble. You can change your life but maybe you need to have an expert help you with it. Believe me, once this happens you will never allow it to happen to you again. God Bless Kingcade and Garcia for helping people when they are at their lowest point.

- C.G.

The entire staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken were attentive to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the overall outcome. Thank you, again!

- C.B.

Kingcade and Garcia is the best law office in town!!

- G.F

Quick service. What other attorney do you know who responds on a Saturday so quickly?! Honest work and out for the best solution for his clients.

- J. G.

Tim and his staff made me feel as if I was their only client.

- A.T.

This firm provided the BEST customer service!

- F.G.

(September 2015)

The staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was professional, prompt & extremely attentive. Their knowledge & know how is second to none. I would recommend their services to anyone in need of credit rebuilding.

- O.S.

Everyone I dealt with at the firm was very professional and helpful.

- Ismael C.

They were always helpful and gave the best advice.

- Desiree G.

I was very pleased with the overall outcome of my case.

- H.Y.

They are very on point with getting the job done. I really like that it's not just all about the money. This firm genuinely cares about its clients.

- D.L.

Great experience. Very knowledgeable staff. We were very pleased with the results.

- H.M.

After consulting with other law firms, I felt you provided me clear and detailed information regarding my case. Everything went very well. I am glad to say my debts have been discharged. I would like to thank your law firm from the bottom of my heart.

- Jo G.

The firm was always very professional and efficient with the handling of my case.

- Maria

Mr. Kingcade was explicit and very thorough about explaining the bankruptcy process and how I would benefit from it.

- Leonardo S.

I would highly recommend Tim & his staff. Great service, concern, and honestly!

- Brandon G.

The firm provided me with excellent customer service. They made the bankruptcy process simple. The firm was always very professional in the handling of my case.

- Jorge P.

They were very honest, no tricks, no lies. When they say you qualify for charter 7 it's true. I recommended them 100%. Thank you, Kingcade Garcia McMaken!!!

- M.H.

Mr. K told us exactly what to expect, provided us with all the info we needed. His reps stayed in contact with us, told us where to go to get our credit back in order and everything went as planned and on time. I really thought the bankruptcy experience was going to be worse than getting my teeth pulled but everything went unbelievably smooth. I would tell anyone if you are planning your bankruptcy go to Kingcade Garcia McMaken (Awesome group of people.)

- Lance R.

Amazing customer service, knowledgeable, pays attention to detail and your needs, caring and professional all in one place.

- Daisy B.

Everybody was very helpful and polite.

- Bee B.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken was very good in handling my case.

- Elle

(August 2015)

This firm always responds in a timely manner to emails or voice messages. Great experience overall, highly recommend!

- A. Rey

The staff was very thorough with my case. Always was there to help answer any questions fast. Great people!

- J.C.

The location and the staff are excellent. They provided great information and made me feel comfortable proceeding with my case.

- Y.G.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken made the bankruptcy process an easy and stress-free one!

- Roberto S.

The people at this company excel at their job. The level of professionalism and the customer service is outstanding.

- A.Z.

Mr. Kingcade was always helpful, from the first time I met with him, until the very last week of the case. He always replied to my emails and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. Everyone involved in the case were always available and helped made this process less painful for me.

- G.S.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken was always on top of my case!

- Leo

The firm had great follow up and execution, very friendly as well.

- Angie

I received professional assistance every time I needed it.

- Luisa R.

The firm gave good attention to my case and always answered calls and emails promptly. They provided affordable, personable service. Mr. Kingcade delivered the results he offered from day one.

- Miguel B.

Awesome customer service experience! They always gave a thorough explanation as to the ins and outs of bankruptcy and my specific case. Professionalism was top notch and I would highly recommend to others in a similar financial situation.

- A.R.

I was very impressed with the service provided. Mr Kingcade has great interpersonal skills and the firm is like a well oiled machine.

- Y.K.

(July 2015)

Before finding Kingcade Garcia McMaken, I met with another lawyer and she was so bad that I decided to file by myself but while learning what was publicly available I found Kingcade at After I met him I told my boss I wanted nobody but him to handle my case. Please, talk to him or anybody working with his firm before you commit to another lawyer. To somebody like me communication was paramount: I always knew where we were at. Money was short: he made himself affordable. Time was tight: he was flexible with my schedule. I don't know how complex my case was (he made it look easy), but I do know it was a huge concern to me. Everything he promised turned out exactly as he said, I got a written schedule of fees, no surprises there. Court asked for documents twice and his staff always knew what was already sent and told me not to worry, they will re-send (and sure they did). Dr. Kingcade is not only a very effective lawyer and accountant: he is fully committed to helping his clients in a professional yet warm and compassionate manner. He restored my faith in lawyers. The first visit is free, you got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

- Elena G.

I was looking for a trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable, experienced lawyer when I decided to file for bankruptcy and I found him and that lawyer was Timothy Kingcade and his attentive, kind, competent staff. Timothy Kingcade expresses in his commercials and during the free consultation compassion, respect and the opportunity of life without limits after bankruptcy. Filing my bankruptcy was prompt with detail oriented guidance and straightforward answers to all my questions and concerns. Timothy Kingcade's dedication to his current and former clients surpasses all expectations. Timothy and his staff is always available and always answers in a timely professional manner. I highly recommend Timothy Kingcade to anyone who is in a serious financial strain and needs the professional help of an intelligent lawyer that will commit his expertise in order to resolve one's financial burdens.

- Indiana

Everything was done very professionally and everyone in the office was extremely friendly.

- Alfonso

My experience with this firm was very positive. The employees were very professional and extremely helpful. My attorney was wonderful. He explained everything clearly and upfront. Whenever I had questions, he was very prompt in answering them. I would definitely recommend this firm to family and friends.

- F.P.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken were very professional and answered all my questions and concerns.

- Laya

Following the housing bust of 2008, I need to file bankruptcy and was referred to Kingcade Garcia McMaken, PA. This situation was stressful for many reasons including the daunting long-term implications and also charting new waters in a process filled with legal and financial terminology that I was unfamiliar with. I enjoyed working with Tim and his staff throughout the process. The cost was minimal. What stands out the most in my mind is their customer service. Tim and his staff are accessible. From the beginning and during the process I was provided with a check list that was helpful in knowing what to expect. Also the team worked quickly and efficiently, which was great because I didn't enjoy having to go through this and each visit in their office was easy-in and easy-out each time. After this process I have had the need to follow-up with them because of the need for paperwork or other supporting documents to move with my life. Tim and his staff were always happy to help. Sure there was a cost, but that was minimal, what was refreshing was their interest in helping out, following-up, and getting things done. I appreciate their efficiency and sense of customer service.

- Orlando

Everything was done on a timely matter when it came to the handling of my bankruptcy case. They always kept me informed as to the details going on.

- L.I.

Everyone at the firm provided great customer service and was friendly. If you have a question you can either email or call you'll get an answer- FAST. The bankruptcy process is explained in detail. AMAZING work!

- J.R.

After debating whether or not to file for bankruptcy, I looked everywhere for answers and the only person willing to answer my questions and my doubts was Mr. Kingcade. Mr. Kingcade and his whole team are the best and were willing to help with such a stressful time in our lives. I want to thank them for being professional and able to understand us throughout the process. I will always recommend them to anyone who is thinking of filing for bankruptcy. The best office and lawyer in all the State of Florida is "Kingcade" and I'm proud to say it!

- Y.P.

(June 2015)

Mr. Kingcade and his staff were very helpful throughout the course of my BK. All of my questions and concerns were answered immediately and mostly via email by Mr. Kingcade himself. I had a great experience being this was my first time ever dealing with a law firm and also with financial issues. I was able to send all the documents they needed by email eliminating the time it would have taken me to drive to the office and drop off documents. Thank you for all the help.

- Yelene

Mr. Kingcade always made sure his clients felt valued and received the attention they deserved.

- D.B.

Three things- Prompt attention, excellent customer service, Friendly staff.

- Derek G.

Kingcade came across the exact way he does in his commercials, very knowledgeable and accessible.

- S.H.

Kingcade Garcia McMaken made the whole bankruptcy process quick and easy. They also did a great job explaining the details involved.

- Sandrine T.

Handled my car in an excellent manner and was very patient with me.

- A.F.

I really appreciated the firm's quick responses, and answering every question with detail and in a timely manner.

- George G.

Mr. Kingcade and the other members of his team make a tough situation so much easier, at least that was my experience. I want to say Tina was very helpful and was always able to put my mind at ease whenever I called with questions or concerns- just want to say special thanks to her! To sum it all up I believe the Kingcade Attorney office is AWESOME! I would recommend anyone to seek Mr. Kingcade for his help in their financial situation. The whole staff also works with the clients very well and very accommodating. Thanks!!!

- J.S.

Everything was fast and clear. They provide clients with excellent attention and always make themselves available for appointments- As every client needs and every client deserve.

- Jose D.

The best lawyer and the best teamwork! Solo 3 meses y mayo obtuve mi primera tarjeta de credito nuevamente

- C.C.

The attorneys and staff were very kind. Helped us get everything we needed on time.

- Alejandro M.

All in all everything turned out as I had expected. I would definitely recommend using Kingcade Garcia McMaken!

- Val

Follow up is amazing at this law firm. I was always kept informed.

- Al B.

During the process I received clear answers to all my questions and excellent support mainly from Alexandra Lopez.

- A.C.

Excelente abogado y todo su team, se toma todo el tiempo en explicar todas las dudas.

- Yanet C.

I really appreciated the firm's constant follow up and staying on top of our case.

- Greg N.

The firm treated me with nothing but dignity and respect. The attorneys and staff are extremely professional and explained everything so I could understand.

- Dario

(MAY 2015)

Everyone was extremely helpful, courteous and compassionate. I can see they have a lot of work but never felt rushed. They replied to my emails immediately.

- Elena

Unfortunately, I have had to file for Bankruptcy twice, and both times, Mr. Timothy Kingcade has handled them for me. Both times I have been treated respectfully and professionally. He and his staff were absolutely wonderful to me, making me feel confident that everything would be taken care of. Mr. Kingcade was very quick to reply to all of my inquiries as did the rest of the staff. I would definitely recommend Kingcade Garcia McMaken!!

- Iris D.

The staff was very helpful and patient with our case. We had a positive result.

- G.C.

There was always fast and excellent communication between me and the firm.

- C.V.

The staff was very helpful with their quick replies to any questions or concerns that I had.

- S.L.

Mr. Kingcade and staff provided excellent service.

- J.G.

Service was fast and courteous. I would highly recommend their services to anyone filing Bankruptcy.

- Michelle

I was very pleased with the work they did for us. The firm was there for us whenever we needed them.

- Gil F.

(April, 2015)

It's just not a pleasant time in your life when you realize you're in trouble and need a way out. Mr Kingcade walked with me thru this valley. He was extremely knowledgeable, but mostly he cared about my feelings during the process. I doubt in So Fl there is a bankruptcy attorney with his knowledge , skill, and sense of fairness. Thank you Timothy Kingcade! I've been released!

- Sally

Kingcade Garcia McMaken, is the BEST legal firm in Miami, one which I can recommend without reservation! My husband and I were in dire financial straits when we made our first appointment with Mr. Kingcade, Esq. He and his entire staff was never anything less than honest, responsive, competent and professional. From the beginning, he gave us the most helpful and straightforward advice we could ever expect.

I commend Mr. Kingcade and his staff enthusiastically if you find yourself in the difficult position of needing legal counsel concerning bankruptcy or other serious financial matters. His firm was even able to rid us of a second mortgage which was an extraordinary burden, an issue which he has actually pioneered in resolving in his clients' favor - in itself, quite an accomplishment. Unlike another attorney whom I had the displeasure of dealing with, Mr. Kingcade told me from the beginning to email him with any questions I had. My experience was that he ALWAYS responded promptly and thoroughly to any queries.

If you are in need of outstanding legal representation, I urge you to contact Mr. Kingcade's firm. I cannot praise him and his staff enough. We will never be able to thank them adequately for the services they provided to us during a very stressful time.

- C.T.

My Husband Stopped Smiling. It's NEVER easy for a hard working, honest people to file for bankruptcy. But after years of struggling with a workplace injury, decreased earnings, and a dishonest bank, it was time to make a quality decision. I am so grateful that we chose the Law Firm of Kingcade Garcia McMaken!!

From the very first interview, it was clear, Mr. Kingcade is no ordinary attorney and his is no ordinary staff!!

There is no question Mr Kingcade is a brilliant legal intellect. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and very wise to the ways of crafty banks. But, what is most striking is the sincere passion for his work!! One gets the sense that fighting for families in financial straits, is not just a career, but a calling. He truly understands the negative impact financial hardships have on couples and families. His confidence, transparency and availability (he was always just an email away), afforded us peace-of-mind we hadn't had in a long time!!

Excellence is not just concentrated behind Mr. Kingcade's desk. It permeates the entire office. It's clear this firm is run like a finely tuned timepiece and it's associates are the clockwork angels, attending to its every, gear and chime!

They saw us through every step of the process. Nothing was left to chance. As a result, our bankruptcy was completed according to plan and ahead of schedule!

Heartfelt thanks to our Angels:

1. Chrissy, Thank you so much for your kindness and patience, especially when talking my husband down from the rafters!! You're AWESOME!!

2. Tina, Thank you for your quiet, gentle, sympathetic and highly efficient manner. You're an INSPIRATION!!

3. Jessica, thank you for always being available and proactive when our bank tried to pull a "FAST-ONE"!! You're AMAZING!!

4. Erik & Manny, thank you for always being an email away!!


5. Mr. Kingcade, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your graciousness, your kind and respectful attentions towards my elderly Father, and helping put the smile back on my Husband's face! You simply are THE BEST!!

In conclusion, it is with great pleasure that our family HIGHLY recommends the Law Firm of Kingcade Garcia McMaken to anyone needing financial relief!


-Joanna W.

I imagine that any situation that causes a need to declare bankruptcy is probably not fun. .. after drowning in debt what I needed was a big breath of fresh air, and a solution to my debt problem. I went to see Timothy Kingcade and the relief was instantaneous. I finally had a professional with the experience, talent and the inclination to help me. I had seen the television ads for years, and i knew that Mr Kingcade had ample experience in bankruptcy law. There was never any doubt in my mind that I chose the right attorney. Is really as simple as answering some general questions, providing the info / documents that was asked of me, and let Mr Kingcade and his staff do the work. Mr Kingcade was never farther than an email away for any questions I had. I plan to never need to file bankruptcy again, but I can feel confident in recommending Mr Kingcade to anyone who may need a bankruptcy attorney. Aside from what I mentioned I got a very good feeling that Mr Kingcade is a heck of a good guy.

- Jerry S.

From the onset of my case, until I received the final paperwork today, I received absolutely GREAT SERVICE! Attorney Kingcade and his Office staff are very professional, proficient and knowledgeable. They kept me abreast of all aspects of my case. I highly recommend the Law firm of Kingcade Garcia McMaken.

- Lebbie L.

(March 2015)

Staff that I came in contact to were all patient and professional.

- Maya J.

Great customer service! Exceeded my expectations.

- Mary S.

Phone calls are returned promptly and professionally. I could not have asked for better service.

- Richard S.

Communication was always there, great customer service. The entire staff was helpful and attentive to all my needs.

- Chris D.


- Nick U.

Very good services. They are the bankruptcy pros!

- Barry

(February 2015)

I had a wonderful experience in this office. Could not have asked for better service!

- Mary R.

(February 2015)

The Office staff is professional in every way.

- Ric M.

(February 2015)

Very nice employees. They helped me solve my financial problems and made the process stress-free.

- Maria D.

(February 2015)

Excellent, professional effective service from start to finish.

- Lee F.

(February 2015)

Excellent advice- this law firm knows the bankruptcy ins and outs. Prompt handling of my bankruptcy case.

- Rick S.

(February 2015)

Accurate, efficient and simple response to inquires

- Pepe L.

(January, 2015)

I was very happy with my dealings with the company. They made the bankruptcy process easy and stress-free!

- Carlos V.

The firm was extremely efficient and effective.

- Genny Z.

As a client my expectations of the service were rendered by Mcmaken Esq. were surpassed.

- D.R.

The firm was always available and there for me. They are extremely responsive and were always attentive to my case.

- Daisy L.

I felt that Mr. Kingcade's team was very helpful when I had questions and concerns about my case. I wish I didn't have to go through this experience, but since I did I'm glad I went to the right lawyer.

- A.N.

The firm provides personalized attention and is very respectful to clients. Mr. Kingcade knows who you are and he is always willing to help- at any time. It was a very positive experience.

- D.J.

The firm was extremely helpful whenever I had a question or a doubt they were there to answer. They made my bankruptcy go really smooth.

- Carmen F.

The attorneys and staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken were always there for me and had the best attitude.

- Margot

Mr. Kingcade has incredible experience and knowledge in the field of bankruptcy! He was there for us every step of the way.

- Jorge P.

Three words... Proactive, professional, detailed.

- John L.

They explained the entire bankruptcy process in detail and answered every question I had at anytime.

- Chase C.

Knowledgeable staff, personalized attention from the attorneys. Overall, the firm exceeded my expectations.

- Pamela W.

Excellent service and very helpful.

- P.J.

Excellent service and customer service.

- Nathalia A.

The experience was amazing they took care of everything and made the whole process smooth. They always explained everything in detail and no surprises! The whole office was always very professional and friendly and answered every question I had. So glad I chose Kingcade Garcia McMaken

- Ross F.

After the first appointment I immediately noticed that Mr. Kingcade was a better choice because he was honest since the first appointment not trying to earn more money with my case, just trying to do his job and help me with the best choice of a chapter 7.

- Cristina G.

The staff and attorneys provided professional service at all times.

- Gabriel B.

The staff was very knowledgeable and always helpful.

- R.K.

This was the first time I filed for bankruptcy and I was very stressed out until I went to your office. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful throughout the process.

- Ned P.

All of my questions were answered and in three months I was debt free!

- Eric R.

Every single question I had, whether it was thru the phone or via email... it was always answered... Manny Rueda deserves the credit. He always went the extra mile to answer all of my questions. Overall the entire staff was very helpful.

- D.G.

The firm had excellent communication, did not deviate from initial promises and was always available to help and explain all details from beginning to end. Great staff, a pleasure to do business with- such a professional team.

- Y.D.R.

(December 2014)

Mr. Timothy Kingcade was really on point with our case. As anyone knows going thru this type of situation is very stressful. With every email we sent him he always responded in an appropriate time. As a client all we have been with him is honest. He really knows his field of expertise.

- Lorena

(December 2014)

Excellent customer service, excellent law firm.

- J. Diaz

(December 2014)

Very pleased, was always confident in Mr. Kingcade's knowledge and experience. Once the process began several duties are delegated to other office staff , which is fine, I had a general feeling that Mr. Kingcade's normal role in the office is to find and secure the clients business, and then oversee the rest of the process.

- P.M.

(December 2014)

We had a great experience with the firm. They solved our needs successfully.

- F.D.

(December 2014)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken is extremely professional and efficient. Highly recommend!

- Jose M.

(December 2014)

Tim and staff are very knowledgeable. I felt extremely comfortable with my case being in their hands.

- Mack A.

(December 2014)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken is the BEST!

- Alex E.

(December 2014)

Working with the all the staff at the office of Kingcade was amazing. The office runs like a well oiled machine. Everyone knows their job and does it efficiently. The staff is polite and courteous. Mr. Kingcade is a knowledgeable attorney that explains the bankruptcy process to clients. The office staff is very accessible contacting through phone or email it was easy to reach them and get questions answered. I have only good things to say about the office and the experience I had with Kingcade Garcia McMaken.

- David C.

(December 2014)

The lawyers were professional and courteous. Advised me every step of the way what to expect and made filing for bankruptcy a very easy procedure.

- Daralice G.

(December 2014)

The people are extremely diligent. Most importantly they actually give you advice you can use. So many lawyers give you options or concepts and expect you to make a decision without any legal background. I actually feel they are looking out for me, not just for the legal fee.

- J.M.

(December 2014)

All of my questions were answered and they helped me through a very difficult time. I'm really happy with their office. They are extremely responsive, particularly through email.

- Tony

(December 2014)

If you're going through tough times financially, they can help you navigate the BK road. They are very knowledgeable and very efficient. We were extremely comfortable that this firm was handling our situation. We were told what they needed and they did the rest. I was most impressed with the timeliness on how they communicated with me when I had questions. I was never left wondering and scared with what's going to happen. Not that I hope anyone has to deal with these situations, but the reality is they happen. I would completely recommend this firm. I live in Broward County and the times I had to drive to their office was well worth it. I'm glad it's over.

- Anthony M.

(November, 2014)

What a pleasure it was meeting a true Professional Attorney as Tim Kingcade, After going thru an horrific Chapter 13 process last year, by another attorney and was told by him and many other lawyers that the only way to save my home was by filing a Chapter 13.
Well that ended with a dismissal after 6 months, after paying my then attorney his fee and then a court appointed Trustee $250.00 a month for 3 years, I would have walked out of that Chapter 13 owing close to $10,000.00 to this Trustee, if it went thru. As they say, everything happens for a reason.

After one initial meeting with Tim, he put all my fears to rest and assured me "he could save my home". I was leery of him telling me everything I wanted to hear after everyone else told me it was impossible and I would have to surrender my home thru Chapter 7.
From the time Tim accepted my case at that Saturday mornings consultation, him and his whole Team went to work and took total control of my case. I only had to supply them with misc. paperwork and documents. Tim did exactly what he promised me and to my delight and pleasure, everything went exactly the way he said it would.

His Professional Expertise and Knowledge in "Bankruptcy Law" is unsurpassed by others in this field. The Professional manner in which his whole Team conducted themselves is to be commended. To begin with, Bankruptcy is a Life Changing Event and Knowing, "HE WORKS FOR YOU ATTITUDE" is what made this experience a pleasure and gave me Peace of Mind again. He is a man of his word, The only thing he asked of me from the beginning is to be totally honest with him. He will explain all the Pro's & Con's of whatever your situation entails and the proper avenues to be taken.
I cannot thank Tim enough for everything he and his Team did for me. I "Highly Recommend" Tim and his Law Firm for any type of Bankruptcy you may be experiencing.

Most Appreciative for Everything,
- William D.

What can I say- Mr. Kingcade is ALWAYS on point. His team is great!

- Richie L.

The law office of Kingcade Garcia McMaken provide excellent service and complete professionalism.

- Eric N.

The firm provided us with excellent attention and a thorough explanation of the process. Thank you!

- D.S.

I had a wonderful and friendly experience at Kingcade Garcia McMaken. Mr. Kingcade's assistant Tina was very helpful throughout the entire process. She was great! Thank you!

- S.Y.

Todo la atencion 'desde la primera entrevista fue muy cordial y le agradezco a el y todo su equipo mucha prosperidad para que puedan seguir ayudando a todos los que necesiten sus servicios

- Maria M.

The firm did a terrific job handling my case and provided excellent customer service.

- L.M.

(October 2014)

Mr. Kingcade was very pleasant to deal with. When I scheduled the appointment the customer service and treatment I experienced was great. I did not feel inferior or uncomfortable. On the contrary, with so many health issue that my husband and I have endured in the past 8 years, I felt there was a light at the end of the tunnel after our first consultation with Mr. Kingcade. He reassured me with that trust and confidence I was missing once the bankruptcy was discharged. Even when we faced the judge on Sept 8th for the last time, I felt that even the judge was very comprehensive and understanding towards my husband's health who was at that time wearing a complete leg cast due to a recent amputation on his left foot. So the only thing I can say is: THANK YOU MR. KINGCADE, BECAUSE I CAN BREATHE AGAIN!

- B.R.

(October 2014)

Mr. Kingcade has made himself immediately available to us whenever we had any questions or concerns.

- Taylor J.

(October 2014)

The firm provided us with great service and was always quick to respond to any questions we had regarding our case.

- Edgar E.

(October 2014)

Mr. Tim Kingcade and staff, is in my opinion to be most Professional and Knowledgeable Law Firms pertaining to all Bankruptcy Laws in South Florida that I had the pleasure to experience . I found myself in the unfortunate financial situation that required me to seek the advice of an attorney. Last year I obtained one and was advised that only way to save my home was to file a Chapter 13. I was told that my only other option was a Chapter 7 and I was going to lose my home. I tried the Chapter 13 and it was dismissed. That attorney said he could file the Chapter 7 right away, but I was going to lose the house I fought so hard for and find another place to live. After speaking to several other attorney's that most advised to "just give it up" because I was denied earlier and nothing else could be done after reviewing my case earlier on line. That is when I made an appointment to see Mr. Kingcade and explained my situation to find out what options were left and was there any way possible to still save my home or just walk away as advised to. He told me of several options still available to me thru a Chapter 7 and could still save me home for me. But there was a catch and could not file for another Bankruptcy for 180 days from the court's decision in 2013. Tim also explained me every step of the process that was going transpire. Everything he promised did indeed happen the way he explained it to me. I'm glad to announce that he was able to save my home for me and brought my finances back to a manageable outcome. In closing I would highly recommended Tim and his Law Firm to handle any type of Bankruptcy needs.

- William D.

(October 2014)

They completed everything they promised us!

- E.S.

(October 2014)


- D.V.

(October 2014)

I was very satisfied with the service the firm provided... Would highly recommend this law firm for anyone considering filing for bankruptcy.

- Rene F.

(October 2014)

Mr. Kingcade and his office were very professional and handled my bankruptcy case in an effective manner. He gave me a new beginning to my life!

- J.N.

(October 2014)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken handled my case in a timely and very effective manner.

- R.B.

(October 2014)

Tim and his firm know what they are doing. You are in great hands!

- N.Y.

(September 2014)

Mr. Kingcade and his staff were very knowledgeable of the bankruptcy procedures and reassured me in a difficult time such as filing for bankruptcy. I would highly recommend this law firm.

- A.H.

(September 2014)

Excellent service. Friendly staff and extremely professional administration. Made our transition smooth and efficient. Will definitely recommend!

- Miguel P.

(September 2014)

Very friendly staff. Walked me through each step and made me feel comfortable. Everything went smooth and I received my discharge. I would highly recommend there services to anyone in my situation!

- T.F.D.

(September 2014)

Excellent Customer Service! I did not expect to find everybody in the office so helpful.

- O.L.

(September 2014)

Your service exceeded my expectations. I thought going into your office would be like a bankruptcy mill and thought I would be just another number. After my experience I would classify your organization as a well-oiled bankruptcy automated factory with excellent client care.

- Gabriel T.

(September 2014)

I give the firm a 10/10 for the level of professionalism: -Instruction on the matter of bankruptcy -Expeditiousness -Friendly staff -Reassuring support and preparedness from the attorney representing me on my court date. Thank you :)

- E. Uro

(September 2014)

Attorney Kingcade and staff where always there to answer my questions, and came through for me.

- Jaime M.

(September 2014)

The staff including Mr. Kingcade were always there for me looking out for my best interest.

- Jill

(September 2014)

I have never felt so comfortable and so stress free in my life. I was worried about things that at the end of the day was all taken care of by Kingcade Garcia McMaken Their hard work and effort have given me another chance at my life and my future. Thank you.

- Fran A.

(September 2014)

I received excellent service from all the staff in the office. I recommend him to everyone personally.

- Johanna H.

(September 2014)

They were very helpful and attentive to my needs and demands. Accessibility to Mr. Kingcade is impeccable and second to none!

- B.A.

(August 2014)

Professional and honest service. Kingcade is an expert in bankruptcy and foreclosure. Thanks to him we're getting our life back .Best of all he's always taking care of his clients in person from beginning to the end.

- Elisa F.

(August 2014)

Tim is extremely helpful and explains everything to you thoroughly. When the anxiety creeps in and you send an email - he responds quicker than anyone I know. He made this process as painless as possible and made sure I was fully educated and updated every step of the way. I recommend him to all.

- Jennifer P.

(August 2014)

The courtesy, professionalism and service provided was exceptional.

- P.C.

(August 2014)

During my experience with this firm I was able to obtain knowledgeable information, guidance and the process was much easier than expected.

- Jeff C.

(August 2014)

After sitting with a few attorneys, the level of expertise I found at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was superior to the rest. There are many fly-by-night attorneys out there. Today they do loan modifications and tomorrow speeding tickets. Mr. Kingcade has specialized in bankruptcy law for over 15 years. A broad range of different bankruptcy cases have gone through his hands, making him that much more experienced.

- J.W.

(August 2014)

Very professional, very efficient.

- L.C.

(August 2014)

The minute I walked into Mr. Kingcade's office and met with him, I felt, there was a great chance that my case was being handled by professionals, who wanted not only to provide a service and get paid for it, which is normal, but provide a Good Service one who can create a Win Win situation for both parties. At the end, my case was resolved and I was then sure I made the correct decision in choosing this K and G. Thanks Guys!

- J. Coronados

(August 2014)

After meeting with several other lawyers prior to Mr. Kingcade, I chose Mr. Kingcade because of his vast knowledge and the fact that he made me feel very reassured during this difficult time in my life. From the moment I met with Mr. Kingcade I felt that he was very concerned about me and my circumstances. He even answered my emails during the weekends, which I thought was above and beyond. Additionally, all of his staff was very friendly and very helpful.

- M.B.

(July 2014)

VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND PROFESSIONAL! All of my expectations were met and exceeded!

- M. Decaso

(July 2014)

My appointments were always on time and the treatment by the staff was very diplomatic and respectful under the circumstances.

- M.Y.

(July 2014)

All my issues were addressed. The hours of operation were excellent and very convenient. Client-focused!

- Sharon M.

(July 2014)

I was very confident when I talked to Mr. Kingcade. In the process, the lawyer in charge of my case and the lawyer at the Meeting of the Creditors did their best!

- Ned G.

(July 2014)

Their accurate and kindly advisory, affordable payment schedules, and professional services, made me a 100% achiever of the goal I looked for. Thank you!

- Piero A.

(July 2014)

They were excellent in all aspects.

- R. Rodriguez

(July 2014)

This firm knows what they are doing!

- Don C.

(July 2014)

Immediate and accurate answers to all my questions each time I called, top professionalism from all the staff, reasonable costs without last minute surprises.

- Alex

(July 2014)

Excellent attention to my concerns. Mr. Kingcade treated me with the utmost respect and explained every step of my case. I will recommend his services to everyone I can.

- Frank C.

(July 2014)

Mr. Kingcade had a high level of professionalism and every single staff member that I dealt with throughout my process. Every time that I had a burning question it was answered immediately via email. Mr. Kingcade's honesty and his ability to put my concerns at ease was truly appreciated.

- O. Garcia

(July 2014)

Welcoming staff, awesome lead attorney - Tim

- B. Diaz

(June 2014)

Every time I dealt with the office the service was great and professional.

- A.C.

(June 2014)

I was very happy with all of the services provided by the law firm. I could not be more grateful in their assistance through the bankruptcy process.

- M.G.

(June 2014)

Consistently good service, very knowledgeable staff.

- D.S.

(June 2014)

Mr. Kingcade always answered my calls provided me with correct information and they were always friendly.

- Brooke T.

(June 2014)

Por su profesionalismo muy buena atencion al cliente saben lo que estan haciendo y tiene muy buen equipo de trabajo en su oficina todos los empleados son muy profesionales

- Rudy L.

(June 2014)

It is my pleasure to say Kingcade and Garcia have met and surpassed all of my expectations! From the moment I sat down with Timothy, I felt like I was his only client, like I found a sanctuary that I did not know existed. It went so fast once he got to work. All of the harassing phone calls stopped and all the collection letters went away. My phone and mail box were cluttered! Not any more though. I also learned a great deal from their online courses about better management of my money and life. I am so truly grateful to them and recommend their service to anyone who is lost in the flurry of bills and debt like I was. They are a resource that every person who is out in the work force should know about because it is so easy to fall behind. And once you do, no one listens to your voice. Kingcade made my voice be heard.

- Frank C.

(June 2014)

I did a little research, I was quoted a few lower prices but most were higher than what I was quoted by Mr. Kingcade at my free consultation. Mr. Kingcade was so polite in answering all my questions and he demonstrated such a high level of confidence that I decided to choose his firm on the initial visit. Mr. Kingcade and his staff were very knowledgeable and patient with me and everything turned out as Mr. Kingcade said it would. I will recommend this office to anyone that has to file bankruptcy.

- Byron F.

(June 2014)

My Family continues to pray for all people who are in difficult situations, like we have gone through. We are so proud to know we have people who can work for us in the moment we need. I am appreciative of Mr. Kingcade and his team who helped us stay in our home until we found a solution. Muy agradecida por su rapidez y support hacia mi Familia .Lo estimamos mucho. Gracias.

- The Javed Family

(June 2014)

I was referred to Kingcade and Garcia by a number of people and not disappointed one bit. Mr. Kingcade and his staff were always professional and efficient. I had many questions throughout my case and Mr. Kingcade always answered my emails within minutes (on the weekends as well). I am very thankful to Kingcade and Garcia for helping me resolve a very difficult situation.

- Evette T.

(May 2014)

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kingcade & his professional team for over 5 years. If you're searching for a team you can count on that is being lead by a well versed leader, then look no further. Mr. Kingcade's turnaround time is always served with the utmost priority (even after his "hours"). Rest assured that when you work with the Kingcade team, you are in the best hands.

- Stephanie R.

(May 2014)

My overall experience with Kingcade Garcia McMaken was absolutely great from start to finish. Mr. Kingcade and his staff was very helpful, any time I had any questions or concern they were there to assist me at the moment. I am truly pleased with their services. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that wants GREAT service.

- Gaby S.

(May 2014)

The law firm of Kingcade Garcia McMaken comes highly recommended. I used their services after coming from a not so pleasant experience with another law office, and all I can say is "What a difference". If you want a serious, responsible and knowledgeable law firm to take care of your case, I would advise you to hire the services of Kingcade Garcia McMaken. From the beginning when you first make the appointment, through your first visit, in which you actually sit down with Mr. Kingcade, until the moment when you case goes to court, you get all the attention, help, and assistance that you would expect to get from a professional law firm. Emails are answered timely and attention to your particular case details, makes you feel like you hired the right Lawyers. Great job from Kristina Gonzalez, Timothy Kingcade and their firm.

- Jose L.

(May 2014)

My Husband and I did a joint Chapter 7. From day one Mr. Kingcade was very honest and straight forward with the steps and procedure of our case. I especially like the fact that he has his receptionist separate from his Legal Assistants/Secretaries and Legal Assistants/Secretaries separate from his Paralegals. In many firms, you have one person doing the job of 5 and that can create quite a mess!!! I am also happy that there weren't any hidden fees in the retainer (as other firms do). I am especially happy that his staff was very well informed and has the knowledge to speak on his behalf when he is not present and there is no misguided information. The Staff is awesome and they also deserve a pat on the back, because us client's can be a little hectic. Because of this firm, I am able to start over again and this time, do this the smart way. Thank you very much for all your help and guidance.

- Fanny A.

(May 2014)

Everyone from Mr. Kingcade, Manny, to the front desk staff were outstanding with their service. The firm was always available for questions and concerns. Thank you very much for getting us through this process. For sure we need more people like you guys in this world. God bless you all.

- Marin J.

(May 2014)

Since Day 1, service was great and we were always treated with professionalism. Most important, we were guided and assisted throughout the entire process and our questions/inquiries were always answered in a timely manner. Thank you again for the good experience.

- Alejandro L.

(May 2014)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken was very professional. The time frame was excellent. The firm had excellent communication with the client.

- Elena T.

(May 2014)

Service was fast, reliable, all questions and doubts were responded to in a professional manner. All personnel inside office are extremely nice and capable.

- Jose F.

(May 2014)

Very professional lawyers and staff- Excellent service!

- Angel R.

(May 2014)

Professional service. Highly recommended. Special thanks to Alexandra!

- Noly H.

(May 2014)

The service was great. Mr. Kingcade is very professional. He was constantly there to help and advise me. Very professional and a really good human being

- B.P.

(May 2014)

I was very pleased with the service and professionalism of the office team.

- J. Lewis

(May 2014)

Very dedicated people work in that office.

- Z.M.

(April 2014)

My experience with Attorney Kingcade throughout the entire process and especially the expected result was life changing, a new beginning for a brighter future debt free. I called it, "rebirth". I was convinced from the very beginning that I had made one of the best decisions. I was extremely impressed how quickly any concern or question I had was answered. Any other issues I might have had were dealt in a timely manner as well. His staff was very professional and treated me like family. I am forever grateful!!!

- Abraham P.

(April 2014)

Mi caso se resolvio muy satisfactoriamente y el tiempo de espera fue razonable.

- Rosa A.

(April 2014)

Excellent service! Thanks especially to KRISTINA GONZALEZ. Job well done. Thank you very much!

- Y. Rodriquez

(April 2014)

The firm's attorneys and staff provided me with fast, professional answers to all of my questions with positive results. Thank you, again!

- Ashley H.

(April 2014)

It is my pleasure to say Kingcade and Garcia have met and surpassed all of my expectations! From the moment I sat down with Timothy, I felt like I was his only client, like I found a sanctuary that I did not know existed. It went so fast once he got to work. All of the harassing phone calls stopped and all the collection letters went away. My phone and mailbox were cluttered! Not any more though. I also learned a great deal from their online courses about better management of my money and life. I am so truly grateful to them and recommend their service to anyone who is lost in the flurry of bills and debt like I was. They are a resource that every person who is out in the work force should know about because it is so easy to fall behind. And once you do, no one listens to your voice. Kingcade made my voice be heard.

- Frank C.

(April 2014)

It was a fast, stress-free process and Mr. Kingcade was very helpful in addressing all of my needs! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

- M.B.

(April 2014)

The firm and its attorneys were helpful and trustworthy. I could not have chosen a better law firm to handle my bankruptcy and get me out of debt FAST.

- T.M.

(April 2014)

I felt extremely confident working with Kingcade Garcia McMaken. The firm was very honest and discrete throughout the bankruptcy process.

- Dana M.

(March 2014)

The service was excellent! The entire staff is first class.

- A.C.

(March 2014)

I firm was always responsive and kept me informed about the whole bankruptcy process.

- M.C.

(March 2014)

Everyone was very helpful and understanding. I cannot thank the Mr. Kingcade and the K & G staff enough!

- Jim M.

(March 2014)

Throughout the entire process from my consultation down to receiving my discharge for my Chapter 7, attorney Kingcade and the entire staff were always available to address any and all of my concerns. I am so happy I chose to file my Chapter 7 bankruptcy with Attorney Kingcade and the law firm of Kingcade Garcia McMaken. Thank you for all of your help in making the process a breeze!

- Chauncey

(March 2014)

I was referred to Kingcade Garcia McMaken by a Christian financial counselor. My first request for info was promptly answered and an appointment was set for the same day. During my consultation, the staff and Mr. Kingcade were very helpful as I was informed about the new bankruptcy laws and how they would help my situation. The entire process, fees and steps were spelled out from the beginning. My concerns and queries as I went along were always answered quickly and efficiently via email, at times, within minutes. My signing appointment and 341 creditors' meeting went smoothly. The discharge occurred during the time frame specified. The fees may be a bit higher than other attorneys but at the end of the day, a smooth legal process and peace of mind is priceless. I would recommend the services of Kingcade Garcia McMaken to anyone finding themselves financially strapped.

- Grant

(March 2014)

Service was excellent, they spent the time with me that was necessary to not only resolve my case but to walk me through the entire process.

- A.B.

(March 2014)

Great experience! All attorneys and staff were professional and knowledgeable.

- Jo F.

(February 2014)

I will start by saying that last year I was deep in debt and didn't see a way out. I went to see Mr. Kingcade and with his help, I just received my discharge notice for chapter 7. While I didn't think I was going to be able to get approved, and be forgiven for all my debts, Mr. Kingcade and staff guided me thru the process and made it happen. I was extremely anxious about the whole process and everyone in his office (including Mr. Kingcade) took their time to talk me through everything, calm me down, and assure me things were going smoothly and that I was going to be ok. He was very attentive to my case and answered my continuous emails and questions quickly. He guided me well and advised me to always answer questions with the truth. While I had lost all hope, I saw the light again. His dedication and honest work gave me a new beginning on life, free of the stress of financial ruin. Thank you Mr. Kingcade, and staff for all your support, guidance, and understanding. Thank you for giving me my life back!

- Veronica S.

(February 2014)

I will start by saying that last year I was deep in debt and didn't see a way out. I went to see They completely explained every step and were always available for questions or concerns, and were very reassuring and eased my anxiety. The staff is professional and answered every question. This was the best experience, and was exactly as advertised. Thank you!!!

- J.Z.

(February 2014)

This gentlemen attorney is well dressed, well mannered, informed, and knowledgeable; the fees charged are well deserved, the advice is priceless. The client makes the final decision and some choose to surrender before the fight even starts. If you're going to war with the bank or in a bankruptcy make sure you hire Mr. Timothy Kingcade as your attorney, you won't be disappointed.

- Emely P.

(February 2014)

Very good service and very well organized! Great results!!!

- A.P.

(February 2014)

Every time I called and went to the firm's office location, the staff was very courteous and friendly. They answered all of my questions promptly, keeping me informed was a big relief during what should have been a stressful time.

- Oscar B.

(February 2014)

The firm exhibited professionalism, a caring attitude and efficiency all around!

- S.H.

(February 2014)

Mr. Kingcade and all of his associates were very helpful and understanding. Mr. Kingcade was on top of everything in regards to my case. I would recommend him to others.

- A.G.

(February 2014)

The firm- even Tim himself, always responded to emails promptly. My case went extremely smooth and I am forever grateful!

- A.R.

(February 2014)

Excellent service! Quick response from Timothy Kingcade whenever I emailed him, always.

- S.Z.

(February 2014)

The firm was extremely dedicated to my case. I always received prompt assistance from attorneys and staff. This was a great relief. They made the whole process seem easy!

- I.T.

(February 2014)

This firm deserves a 10/10. Not only did they provide me with excellent results, but I felt respected and cared about throughout the entire process.

- K.C.

(February 2014)

Very exceptional staff. Very knowledgeable in bankruptcy law. Quick to respond to all of my questions/concerns. Highly Recommend!!!

- Monica J.

(February 2014)

Since the very first interview with Mr. Kingcade I knew that I was at the right place. The entire process was very professional and all my questions were answered by all members of the staff, just an excellent service.

- T.M.

(January 2014)

I was very satisfied with Mr. Kingcade's assistance as well as Ms. McMaken. Whenever I had a question, I just emailed them and in a short period of time they would respond with an answer. They were supportive, informative and guided me through the process efficiently and very professionally. I highly recommend the law firm of Miami Bankruptcy. Everyone I encountered were friendly, informative and guided me through the process efficiently. They have given me a second chance and a good night's sleep again.

- Eileen S.

(January 2014)

My experience with this office was very positive. All of my emails and questions were always immediately answered. The actual process of filing was quick and I was kept informed of all the steps along the way. Thank you, again!!!

- J.G.

(January 2014)

I actually met with the attorney once before I decided to hire him for legal representation. The attorney was very understanding of my then situation, helped me understand and guided me through the entire process. He was also available whenever I needed him either for additional consultation or just a quick question either in person, phone call or an email. The staff was very helpful, gracious as well. Overall I was extremely happy with the results! Highly recommended!

- N.C.

(January 2014)

The firm did a great job! Customer service was excellent and the staff and associates were very thorough.

- Tab B.

(January 2014)

Since my first meeting with Mr. Kingcade I knew that I was at the right place. The entire process was very professional and all my questions were answered by all members of the staff, just an excellent service.

- T.M.

(January 2014)

The team was very diligent in handling my case. I was impressed with the results and customer service I received.

- Rodriguez

(January 2014)

The service and speed was exceptional. Mr. Garcia was fully knowledgeable with our case and made us feel well taken care of.

- L.S.

(January 2014)

Kingcade is great to respond and extremely knowledgeable in the field of bankruptcy law.

- N.A.

(January 2014)

Kingcade and staff were very professional, honest and flexible to my individual needs.

- Joel B.

(January 2014)

Client experience and service were excellence!

- Gustavo C.

(January 2014)

They handled my case with professionalism and understanding.

- Roby G.

(December 2013)

Dear Tim,

Ever since I saw your commercial on Channel 7 last year, I knew I could count on you and your staff. It has been my pleasure to have been served by you and I am grateful for the service you provide. You've got my back since I had yours. Thank you for all your help.


Roby G.

(December 2013)

Pristine customer service coupled with compassion, patience, and dignified responses to every single one of our questions. And we had about a thousand!

- F.D.

(December 2013)

They are very informative. The job was done quickly & professionally. Tim is outstanding!

- S.H.

(December 2013)

The attorneys and staff were always very nice and helpful throughout the process.

- A.B.

(December 2013)

The firm was always very professional! Great customer service.

- Arlene

(December 2013)

Choosing a bankruptcy attorney should be as well-planned and researched as choosing a brain surgeon. Bankruptcy is a complex, time-consuming, painful, at times frightening, and confusing process. Mr. Kingcade has been in this very specified field for 20 years and his confidence and expertise are evident when you first meet him. If you're considering bankruptcy, you MUST meet Mr. Kingcade. He NEVER told us "what we wanted to hear". He told us the pure, unadulterated TRUTH! With all due respect, it was extremely refreshing to get that from an attorney! It also helped us to make the right decision for our family at this time. He gave us a complete education as to the process, our rights and responsibilities, and realistic expectations. His staff was CONSTANTLY in touch with us. We asked hundreds of questions...literally. We were never made to feel stupid or as if we were bothering them. On the contrary. The entire staff was very compassionate, patient and professional. Pristine customer service during a very difficult time for us. Jessica McMaken, our case attorney, was AMAZING. A true asset to this fine firm.

- Rob R.

(December 2013)

After having a bad experience with a known local bankruptcy attorney, where I was treated in an impersonal manner and their modus operandi was factory like and was more like visiting a supermarket than an attorney's office, I decided to venture and give Kingcade and Garcia a try. On my fist visit I had a very personal one on one meeting with Mr. Kingcade which lasted about 30 minutes. He provided the comfort that I needed and the reassurance that things can be resolved and dealt with and move on with life. Most importantly was his advice on what was the most advantageous bankruptcy chapter for ME!! His words: " I can help you live, as of now, in the situation you are in, you are not living , you are just existing", gave me the motivation to move on and let his firm handle my case and give my financial life a second chance.

The process is structured, defined and professional, the attention is that expected of professionals at work. His answer, weather he himself or someone from his immediate staff was quick and precise by email or by phone.

Without a doubt, I do recommend Kingcade and Garcia to anyone trying to keep his/her head above water. I am glad I selected Kingcade and Garcia to guide me and represent me in this, for me and I am sure for many others, difficult process of breathing again after being drowning in debt due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you Mr. Kingcade and thank you to all your staff, for your valuable contribution in helping me solve my financial crisis and above all, helping me.... Sleep Again.

- Jorge C.

(December 2013)

Tim and his team are great. In a world where service and responsiveness are no longer commonplace, Tim's team excels. Even though bankruptcy is an unpleasant reality for people they made it simple and expedient. I truly appreciate everything they did for me.

- RL

(November 2013)

The attorneys and staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken are extremely professional. They made the entire process fast and simple!

- V.G.

(November 2013)

The office staff was always polite and cordial, Mr. Kingcade explained everything to us and was very patient. He is really passionate about helping people in need.

- J.F.B.

(November 2013)

This firm is a 10/10! All problems were resolved. The attorneys and staff were always very courteous and helpful.

- Greg

(November 2013)

First of all Mr Kingcade is one of the most likable lawyers I've ever encountered, he has a wonderful team as well. Not to mention their efficiency and effectiveness.

- Shelley G.

(November 2013)

The process was straightforward and simple. I would certainly recommend their services to a friend!

- David H.

(November 2013)

I had a great customer experience at Kingcade Garcia McMaken. The staff and attorneys, including Managing Partner Timothy Kingcade himself was always available to speak with me regarding my case. All the costs were communicated to me fairly and in a timely fashion to help me prepare for them. Their fee structure was fair and they allowed me adequate time to pay for my bankruptcy.

- E.S.

(November 2013)

The staff and attorneys are very professional!

- Vera C.

(November 2013)

Mr. Kingcade saved the day from a very poor prior attorney experience and I am grateful for that.

- I.B.

(October 2013)

The service at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was very professional, very informative. With all the preparation they did for my case, I was very confident on a successful outcome. They gave me peace of mind.

- S. Sabre

(October 2013)

Mr. Kingcade is very cordial and very explanatory. He was also very professional, yet friendly. We were more than satisfied with the results.

- S.Z.

(October 2013)

The idea of working on Saturday is the best of it. They are all about the client! The associates at Kingcade Garcia McMaken are super nice and professional, too.

- R.F.

(October 2013)

Timothy is always available to his clients. We were happy with the service and results achieved.

- A. Grillo

(September 2013)

The overall service was excellent! The firm answered all of my questions, and kept me posted with every step of my case. I trusted Kingcade and Garcia 100% with my bankruptcy.

- Y. Sart

(September 2013)

The service Kingcade Garcia McMaken provided was excellent! I received an answer to every question I had in less than 24 hours.

- Noemi V.

(September 2013)

The firm is very professional and organized. I was very satisfied with the whole process.

- M.H.

(September 2013)

At Kingcade Garcia McMaken I had great people working with me, who got the job done and had good communication.

- Ernest K.

(September 2013)

The firm was very helpful and professional in handling my bankruptcy case. Excellent results, cannot thank them enough!

- O.B.

(September 2013)

I give this firm a 10/10!!! My emails and questions were always answered in a timely matter. The attorneys at the firm are extremely knowledgeable in bankruptcy law and the entire staff was very pleasant and helpful. A pleasure to work with!

- Y. Estrada

(September 2013)

The attorneys and staff were very professional when handling my bankruptcy case.

- T. Roland

(September 2013)

Every aspect of my case was handled with great care. Extremely grateful!

- Joel D.

(September 2013)


- Franco Y.

(August 2013)

I was extremely satisfied with the quick service provided by Kingcade Garcia McMaken.

- M.B.

(August 2013)

Excellent service and very professional.

- L. Rod

(August 2013)

Mr. Kingcade and the entire staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken were very professional, kind and genuinely cares about the client.

- Ortega M.

(August 2013)

We were referred by a friend to Kingcade Garcia McMaken and I'm glad we were! They did a terrific job on our case. The results have been great so far.

- Luis S.

(August 2013)

Excellent service and very professional staff! This law office delivered exactly what they promised.

- Ted S.

(August 2013)

I have used Kingcade Garcia McMaken PA several times and have been extremely satisfied. They are very professional and they are great with communicating with the client.

- M.R.

(August 2013)

The firm shows tremendous experience on their knowledge of the bankruptcy process. They are very well organized and there were no unexpected surprises.

- Johann C.

(August 2013)

Mr. Kingcade and his associates made an uncomfortable situation as painless as possible. They provided me with new hope for a very bright future!

- Janis S.

(August 2013)

Everything with our case went as planned and the firm was very well organized with their approach.

- Nelson D.

(August 2013)

The staff was helpful and Mr Kingcade's experience in the law was a huge plus when it came to our case!

- M.T.

(August 2013)

From the very beginning I felt safe and trusted the advise I received. Thanks to Kingcade Garcia McMaken my stress and financial worry are now gone.

- Joey P.

(August 2013)

Mr. Kingcade and the entire staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken exhibited extraordinary people skills. You made the bankruptcy process as painless as possible. Thank you very much!

- M.B.

(August 2013)

The experience was very thorough and organized. All Kingcade Garcia McMaken staff are well educated.

- J. Font

(August 2013)

Estoy muy agradecida con el bufete de abogados del Dr. Timothy Kingcade. Recibi una atencion muy profesional y en todo momento Timothy estuvo alli para mi. Como abogado, debo de decir que primeramente es un excelente ser humano y luego un excelente profesional... "sin humanidad no hay profesionalismo!!" Tambien no es de los abogados que lo ven en la primera cita, toma el caso y luego nunca mas, NOOOO!! Me dio orientacion legal personalizada y me dio a conoser el proceso del mismo. Cada vez que tuve una duda el siempre estuvo alli. Me contesto a todos mis correos electronicos. No puedo dejar de lado a su personal que tambien fueron excelentes seres humanos y profesionales. Una vez mas gracias por sus atenciones.

- Zenith D.

(July 2013)

The firm was on top of everything!

- I. Gomez

(July 2013)

Anytime I had a question or a worry, there was always someone there to reassure me and answer my questions. Even while Mr. Kingcade was on vacation, I mean seriously who does that?!? I am very grateful at how helpful they have been throughout this process.

- Susie

(July 2013)

Everyone at the firm was VERY helpful!

- Ortega

(July 2013)

Overall, I am extremely satisfied, very professional staff...Attorney Kristina Gonzalez is the best! Highly Recommend!

- D.Z.

(July 2013)

Hi Tim,

I hope all is well with you. Tim, I just want to express my gratitude for the assistance that I have received from the Kingcade Garcia McMaken staff. Since our first meeting, I could see that I indeed was placing my case in the right hands. Your staff is great with me and they are always responding my emails with answers to my questions. I'm looking forward to see you soon... I wish you have a great weekend with your love ones.

Lee & Patricia

(June 2013)

The staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was always very helpful and courteous!

- M. Salinas

(June 2013)

Everybody I dealt with answered all the questions I had and gave me the right information.

- Montero M.

(June 2013)

Muy buen trato de todo el personal.

- A.Monal

(June 2013)

Very Helpful and professional!

- S. Ezitall

(June 2013)

I was completely satisfied with the treatment , professionalism , experience, and knowledge of the lawyers and staff. I was also impressed with how quickly they moved and handled my case

- Roberto Y.

(June 2013)

Tim and his team are very professional. They are knowledgeable and sympathetic with me as their client.

- O.D.

(June 2013)

The service was Excellent! I was amazed that Timothy actually answered my email on a Sunday and the staff was good and quick.

- Jes T.

(June 2013)

Tim Kingcade and his staff were great. They were receptive, educated and results-orientated. Well worth the extra money.

- Rob D.

(June 2013)

I rate this firm a ten! Normally when you begin with a lawyer everything starts out good, but later goes downhill. You as a client are full of doubts because you do not know the process and are afraid. This does not happen with your office. Every time that I had a question I got a response and everything that you told me was going to happen happened. There were no surprises.

- Gina M.

(June 2013)

They were in communication with me from start to finish. I had a great experience with the firm.

- A.K.

(June 2013)

It was a very difficult time in my life, but the staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken helped me navigate it with ease. From the first meeting to the filing and court appearance the lawyer and all his assistants made the process clear. They took the time to explain anything I didn't understand. I am extremely thankful for all their help.

- Valeria S.

(June 2013)

The staff was friendly & knowledgeable. But most of all Mr. Kingcade himself was extremely helpful in explaining my situation and made the process as painless as possible. He always answers his emails himself and is very quick to reply. This is exactly what everyone would hope for from an attorney.

- B.B.

(June 2013)

All personnel at Kingcade Garcia McMaken took care of my needs on time and willingly.

- A.G.

(June 2013)

The dedicated staff and lawyers made the experience easier, including Mr. Kingcade, who was a true professional and made himself available anytime (even on weekends) when we had a question or needed clarification regarding any correspondence received from creditors.

- Lucas Y.

(May 2013)

Dear Tim,

I want to thank you for being so patient with my case, today you took away a big worry from my head, and I really appreciated that. My thanks also to your team for their work . Te veo por la tv mas delgado, y te ves muy bien. Muchisimas gracias nuevamente.

- Ylsa

(May 2013)

Dear Timothy,

I was in time today at the court and met with your very nice colleague Jessica. Everything went very smooth. I thank you and all your nice colleagues at your company for their assistance. I am very glad and lucky to meet and choose you as my lawyer. Greetings and thanks also from my wife Rita.

Thanks and Regards,


(May 2013)

Mr. Kingcade and his staff were very professional, helpful and always took time to answer my questions and guide me through the bankruptcy process. The experience and genuine caring of the staff was always there from the beginning. I want to thank Jessica and Alexandra for caring, answering my legal questions and providing me with timely updates during a very difficult time. They always found time to speak and meet with me whenever needed. Mr. Kingcade, you have a great team and thank you for your compassion and Legal expertise. I am very glad that I came to Kingcade Garcia McMaken and highly recommend and trust this firm.

- SM

(May 2013)

Professional and courteous service! Great experience!

- V.P.

(May 2013)

Everyone at the firm was very professional and honest. I got great results!

- C.P.

(May 2013)

The entire staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken were very friendly, courteous and extremely knowledgeable in the field of bankruptcy law.

- S.U.

(May 2013)

Kristina Gonzales was terrific. She gave me 100% when it came to my case.

- Tony T.

(May 2013)

Mr. Kingcade was there for me when I needed the help. I cannot thank him enough!

- R.C.

(May 2013)

I received fast results with my case. The firm took away my worry and concern. The whole process was pain free!

- M.A.

(April 2013)

It's now a few years after the Chapter 7 and it's everything you said it would be. Filing for bankruptcy was the best thing I have ever done. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You told me that I would be able to buy new cars after we filed and sure enough we were able to. Everything worked out fine.

- Robert R.

(April 2013)

After looking around and talking to few attorneys in Miami for about four months, I chose to work with Mr. Timothy Kingcade. From the first day, he promised me to be open and helpful with me, and that was exactly what I got. He was answering my emails within few hours with the right answer every time. I was so scared to file for bankruptcy, but he made it so easy for me. I highly recommend Mr. Kingcade to every one who needs legal help. The staff was also friendly and helpful at all times. They always make you feel like you are at home. Thank you all.

- Mohsen A.

(April 2013)

Mr. Kingcade and his staff are very professional and helpful. I received excellent service and I would highly recommend Mr. Kingcade and his staff!

- Michael M.

(April 2013)

Tim and his staff are extremely competent, helpful, and insightful. They assisted my wife and I on a legal matter, and I found them to be extremely accessible, which was important. I would recommend the firm to any all for assistance on matters relating to housing and finances.

- Juan D.C.

(April 2013)

This has been a wonderful experience. Mr. Kingcade has a marvelous team. I really appreciate all of that he did for my case. They are really professional.

- A. R.

(April 2013)

The team helped me and explained each detail about the process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

- J. J.

(April 2013)

We received excellent service from the staff every time we called or visited the office. I had mixed feelings about filling bankruptcy and because of this I delayed the process because I was afraid that it might have prevented me from getting my contractors license. However, Mr. Kingcade took the time to explain and show me that case law pertaining to my concerns. I still didn't think it was a good idea to continue, Mr. Kingcade called me personally on a Saturday morning and after 45 minutes of addressing every nit picking question or concern that I had, I realize that he was very passionate about his work and he sincerely cares about his clients. The end result is that our case was discharged on Feb 08 2013 we were relieved of having to pay back over $500,000.00 and I already have a Platinum Master Card. My only regret is that I should have trusted what he told me the first time and not have delayed the process. Thank you for your patience and your persistence in helping me to do what was best for my family all along. May God continue to bless you so that you can continue to be a blessing to others like you were to me. I feel like so much weight has been lifted of my shoulders.

- J. B.

(April 2013)

Even being a very stressful circumstance, the information and assistance provided by all the staff at the office was always accurate and helpful in many ways. We appreciate having great professionals like Timothy and his staff to guide us through the process!

- Daniela M.

(March 2013)

Excellent service, great people!

- R.M.

(March 2013)

I received excellent and professional attention from this firm.

- S.G.

(March 2013)

Cristina Gonzales, esq. has been great.

- C.A

(March 2013)

I would highly recommend Kingcade Garcia McMaken because the process was clear and effective from beginning to end.

- E.C.

(March 2013)

Tim Kingcade and his team were professional, responsive and sensitive to the urgency in my bankruptcy case.

- Pao P.

(February 2013)

Mr. Kingcade,

I want to thank you and your staff for all of your work on our behalf this past year. It is great to finally get our life back. Although we were extremely stressed during the whole process, every time we went to see you, we felt so much better. My wife still doesn't believe it's over after suffering through this for the last 3 years. Again, Thank you.

- C.A.

(February 2013)

Everyone was very helpful, everything was explained in great detail, and in the end they helped me get my life back together.

- Charles Y.

(February 2013)

Mr. Kingcade, I want to thank you and your staff for an amazing life changing experience. Your professionalism was evident from our first meeting until our last email. You answered all of my emails so promptly. It was unbelievable. Jessica and your staff were great in every way possible. Thank you for giving my family a fresh start at life. We are truly grateful to have met you.

- R.L.

(February 2013)

They were very helpful and professional throughout our case. Mr. Kingcade would always respond to our e-mails within 20 minutes. I recommend highly.

- Carlos M.

(February 2013)

The firm did an excellent job at treating clients with sympathy. Also, they do an excellent job getting results and documenting them.

- N.H.

(February 2013)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken gave fast, friendly and efficient service. They were also available on Saturdays for the working individuals who do not have time through the week.

- V.S.

(February 2013)

Throughout the bankruptcy process Tim and staff were extremely responsive to all questions & concerns.

- Mabel B.

(February 2013)

The services provided by Kingcade Garcia McMaken were very professional, I was very happy with the results. I truly recommend this law team.

- A. B.

(February 2013)

Mr. Kingcade is dedicated to clients, no beating around the bush. He is very understanding to clients

- M.M.

(February 2013)

I rate Kingcade Garcia McMaken with a 10 because of the job they did for me. I would like to say thank you very much for everything and nice job. God bless you all.

- Arnoldo S.

(February 2013)

Very professional and very good service.

- A. T.

(February 2013)

I was very nervous and scared and from day one, your staff was very professional and caring.

- Dora D.

(February 2013)

I received great advice and assistance with my case. Response to my emails is always prompt and with sufficient information. Even after my case, Mr. Kingcade has always answer my questions. This is why I continue to refer people to his office.

- Carrie

(February 2013)

Tim Kingcade's experience and expertise help make a very difficult process go smoothly. He inspires the confidence of his clients, and confirms it with results. I highly recommend him.

- B. B.

(February 2013)

Everyone at Kingcade & Garica was very honest and truthful for this process. I would recommend them to anyone.

- L.E.

(February 2013)

The timing for solving my issue was so quick and the effort on my own minimum. The price was reasonable and the self confident that Kingcade gave me was outstanding.

- Oscar K.

(February 2013)

The staff took excellent care of my needs & explained every question I had.

- M. S.

(February 2013)

I walked into Mr. Kingcade's office and could not believe the situation I found myself in. I thought that this was a catastrophe. I never thought that I would see myself in bankruptcy. The best decision I made was to let this attorney guide me through the process. I can say that not only did he guide me through the process, as did his entire staff, but they also provided an excellent support network. They made sure that I understood the process and made me feel at ease during hard times. I want to thank Mr. Kingcade and his entire staff for their work and support.

- Placido D.

(February 2013)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,

I'd like to thank you and your staff for the great job on our bankruptcy. My wife and I received the discharge letter. We are all set to start over.

- Jose P.

(January 2013)

Mr. Kingcade, you are truly incredible. I sincerely thank you once again for all the help you have given us and should it ever come up in conversation we will always recommend you and your firm.

- Nina M.

(January 2013)

Good afternoon Mr. Kingcade,

Thank you for your prompt and professional follow through on both requests. It is this type of expedited, professional attention that sets your firm aside from all the others. Without hesitation I do and will recommend your firm to family, friends and acquaintances.

Wish you a wonderful week!

- Liz C.

(January 2013)

Great service overall!

- Nick C.

(January 2013)

The staff is extremely professional and attentive.

- Mia S.

(January 2013)

Lo que dijo asi fue, la atencion a losclientes es muy buena, precisa y amable.

- Seny P.

(January 2013)

When I first came in for my appointment with Mr. Kingcade he was honest with me and very knowledgeable. I almost didn't qualify for bankruptcy, but Mr. Kingcade was able to find a loop hole and for that I am thankful!

- P.D.

(January 2013)

son muy profecionales y hacen un excelente trabajo

- Raul Z.

(January 2013)

Excellent customer service. Got things done quickly & correctly.

- P.J.

(December 2012)

He sido tratado con sumo profesionalismo, paciencia y eficiencia.

- M. Lopez

(December 2012)

The care and dedication displayed especially by Christina Gonzalez is remarkable.

- R.G.

(December 2012)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken made bankruptcy an easy process- much better than I expected.

- Johanna P.

(December 2012)

Kingcade me entrevisto personalmente y el resto con Tina fue excelente no solo su ayuda sino en lo personal Gracias.

- R.R.

(December 2012)

Attorney Kingcade met my expectations as well as keeping his word on how the process would go from start to finish.

- M.A.

(December 2012)

I had my 341 meeting last Monday, 11/26. It went perfect. You and your staff were excellent! I look forward to receiving my discharge in late February.

Thank you,

(December 2012)

Dear Tim,
I am so excited!!!! I got my car back today. The bankruptcy you filed for me made the creditor return the car that it had seized. I can go to work again tomorrow. You made my day!!

- Victoria

(December 2012)

Good Morning Mr. Kingcade,
Just wanted to take this moment to let you know that I am grateful for the wonderful treatment I have received from your office and your services.

- Lisa P.

(December 2012)

Hi Mr. Kingcade, I want to thank you for your service, and to let you know things have progressed for me ever since I came to you and you finished my bankruptcy case. Thanks for everything and have a happy holiday season.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

- Erma

(December 2012)

Great service, simply the best!

- Dennis B.

(November 2012)

I want to thank Timothy and the rest of the team for all your support from the onset. Have a great Thanksgiving!

- Nelson R.

(November 2012)

I was very pleased with the level of service and the promptness that I was attended to on every office visit. The staff was very knowledgeable.

- Sonia M.

(November 2012)

Mr. Kingcade makes us feel better every time we meet with him. He always answers all questions and he always honest. Professionalism always. It's my pleasure doing business with him.

- Annette and Ernst T.

(November 2012)

Yo escojo este puntaje por la rapidez con que se hace el proceso ,lo descomplicado que ellos hacen el trabajo y el profesionalismo con que trabajan , yo lo recomiendo a ojo cerrado a todo el mundo estoy muy feliz con Kingcade Garcia McMaken, Gracias.

- Marion

(November 2012)

The staff was very considerate and knowledgeable.

- Rosario C.

(November 2012)

Mr. Kingcade and Jessica did a wonderful job.

- C.R.

(November 2012)

Hello Tim,

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my bankruptcy case. Your office was outstanding!

Thank you,

Nelson G.

(October 2012)

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. God bless you, your family and your business.

- Shirley C.

(October 2012)

I absolutely love working with Mr. Kingcade, there aren't enough words to express my gratitude to him. But, I did not expect how absolutely amazing and wonderful all the staff are, and what a complete team your organization represents. Jessica McMaken is terrific! I really admire her ability and presence. Thank you all so much!

- Lisa P.

(October 2012)

Every single person, Timothy, Jessica, the paralegal, the attorney who came with me to the trustee meeting, the staff at the office, all of you were great. Jessica really helped me by moving the attorney meeting thus submitting the application for the bankruptcy earlier but making sure everything was in order. You guys were just a blessing, thanks again.

- J.C.

(October 2012)

El trato, es excellente, Las explicaciones, claras y precisas.

- Magela G.

(October 2012)

When I arrived at Mr. Kingcade's office I was informed that I would get prompt service and a reasonable fee for services. I received both prompt service and a reasonable fee. Most important I got personal service. Kingcade himself responded to most of my questions his office would correspond via email quickly and I am very pleased with the service that I received. Certainly I would recommend him and his staff. My experience was very satisfying.

- Ana D.

(October 2012)

Mr. Kingcade, along with everyone else I met were very professional. I would recommend this office. Thank you Mr. Kingcade!

- M.N.

(October 2012)


Just wanted to thank you again for helping us make it through the bankruptcy. Without you and Jessica, I would have turned into a bowl of jello. LOL.

Thank you again,

- Jeff C.

(October 2012)

I wish to thank your staff for their help & compassion. I just left the court everyone was professional and calming. Thank you for your efforts.

- Oscar M.

(October 2012)

That is great news that comes with huge relief! I really appreciate all the help you and your staff have provided attorney Kingcade.

Thanks so much!!!

- Vivianne A.

(October 2012)

Personal attention given from day one. Again, very grateful for all of your service. May God continue to guide you in your life. Lots of health, wealth and happiness to you and yours.


- Ana D.

(October 2012)

Mr. Kingcade,
I would like to thank you and let you know that your staff was very pleasant, professional and helpful.

- Maryanne M.

(October 2012)

Every single person, Timothy, Jessica, the paralegal, the attorney who came with me to the trustee meeting, the staff at the office, all of you were great. Jessica really helped me by moving the attorney meeting thus submitting the application for the bankruptcy earlier but making sure everything was in order. You guys were just a blessing, thanks again.

- J.C.

(October 2012)

Everything was well explained and triple checked. The firm was VERY organized and had a very polite staff. E-mails were returned in a timely manner.

- Dianne N.

(October 2012)

Good Morning All,

I just want to take a moment to thank you for guiding me and, most of all, calming me down during this difficult chapter in my life. I got the discharge!!!
I couldn't have done without you, Wendy, Tim, Christina and all the office staff!!! Thank you so much for caring and helping me out!!!


- Obdulia H.

(September 2012)

This firm is amazing and incredibly trustworthy! From beginning to end, the staff has been more than helpful, in particular attorney Kingcade. I can say with no hesitation that any questions I had (even when outside of the box), he would reply immediately and effectively. The staff is professional and to the point. No reading in between the lines. I was referred to this office by more than one person and am more than satisfied with my decision and process. Bankruptcy is no easy matter and when you are not educated in the area it is difficult to trust you have appointed the right firm to handle your case. I was very lucky I did and would therefore continue to refer attorney Kingcade and his staff to anyone going through a bankruptcy.

I cannot thank you all enough for your help and attention!

Thank you,

- Carla H.

(September 2012)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,

On behalf of me and my family, who endured great hardship during the recent recession, I would like to thank you and your staff for guiding us through these difficult times. Your professional experience and exceptional knowledge was essential to conclude my rather complex personal bankruptcy filing.


- Robert Z.

(September 2012)

Good morning Mr. Kingcade:

We want to thank you and your staff for all the support and professionalism that your office displays, of course this is a reflection of your leadership and knowledge.

Again, thanks for everything.


- Sixta Castillo

(September 2012)

Thanks again for the quick turnaround this week. You & your staff are a fine oiled machine!

Much appreciated,

- Laura A.

(September 2012)

I was very pleased with how everything was handled. All of the staff was very professional and always provided excellent service.

- R. Johnson

(September 2012)

They made me feel like I was part of their family.

- M.C.

(September 2012)

Professional, guided me through the entire process. Confident there were no smoking mirrors. I actually met Mr. Kingcade and he is genuine.

- S.T.

(September 2012)

My initial telephone call to set up my free consultation with Kingcade Garcia McMaken was very friendly. I was told in detail everything that I would need to bring to the free consultation. I met with Mr. Kingcade. This was not a quick 30 minute meeting as we discussed my situation for two hours. Mr. Kingcade digested all my information and presented me with all my options. My annual salary was over Florida's Medium Income Level, so he performed a detailed Means Test to see if I qualified for a Chapter 7, and I did. Mr. Kingcade drew up a game plan and detailed all the costs to my case. The Signing Meeting and Creditors Meetings went well.

Mr. Kingcade and his staff stayed in contact with me on a regular basis. They preferred to use e-mails and not telephone calls. Mr. Kingcade even responded to one of my questions while on a safari in Africa. As predicted my Discharge took only 63 days. Mr. Kingcade predicted that I would re-establish credit very quickly. In fact, in the week after my Discharge, my Credit Union approved me for a $21,000 automobile loan. Kingcade Garcia McMaken was extremely friendly as well as professional.

- John H.

(August 2012)


I can't "Thank You" enough for all your help. Your whole team is incredible!! Even in my moments of doubt, due to my ignorance of the process I felt afraid but secure.
I know that doesn't make much sense and a contradiction of feelings, but can be best summarized as the feeling a child has when afraid,...but holding their mother's

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Most Respectfully, appreciatively and with great admiration,

- Decio and Evelyn

(August 2012)

Everything worked to perfection, and there was no unnecessary conversations, correspondence, only what was needed. I am very happy with the results and the way to get to it.

- U.P

(August 2012)

Todo el personal de la firma es muy cooperativo, los abogados muy bien preparados para manejarlo todo durante el proceso y para responder todas las preguntas del cliente.

- Luisa C.

(August 2012)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,
Thanks a lot for your attention and good service...

- Efrain C.

(August 2012)

This is the best lawyer in town. He has the best staff, and they know exactly what they are doing. The customer only needs to ask a question once and it is answered,100% correct.

- R.T.

(August 2012)

Great service and Mr Kingcade his personnel / lawyers /agents were available always for questions and answers.

- D. H.

(August 2012)

Excellent service, because everything was explained in detail and clearly so that I was able to follow the entire proceeding with no problems. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I recommend the company 100%. Thank you, again.

- I.M.C

(August 2012)

The bankruptcy process is very stressful. But the minute you went to Mr. Kingcade's office, the staff was very reassuring that all was going to be well. This trust allowed us to believe and just trust them! All went well.

- O.I.

(August 2012)

Very professional! Mr. Kingcade will always there to answer phone calls and e-mails. He is a person of Very High Business and Personal Ethic Standards.

- G. Gabe

(August 2012)

From the beginning to the very end the professionalism was as expected. Everyone makes you feel extremely comfortable and Mr. Kingcade truly cared for the situation I was in.

- J. Rios

(August 2012)

Mr. Kingcade,

Thanks a lot for your attention and good service.

- E. Chavez

(August 2012)

Thank you so much for your help sir! You've been a guiding light for me.

- Andres B.

(July 2012)

I visited other attorneys before going with Mr. Kingcade. I decided to go with him because of the personal attention. I am glad I decided to go with him. I was very nervous about everything but he responded to all my questions via email right away! It was such a smooth case. Much better than what I ever imagined! Thank you so much!

- Kenya D.

(July 2012)

Escogimos ese rating, porque siempre fuimos tratados mi esposa y yo muy bien y profesionalmente. Todos los empleados y el Dr. Kingcade y el Dr. Louis Hernandez fueron muy agradables y profesionales.

- Juan S. Blanco

(July 2012)

All my questions were answered in a timely manner, anything I needed I always had someone there to guide me.

- M. Hess

(July 2012)

Me prestaron toda la ayuda e informacion necesaria, obteniendo los resultados esperados.

- Amariela

(July 2012)

Jessica and the entire team were very professional and courteous. Questions were answered in a timely manner and meetings were always held at the time they were scheduled for.

- C.R.

(July 2012)

Mr. Kingcade treats you like a real person and genuinely wants to help. Other places just wanted to take my money without explaining things or considering the details of my particular case.

- A. Lopez

(July 2012)

There are situations in life that you get into without even knowing how much it would hurt you and your loved ones, and there are people who you meet that are like angels, see you through them. When I consulted Timothy with our problem, the first thing I liked was this personal relationship he likes to build with his clientele, not to mention how knowledgeable he is with his preceding years of experience plus not only he is a lawyer but also a CPA, so as you can imagine, he masters the subject!! He sat with us one on one, personally and explained all the process, the consequences and gave us his best advice, just like a friend would do.

Throughout all the chapter 7 process Timothy and his team were always there, ready to answer any questions and welcome us into their office. Literally, he would immediately reply to my emails at any time of the day!!! He was always available to talk to us and guide us through, and that made us feel comfortable and confident. I had never seen such good customer service relationship at a lawyer's office (We had consulted two before choosing Kingcade Garcia McMaken) they make you feel like family, they are knowledgeable, trustworthy, confident, witty, they have an aggressive approach and techniques and most of all, they are caring people willing to do anything to help you through. Kristina Gonzales, his associate, came with us to the meeting with the trustee and the deposition and not only she did an amazing job, but she held our hand through the process and made us feel at ease and confident at all times.

From the bottom of my heart I am extremely grateful for your excellent service, you and your team have exceeded all my expectations!! I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of a bankruptcy attorney!!!! Thank you soooo much!! I wish you all the success, and many blessing for you and your team!!


Maria M. & Joseph C.

(June 2012)

Good afternoon Mr. Kingcade,

I was very pleased with the help that you and your law firm provided me and I will not hesitate to recommend you to as many clients as I possibly can. The reason that I chose you was the personal time that you gave me in the beginning. It was a new experience for me and I am presently rebuilding my credit and re-employed. I thank you for your representation and your guidance.

I wish all the best for you and your law firm in the future and if I can be of any help to you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards
Edward W.

(June 2012)

Mr. Timothy is a great bankruptcy attorney who filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy for me . I hesitated for months before I gathered enough courage to walk into a bankruptcy attorney's office. My financial situation was progressively getting worse the more I waited. I became more anxious and even had a panic attack in my first meeting with Mr. Timothy. Today, I am happy to be writing this review as a form of gratitude for his professionalism and kindness. Attorney Timothy was able to put my anxiety at ease. He took the time to explain each step and allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am thankful for the service and the results that he brought for me in filing my bankruptcy petition.

He filed all the appropriate paperwork and kept me up to date and aware of all the procedural matters throughout my case. He gave me sound legal advice throughout the case and always answered the questions that I had. He was always available to me by phone and he filed my case very quickly. I got my discharge and was able to start to rebuild my financial situation and my credit. Thanks for doing a great job and being so service oriented. I would recommend him as a bankruptcy attorney.
Thank you so much for all your support! :)

(June 2012)

It's not easy to avoid getting into debt in this economy, where the cost of living is constantly rising and salaries remain the same. That's pretty much how I got into debt and after joining a debt consolidation program with the intentions of doing the right thing and paying back that debt. 3yrs later and over $19,000 paid into that program, the company went under and left me hanging. I was getting threatening letters from my creditors of lawsuits, the stress of this situation was really taking its toll on me, if affected my health and my life. I saw Kingcade Garcia McMaken's ad on TV and thought I would give them a call. Somewhat skeptical with all the lawyer ads on TV, some making promises they cannot deliver on. Well I am happy to report my first meeting was face to face with the person on the TV, attorney Timothy Kingcade, not some unknown associate. My first impression was a good one, you want to talk to your lawyer directly. Well I am happy to report after all the hard work Timothy Kingcade and his staff did, I received my letter stating my bankruptcy was complete and now I get to have my life back and that huge burden and constant stress has been lifted off my shoulders!

Words are not enough to THANK them for going above and beyond to make this happen. I am living proof, Timothy Kingcade is the REAL DEAL not some fly by night TV lawyer who takes your money with nothing in return.

- Mark C.S.

(June 2012)

Everyone was very professional. They made me feel relaxed and everything turned out great.

- M. Soto

(June 2012)

Simply put- Timothy Kingcade is a professional in every sense of the word.

- Jose D.

(June 2012)

Mr. Kingcade was very pleasant, patient and thorough. As was the attorney who went to court. The receptionist was also extremely nice.

- Maldona D.

(June 2012)

Everyone was professional and very detailed oriented. Whenever I had any questions Mr. Kingcade always answered them immediately and emails were answered promptly. I would certainly recommend your practice to my friends if they ever need a bankruptcy attorney.

- Keenan L.

(May 2012)

Good morning Tim,

This is your past client! I'd like to thank you again for assisting me with my bankruptcy. I wanted to let you know that it has been a year and half now and I'm proud to announce that we have established credit and currently working on increasing our beacon score, which currently is around 685 yay!!! We are applying to buy a house and hope to close in the next several months.

Thank you, I sincerely appreciate your time.
Daysmara O.

(May 2012)

Great team. Was in constant communication with us throughout the whole process.

- Jay S.

(May 2012)


- S.F.

(May 2012)

Recommend them to anyone who needs help with credit problems, did an excellent job on my bankruptcy case.

- B.L.

(May 2012)

Me brindaron un exelente servicio.

- Esther H.

(April 2012)

Mr. Kingcade,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team in the handling of my bankruptcy. I sought your assistance at a time when I knew of no other place to turn. Although having to go through bankruptcy was a difficult choice, you and your team put me at ease and made the process painless.

Unfortunate as a bankruptcy may be for someone, I would strongly recommend for them to contact your firm.


Desiree M.

(April 2012)

Our bankruptcy was a tough one. We had to delay filing about 8 months due to our situation, so it seemed like it would never end for us. We constantly had questions and concerns and I was impressed that Mr. Kingcade would respond to my emails so quickly (and I emailed him a lot!), even on the weekends and after hours. It helped ease our worries and he definitely "held our hand" every step of the way. His staff also would respond quickly to whatever we needed or any questions. His associate, Kristina Gonzalez, accompanied us to our court hearing and she was very professional and helped put us at ease. I would definitely recommend Mr. Kingcade and his staff should you need to file for bankruptcy.

Amy P.

(April 2012)

No other word other than EXCELLENT could possibly describe their services and Mr. Kingcade himself. Amazing staff, amazing service from the first step in the door!


(April 2012)

I appreciate that all of my questions were answered promptly and efficiently. Your services were excellent!


(April 2012)

Excellent and Professional support during a very difficult time and process.

Patty G.

(April 2012)

Kingcade was very professional and did not mislead me in any way whatsoever, which is rare in attorneys. All things occurred as I was told they would and the staff was pleasant and helpful. Everything that was required of me was straight forward and I had no surprises. Overall, I was very satisfied.

A. Diaz

(April 2012)

Dear Mr. Kingcade and Team,

I want it to take a moment to Thank You. For the great service through this hard process, you and your team make this experience much easier.

- J. De Lorenzo

(April 2012)


Thank you for always answering me right away!! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions, please know that I tell everybody to call you if they want to file for bankruptcy!! I am extremely grateful with you and will recommend you forever! :)

-Lupita M.

(April 2012)

Filing for Bankruptcy was one of the hardest decisions of my life. Fortunately, I chose the BEST law firm, Kingcade Garcia McMaken, to guide me through this process. Mr. Kingcade and his staff were extremely courteous and professional and were with me every step of the way. Mr. Kingcade personally answered all of my emails promptly, which was very comforting. I would not hesitate recommend this fine law firm to anyone facing this situation.


(April 2012)


Thank you so much for turning a nightmare scenario into a positive experience for me and my family. Your knowledge and experience allowed us a fresh start that none could have provided as your firm has. My case was very difficult because I had two businesses tied to me personally. Your knowledge of accounting and bankruptcy law allowed me to rebuild my credit and keep my house regardless of being a guarantor on many debts my businesses were no longer able to satisfy.

During the process, not once did I have a concern that you were not able to answer directly. Your positive attitude and knowledge comforted us through the process allowing us to regain not only our financials, but more importantly our dignity.

Thank you and your staff for your professionalism and above average kindness.

-Betty D.

(March 2012)

I would like to thank Mr. Kingcade and his staff for helping me every step of the way through my bankruptcy case. From the moment I walked in and met with Mr. Kingcade I felt that I was in the right place. He gave me a sense of security that I was doing the right thing and that I had come to the best attorney in Miami, Fl. He treated me like his own family and gave me advice that was genuine and sincere. He was available to me any time of day when I had any concerns or questions and still is till this day. His staff was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient throughout my entire case. I would recommend Mr. Kingcade to anyone who is in hardship and has felt that there is no way out or hopeless. They have given me another chance in life and I'm forever grateful for everything they have done for me, especially Mr. Kingcade; he is definitely one of kind!

God Bless,
Adriana R.

(March 2012)

Dear Mr. Kingcade and Tina.

I just wanted to send you a personal note of thanks for all of your help with my bankruptcy case. I received the discharge notice today and really appreciate this opportunity to start over. I had to visit your office a few times and realize how busy your firm is. Without fail, you always answered all of my questions and concerns in a prompt and professional manner. No B.S. I worked as a paralegal for many years and realize how much patience it takes to deal with clients constantly "checking in on their case" but Tina was always quick to respond and straight to the point. I know this can seem like a thankless job sometimes but know that people appreciate what you do. You guys are great and I've spent the last few months waiting for the "hard part" to get here but it never did. This was a personal and emotional process for me but I promise to recommend your firm to anyone that I get the chance to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and god bless you both.

- M. Perez

(March 2012)

Excellent staff. Very quick. Kept records up to date. By the time I got to the 341 meeting, everything was already submitted and the meeting went without a hitch. EXCELLENT!

- E.M. Cabral

(March 2012)

I went through the bankruptcy process very confident that I was being taken care of. This was all very stressful and trying for me and my family in the beginning, but Mr. Kingcade and staff made the process as stress free as possible. He was also very helpful when it came to costs because of my financial issues.

- Jennifer A.

(March 2012)


Good afternoon! I feel like a new man since we completed the bankruptcy. It is amazing how the troubles had piled up to the point that life was no longer enjoyable. That has definitely changed. Thanks again!!!

Steve R.

(March 2012)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,

We just completed my bankruptcy case and I wanted to thank you and your team for helping me throughout my process. I am referring new potential clients to you because you and your team were so helpful.

Thanks again to you and everyone at K&G! :)

Liggia G.

(February 2012)

- Desde el mismo dia que entre por primera vez a las oficinas de Kingcade lleno de dudas, hasta finalmente verme saliendo de la corte con una sonrisa, tengo la impresion que todo fue un sueño. Un sueño que no duro mas de 5 meses y no represento esfuerzo por mi parte. Todo lo que realmente tuve que hacer fue recolectar todas mis deudas y al poco tiempo tomar un sencillo curso por internet. Lo cierto esque nunca pense que mi proceso de bancarrota pudiera ser tan sencillo. Definitivamente he llegado a la conclusion que si dejan este tipo de casos en manos de un experto como lo es Kingcade, todo les resultara mucho mas facil.

Oscar G.

(February 2012)

- Hello Mr. Kingcade,

On Friday I received the "discharge" letter.
I want to thank you again for your help. A great team, a great work.

Best regards,
Daniel L.

(February 2012)

- Hi Timothy!

Thank you so much for all your work! My bankruptcy was discharged!!! I am so happy today!!!


(February 2012)

- Since the day I went to Mr. Kingcade's office full of doubts to the day I left court with a smile I have the impression it was all a dream. A dream that took less than 5 months and represent no effort at all of my part. All I had to do was to recollect and submit all my debts and take a simple online course. I never thought It could be so easy but what I do know is that if you leave your case on hands of experts like Kingcade, you will make your life much more easy.

Thanks again,


(February 2012)

Excellent lawyers and very professional!

- Lui

(February 2012)

The first visit was actually with the lawyer. I went to other places where it was an assistant or a regular employee explaining the process. Speaking directly with the lawyer gave me more confidence and made the difference between leaving or staying. Mr Kingcade was very polite, honest and answered all my questions patiently. I would recommend anyone to Mr Kingcade.

- Andy S.

(February 2012)

It was a smooth process from beginning to end. I have not been contacted by any creditor since my debts were discharged.

- Mariana L.

(February 2012)

Great service, quick responses to all the questions we had about the case. Kingcade Garcia McMaken always kept us informed of the status of the case and gave information on what we could expect.

- G.E.M

(February 2012)

Fast responses to emails good support from staff.

- A.V.

(February 2012)

Everything that Mr. Kingcade explained to me and all the questions that I had through my case came out the same way he assured me it would.

- Aurelio C.

(February 2012)

Mr. Kingcade

I was in a mess not knowing what to do. My world was in a financial crisis. Once I sat down with Kingcade I felt my life was going to change. He takes the time to meet with you and guide you in the right direction. He truly cares about his clients and will defend you until the end and trust me he will not let you down. If you or anyone you know has a similar situation don't waste your time with anybody else Kingcade is the best in the business. I am off to a brand new start and it feels great.



(February 2012)

Everyone from Tim Kingcade down the line proved to be professional and incredibly helpful. Thank you Kingcade Garcia McMaken!

- Marco C.

(February 2012)

The office personnel are professional at Kingcade Garcia McMaken. Mr. Kingcade answered all my questions and left me with no doubts . I arrived early to my hearing and was able to listen in on several other cases. My case appeared to have gone so much smoother than the other cases I saw. Kingcade made it look easy!

- Eric M.

(February 2012)

I highly recommend the law office of Kingcade and Garcia. Mr. Kingcade is very professional at what he does. He explained the whole bankruptcy process step by step as it really happened. You can send him an email at any time and you will get an answer back quick. His professional staff worked with me at all times making sure I had provided them with all of the proper documents to file my case.

- Alina G.

(January 2012)

The staff was professional and sharp. Mr Kingcade explained everything in a clear and easy to understand way. The overall experience was of an efficiently run company and good customer service.

B. Deluna

(January 2012)

The staff is very professional and I loved the fact that Mr. Kingcade takes his time to see his clients and explain everything very clear


(January 2012)

El servicio es muy eficiente, la atencion del personal calificado es insuperable y la tarifa es accesible, ademas de que la rapidez de la gestion es asombrosa.

M. Americ

(January 2012)

Without the expertise of Kingcade Garcia McMaken, I would never have received such a great end result.

Jennifer O.

(January 2012)

Excellent service and communication, which made me feel extremely at ease through a difficult time. Everything that I was told happened and the results were better than expected. Tim Kingcade is one of the smartest, most qualified and hardest working lawyers out there.


(January 2012)

My experience dealing with this firm was always excellent. I was able to get answers every time I had a question, and everybody was courteous and helpfull, especially Mrs. Cristina. Thank you all!!!


(January 2012)

The over-all service was very effective as far as our case was concerned. It helped us overcome the financial burden we had been carrying for months if not years. The Staff was very helpful and courteous.


(January 2012)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken staff was extremely helpful. Very professional. They kept constant communication sending us updates on the case on a regular basis. They did everything they said they would in a timely manner. I would recommend Kingcade Garcia McMaken to anyone who wants to change their lives financially and start fresh.

Betty L.

(January 2012)

Going through the bankruptcy process can be very stressful however using Kingcade Garcia McMaken made the process a lot less stressful by their professionalism and personal support.

J. Branam

(January 2012)

The staff was thorough and able to articulate the requirements in layman's terms while keeping the human touch.

B. Deluna

(January 2012)

As detailed as I can put it : Kingcade Rules !


(January 2012)

I want to wish you all a very Happy 2012. Thank you to the Kingcade Garcia McMaken office for being part of my life in 2011. That be for a reason, season or lifetime. I cherished you all dearly regardless. My bankruptcy is over and a complete success and I get to start over in 2012.

Wishing you and your loved ones much health, peace of mind and prosperity.

Big hug! Maria

(December 2011)

The team at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was efficient and very smart always ready to answer any question and fast!


(December 2011)

Timothy Kingcade and his office genuinely cared for our best interests and effectively represented us throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

Jorge B.

(December 2011)

Everyone at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was very efficient very helpful and always polite.

Fred R.

(December 2011)


Thanks for everything!!! Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your help and great service in my bankruptcy.

Have a good night,


(December 2011)

Querido Sr.Kingcade:

Muchas Gracias otra vez por su valioso tiempo y por la amabilidad que ha tenido de brindarnos esta informacion, que ha sido de gran ayuda. Usted ha mejorado mucho la opinion que teniamos sobre los abogados; espero no tener que molestarlo mas, que Dios lo siga bendiciendo y le ayude a continuar con exito su labor.

muy agradecida

Maricel M.

(December 2011)

I just want to say thanks to you guys and the rest of your team for taking care of my bankruptcy and getting the job done. Have a happy holiday.


(December 2011)

It was a very difficult decision to file for Bankruptcy. However, after consulting with four prior bankruptcy attorneys I am elated at that fact that I chose Kingcade Garcia McMaken to represent me. None of the other four attorneys gave me the hope you did. The process with them would have been longer, more costly and not to my benefit. Having worked with attorneys, myself, for most of my life, I can truly attest to the professionalism and comfort that both you and your staff have provided. I want to thank Tim and his staff for always answering all of my questions so promptly (even if they seemed like millions). I still cannot believe that I am off to a new fresh start. This could never have been achieved without your diligence and expertise. I have no doubt in my mind that I made the best choice as evidenced by all of my referrals to your office. Thanks again. the Kingcade Garcia McMaken office in its entirety is amazing!

-J. Lopez

(December 2011)

I just wanted to thank Timothy Kingcade for the advise he recently gave me. We met last week at his office for a consultation. Tim stated that bankruptcy wasn't needed for my problem. I had met with other attorneys that had tried to get me to file bankruptcy. I found the consultation at Kingcade Garcia McMaken to be professional and honest, which is something not seen every day in Miami. I appreciate all of Tim's input and help and just wanted to take a moment to thank you again.

- Abdel J.

(November 2011)

Hi Tim,

I received the discharge order. I am so thankful to you and your staff for your help and patience throughout this whole process.

Special thanks to you for your patience, understanding and mostly your friendship.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Betty D.

(November 2011)

Having to deal with lawyers and the entire process is not easy and very frightening. I had one of the most difficult cases in the history of bankruptcy, but Mr. Tim Kingcade and Miss Jessica McMaken's expertise in bankruptcy law made it seem like a walk in the park. They always answered all my questions, phone calls and e-mails….yes, even when I could not sleep in the middle of the night and I asked questions, I always got a response that put me at ease and thus peace was always transpired. They are very thorough, dedicated, professional, reasonable and most importantly you're not just another client in their office…you become family. The Kingcade Staff defends you and your rights like you were their own flesh and blood. I am so grateful for their expertise, caring manner and victorious attitude. This is going to be one of the best Thanksgiving of my life due to their delivered promises: VICTORY! Therefore, if you are thinking about bankruptcy please do not waste your time with any other lawyer, but allow the best in the state of Florida to handle your delicate case and become a WINNER!

Julia B.

(November 2011)


Good morning! I received my "Discharge of Debtors" order from the US Bankruptcy Court on Saturday. Thank you for getting us thru it! I must have sent you over 50 emails and you answered them all. We are going to have the best Thanksgiving!!!!


(November 2011)

Good afternoon Tim,

I just want to let you know how good I feel to have had you represent me on my case. After visiting a previous Law Firm, and later on finding out I got all the wrong answers, a friend referred you as to what he felt was the best Bankruptcy attorney in South Florida. During my initial consultation, you gave me the advice of an experienced attorney handling Bankruptcy.

I want to tell you, your office has exceptional control handling correspondence and answering all of my questions throughout the length of my case. Answering every time I visited your office, through e-mails by you even one time was on a Sunday night at 9PM. You gave me the best service an attorney can provide a client.

As far as I am concerned, you are the Best Bankruptcy attorney in the State of Florida.

Thank you Tim, your friend always,

Abelardo M

(November 2011)

Good evening Mr. Kingcade!

Everything went quickly and smooth today at court. Thanks very much to you and your staff. Everyone at your office has been very helpful and a delight to deal with. It feels wonderful to finally be debt free!!!



(November 2011)

Good afternoon Mr. Kingcade,

I would like to thank you and your staff for assisting me with through bankruptcy process.
I sincerely appreciate your time,

Tony P.

(November 2011)

Hi Mr. Kingcade: Thank you very much for all your help regarding my case. It worked out perfectly!!!!

I'm referring a friend to you.....I'm sure she's going to be happy to work you in the same professional manner.

She is going to call today and ask for an appointment.


Mercedes C.

(November 2011)

Hi Tim,

In February 2011 I received the final discharge for bankruptcy that you did for me. After ridding myself of the three bad real estate investments that crushed me financially, I am financially solvent again. I just wanted to say thanks because my recovery has been faster than I ever imagined. You are the best!!!!

Ed F.

(November 2011)

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy was not an easy one for me, but Tim Kingcade helped to dispel my fears by always being available to meet to address my concerns. His staff is highly professional and capable and treated me with utmost respect. I am so grateful to have a fresh start and highly recommend the services of Kingcade Garcia McMaken!

Karen D.

(November 2011)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

I did my bankruptcy case in your office about one year ago and I was very happy with the service provided, especially after presenting my case to you and you demonstrating how the previous lawyer I went to had not helped me at all. I am now ready to buy a property and I want to hire you because you are the only attorney I trust.

Thank you.

Nora D.

(October 2011)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

I would like to thank you and your team for assisting me with my bankruptcy. I recently received my discharge letter. In the end, it came out just like you said and I appreciate the excellent advice that you gave to me.

Thank you very much,

Joy F.

(October 2011)

Very efficient. Every question was always answered. I have nothing negative to say about the way I was treated as a client. It was smooth sailing.

Thank you,

L. Rod

(October 2011)

Mr. Kingcade is a great guy and he is very informative. He makes you feel at ease and you can believe whatever he says will happen trust it will happen. I will truly recommend him to anyone.

Sonia R.

(October 2011)

Thorough, responsive, effective and reasonable; it was a pleasure working with Tim and his team.

M. Walrath

(October 2011)

My lawyer was very compassionate, human, and was always on top of things... He always responded promptly despite where he is that any concerns, questions, or issues via email... Excellent professional team of stuff.

Hector H.

(October 2011)

Por toda la buena informacion que ustedes ofresen y el buen servicio que no podria ser mejor ,muchas pero muchas gracias por todo y que sigan siendo los mejores.Yo los voy a recomendar con mis amistades por el buen servicio que me han dado ami, gracias otravez.

Cervantes E.

(October 2011)

Excellent service and courteous staff...will recommend!

R. Roland

(October 2011)

Kingcade and Garcia is the way to go!

Annette T.

(October 2011)

Great experience overall! My case was well put together & went through with no problems.

Nick C.

(October 2011)

Kingcade Garcia McMaken is the best and was able to resolve our problems in such a short time and thanks to Kingcade Garcia McMaken today we can live with peace and tranquility.

Argentina B.

(October 2011)

the way they follow my case was very professional. The appointment on time and answering my questions correctly without pressure with the time. The case was successfully solved I would recommend to my family and friends.


(October 2011)

Hi Mr. Kingcade- My name is Fernando and you helped me with my bankruptcy. I just want to tell you thank you very much! You and your team have been very professional and very helpful during all this time. Thank you for your prompt response, I keep recommending you to everyone that is in my same type of situation. Fernando V.

(September 2011)



(September 2011)

Dear Mr Kingcade

I want to let you know how pleased my husband and I have been through this process of bankruptcy with Kingcade. We found so much professionalism with all the persons we needed to contact and this process that at the beginning we thought was going to be extremely stressful went through very smoothly.

Roberto T./Marielly R.

(September 2011)

After visiting several bankruptcy firms, I was able to find the one that not only answered all my questions but was able to provide me with the professionalism and knowledge that I was looking for. Mr Kingcade and his staff have been extremely helpful before and after my Chapter 7 was discharged. They made the process really easy and made me feel very comfortable. Up to today, over a year after my discharge, the exceptional customer service has surpassed my expectations. I, honestly and with no hesitation, recommend this firm to anyone that might need his services.

Yaquelin L.

(September 2011)

Dear Timothy:

I just wanted to give you thanks for all you have done for me.....

Isabel B.

(September 2011)

I want to thank Mr. Kingcade and his staff for resolving my delicate case. My case was very complicated and another attorney that I had overcharged me and couldn't solve my problems.

This was long year, but once Mr. Kingcade got involved my case started going the way he promised. He told me that my case would get resolved by Sept. 30 and I actually got my letter on Sept 12. This was the best day of my life, and he made it happen. He always answered my emails and questions.

My life has started over and in the process I have learned so much.

I am the type of person that always trusted in people, after what happened to me I stopped trusting, Mr. Kingcade has been the one person that I truly can trust.

Thank you for everything, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Susana Q.

(September 2011)

Mr. Kingcade,

Thanks for your patience in answering all my doubts/questions. I appreciate it, this situation is kind of difficult. I do have to say that you and everyone at your office have been more than kind and very professional.

Thank you,

Leslie J.

(August 2011)

Bankruptcy with Kingcade Garcia McMaken was a very straight forward process. Just my initial consultation with Mr. Kingcade, later on a couple of visits at his office for routine paperwork signing, my day at court, done deal. I did both, my personal and business bankruptcy, all at once. He has been very helpful, personally , answering a lot of emails about concerns I had, even after my discharge, at no extra fee for it.

Definitely would recommend his services. Congrats for his staff as well.


(August 2011)

Hello Mr. Kingcade:

First of all I wanted to thank you for handling my case so professionally. I am proud to say that I am a very happy customer. On Monday, I went to my meeting with the creditor and everything went perfect because of your preparation. Thanks for everything and I am looking forward to my "new life" without debt.

Alain D.

(August 2011)

Timothy Kingcade & Team,

We received our letter of discharge and can finally see freedom. We would like to thank you for your patience, flexibility and consistency in providing excellent customer service. It takes a great leader to lead a strong team and you and your team have proven to be one. We have and will continue to recommend your office.

Wishing you a thriving 2011-2012,

Yariz S.

(August 2011)

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Kingcade's firm for the support while filing my husband's bankruptcy. They take you step by step, never leave you during the process and the personnel in the office are great. They helped my husband and family get through this.

We recommend the firm to everybody!

Amelia S.

(August 2011)

Dear Mr. Kingcade:

I recently received the discharge of my case from the bankruptcy court. I would like to thank both you and your staff for assisting me throughout this process. Your staff functioned in a very professional manner, and I will definitely continue recommending your office to my friends and co-workers because Kingcade "sabe".

Hector A.

(August 2011)

Attorney Kingcade,

Last week was our final appointment and everything went very well. I want to thank you because your staff is awesome.

Thank you,

(August 2011)

Bankruptcy is not an easy task. It took me at least a month to retain a bankruptcy attorney who I felt had my best interests at hand. Timothy Kingcade proved to be just that. I am very pleased and grateful with the Kingcade and Garcia. The staff was very courteous every step of the bankruptcy process and always followed up with me. They made me feel at ease and were very knowledgeable in their field. The fee was fair and they work within your budget depending on your circumstances. Thanks to them I was debt free in only four months!!! Now I can have the peace of mind that I so desperately needed.

- F. Sanchez

(August 2011)

Mr. Kingcade and Team,
I am 100% satisfied with you and your staff's services, the entire experience was fast and easy; Keep up with the good work and many blessings for all.

- Patricia R.

(July 2011)

Mr. Kingcade was knowledgeable, compassionate, informative and personable. I was able to contact him directly through email whenever I needed his assistance or had any questions in general. His staff is friendly, well trained and on top of things. He not only helped me with my financial issues, but he put my mind at ease through the process. His services were worth every cent and then some. Why go with the rest, when you can go with the best?

Charles Y.

(July 2011)

Tim is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable and any time I had a question or concern I was immediately put at ease - Tim is the best!


(July 2011)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,

I very much appreciate your help with my bankruptcy. After all this time of stress and worry due to my financial problems, I can finally let out a sigh of relief knowing that I have another chance to start anew.

Thank you very much to you and your staff.

B. De Luna,

(July 2011)

From start to finish Timothy Kingcade and his staff are true professionals. They took me thru a very difficult point in my financial life and gave me a fresh start. I definitely recommend Mr. Kingcade and his firm.

Best Regards,

Joe F.

(July 2011)

A very warm THANK YOU to all of you with my bankruptcy!!!!!!!!

All the best!

Sandy C.

(June 2011)

Before choosing Kingcade I visited 4 other attorneys who "specialize" in bankruptcy. From our first meeting I knew I was in the right place. I have friends who are dealing with "discount" law firms, and they got/are getting what they paid for-No Service and No Attention To Details or to Your Concerns. I did not meet one person in the Kingcade office which was not professional and helpful. With an issue that was so important to my future, I could not afford to be anywhere else, and could not have felt more comfortable throughout the whole process.


(June 2011)

Mr. Kingcade and his staff are all very qualified and knowledgeable people. They treat you with respect and always are looking out for your best interest. I highly recommended Mr. Kingcade and his firm.

Rick R.

(May 2011)

Everything worked out in our favor. Thanks for your advice. I very much value you as an excellent attorney and will certainly have you in mind if I ever need one again. Thanks again for your concern.

Yarix S.

(May 2011)

hello all,
Many thanks for the phone call really brought a much needed lift to my day :-)

I wanted to thank you and the office for all of your help, support, and guidance with this whole bankruptcy process. I have lost a few hairs and gained a few pounds from stress, but very excited and grateful that my case has come to a close and that all is well. If there is anything else that is needed from me, please let me know. Again, many thanks for all of your help and for seeing me all the way through this complicated process.

Have a nice weekend,
Delfin B.

(April 2011)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,

Thank you very much for helping us in our bankruptcy. Our lives have returned to normal and our finances are in check.

Rick G.

(April 2011)

Hi Tim,

This is Eileen sending you and your staff a BIG THANK YOU for helping me. I had heard so many horror stories from people at work who are filing bankruptcy and I just wanted all of you to know how much I appreciate all that has been done for me by your law firm. Please thank your entire staff for me. I know I can count on you in the future. Thank you, again.


(March 2011)

Mr. Kingcade,

I cannot imagine how you give such great service to your clients with your plate so full and the responsibilities of your business. Your office is always full and you always answered me consistently and promptly. I do take my hat off. You the man!


(March 2011)

Fue enviado por la Corte el 01/31/2011, lo comunique via telefonica a su oficina, estoy eternamente agradecida con usted, y todo su equipo, quienes bien profesionales me ayudaron a resolver este gran problema, y no me cansare de recomendarlos a todas las personas que lo necesiten Feliz dia.

Soraya R.

(March 2011)

When you visit a bankruptcy office there is an initial sense of embarrassment and shame, but somehow the team at Kingcade Garcia McMaken make you feel nothing less than comfortable and assure you that everything is going to be okay.

Susie B.

(March 2011)

The service was outstanding! The staff at Kingcade Garcia McMaken was courteous and helpful, and the lawyers were available, supportive and knowledgeable.

Franklyn G.

(March 2011)

The firm was always responsive to my questions and open to issues regarding my case. Exceptional Service!!!

William C.

(March 2011)

Dear Timothy,

You were so instrumental in helping us get back on our feet. And for that we are forever grateful. We have been building assets and living comfortable again. No More Debt!

Bonnie L.

(March 2011)

As a scared single mother of a 3 year old I felt my life tumble down after my divorce. I was losing everything. When the recession hit, I lost my job. Bill collectors were calling me and threatening me to take everything. I was so scared and hopeless I felt like my life at 30 was ending with all this debt while battling a child support case at the same time. My father had seen Kingcade's commercial and told me to give it a try and call. From the first day I heard his voice on the phone I have had tranquility and peace in my life again. He has always answered my calls, emails offering advice, help and support after my case has been settled. This is the kind of person you never forget, this is a person that will mark your life forever because he will hold your hand and walk you through the difficult times.

Timothy, thank you I will never have enough time or words to express my gratitude for bringing me out of my darkest times.

Lina C.

(February 2011)

Hello Timothy,

Thank you for your diligent and successful work to get my Chapter 7 finalized. You and your office personnel did an outstanding job!

Javier R.

(February 2011)

I'd like thank to the team of Kingcade and Garcia, attorney at law for professional practice. I had filed bankruptcy last year and everything went very well since.

Best Regards,

Panida M.

(February 2011)

Hello Mr Kingcade,

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for all your work and help during my bankruptcy case, I got my final decree about a week ago,

Thank You,

Michael P.

(February 2011)

Mr. Kingcade,

First and foremost I want to thank you and your staff for providing me with the most helpful and professional help available. I will continue to be a strong advocate of your services.

Again, thank you for all your help,

Rick R.

(February 2011)

As a single mother of a three year old toddler, debt seemed to accumulate faster than ever. I heard of Mr. Kingcade through some of my co-workers and decided to give bankruptcy a shot. When I walked into Mr. Kingcade's office for the first time, I immediately knew things would be okay. From the initial consultation, Mr. Kingcade replied to every email and telephone call. There was never a problem or hesitation when it came to any of my questions or concerns. When my car was repossessed after my initial filing of my bankruptcy, Mr. Kingcade was in court within two days and successfully retrieved my car. Mr. Kingcade is not only courteous, but professional and efficient. Without his help, I would be drowning, like most Americans, in debt. He is trust worthy and someone I can and will confide in for years to come.

Thank you Mr. Kingcade!


(February 2011)

I want to say thank you for all your advice and work on my case. I'm 100% satisfied with your service and the results. :)


Haidy R.

(February 2011)

Good Morning Mr. Kingcade,

I would like to thank you and your office staff for all your assistance pertaining to my case which has recently been settled and discharged.


Alexander C.

(February 2011)

Dear Tim,

Thank you very much for all your help in my bankruptcy. The whole experience was quite pleasant. I just received the discharge from the Court. I have sent many of my friends to you because you did such a great job.

Thanks again!

Jacquie S.

(February 2011)

I cannot forget how desperate I was when I arrived in Mr. Kingcade's office for the first time. We found this law office in one of our sleepless nights, when trying to find answers on the internet. We were

desperate: covered in debts and trapped in a lawsuit where even our own lawyers were taking advantage of our situation. Mr. Kingcade has been clear since the beginning, explaining which possible solutions we could pursue and how much this would have cost. He gained my trust day after day, showing me he knew exactly what he was doing (that is not to take for granted) and he was not going to leave us alone. I was scared, I had many questions, and I've been sending emails to him almost every day for the first few months. He replied to every single email. In no time. He answered to every single question I had. And everything turned out as he anticipated.

Honestly, I didn't have a great opinion of lawyers in general before meeting Mr. Kingcade. He is not like many others, he is a great lawyer and a great person. Someone you can trust.

Thank You Mr. Kingcade!


(January 2011)

Knowing you're over your head in debt caused by a collapse in the housing market was the most embarrassing and scary thing I have ever faced. I was referred to Mr. Kingcade by another lawyer. That was the best referral in my history. My wife and I met with Mr. Kingcade and the first thing he did was explain that we were not alone and we should not be ashamed of our situation. That was very important to my wife and me. We were offered several options and he recommended the he felt best for us. Everything Mr. Kingcade promised was delivered and more. Time has passed and we have rebuilt our credit and our lives. We have recovered from our problems because of his help and will never forget what this attorney did for us and the positive impact he had on our lives. Thank you, again Mr. Kingcade.

Jeff C.

(January 2011)

The hearing went smooth... I am very pleased with your staff and the services you provided me. I will be referring more clients your way!


Lesley M.

January (2011)

Mr. Kingcade,

Thank you very much for your excellent service and your wonderful staff, and for handling my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case.


Anna B.

(January 2011)

Mr. Kingcade,

First and foremost I want to thank you and your staff for providing me with the most helpful and professional help available. I will continue to be a strong advocate of your services.

Again, thank you for all your help.

-Rick R.

(January 2011)

Dear Tim,

You helped me so much by filing my bankruptcy and I want to thank you so much for all you do. You are a true BLESSING to me and my family and to GOD, Mr. Kingcade. I know that I will see you, soon.

Many blessing to you and your family,

Dayna E.W.

(January 2011)

I found the whole experience to be pleasant and the thought of going through it was most unsettling, but everyone at K & G made it easy on me.

Blessings to all of you at K & G!

Mindy T.

(January 2011)
Hi Timothy!

I am done with the case and just received the discharge. Your team was very helpful and kind every step of the way for me. I am so happy I chose you to represent me. I am looking forward to a great 2011!!!!

Thanks again,

Roger D.

(January 2011)
Dear Mr. Kingcade:

Just wanted to thank you and express my sincere appreciation for everything you have done for me now that my bankruptcy is over and approved.

Happy New Year to you, your loved ones and your staff.


Gabe G.

Good morning Mr. Kingcade- (January 2011)

Thank you so much for your help thus far in our bankruptcy and for all the assistance and guidance of your very pleasant staff. We are so happy to start the New Year with no debts. You have no idea of the load you took from the shoulders of my husband and me. We feel like we are starting life over!!!

Thanks again for your help.

Lydia and Julio C.

(December 2010)

Hi Tim, hope you are well. We just finished our meeting and feel all went well and want to thank you, all the ladies in your office for so kindly assisting us throughout the whole process.

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Lydia and Julio

Dear Tim, (December 2010)

My wife & I would like to say thanks to you and your staff. Your systematic process was perfect. Our entire case took less than 2 minutes in court. We know we made the right decision from the moment we met you.

Antonio P.

Good morning Tim, (December 2010)

We filed bankruptcy and received our discharge. All is complete and we have begun rebuilding. Thanks to you and your staff for your assistance. Thanks and happy holidays to you, your family and your staff.


Rick C.

Good morning Mr. Kingcade- (December 2010)

I got my discharge yesterday, for which I'm very happy. You always answered all of my questions by email so quickly and the service was excellent.

Anabelle T.

Tim, (December 2010)

Thank you for all of your help and support. My wife and I finally feel at peace this holiday season after our bankruptcy has been approved.

Abelardo M.

Mr. Kingcade: (December 2010)

Thank you for everything you did for us. We will be forever grateful. May God continue to bless your family, your health and your firm always.

Happy Holidays,

John & Alina

Timothy, (December 2010)

I received my discharge last Thursday I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help. It was a surprisingly pleasant process with all of the help of you and your staff.

Happy holidays.

Good Afternoon Mr. Kingcade (December 2010)

Thank you for your support and your staff's during this difficult process. The professionalism and kindness displayed in every aspect is appreciated.

Happy Holidays to you and your family,

Patty V.

December (2010)

Thank you, Tim. I cannot describe how grateful I am for the professionalism that you and your team have shown me the past two years. I heartily wish you happy holidays and an incredible New Year.


Manuel G.

Kingcade (December 2010)

My bankruptcy hearing went just fine this morning. Many thanks to you and your wonderful staff who helped me along the way.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you.


Hi Timothy, (November 2010)

Just wanted to thank you for your representation in my bankruptcy. I am really happy and satisfied with what you and your office did, you are truly a pro and your staff is very efficient and professional. I have been, and will continue to refer other clients to you.

Thanks again and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday,


Dear Tim, (November 2010)

Thank you very much for the fine work.

Confronting financial difficulties and moving forward has been trying and very emotional. From the get go it has been extremely comforting to speak with you each time and be guided through the process. You and your staff are top notch and I can't say enough about how much better I felt each time after leaving your office or speaking with you or your staff.

Your grasp and knowledge of the process and your read of my situation and the likely outcome was amazing and spot on.

It's hard to believe that this is over and the results so fantastic. It's just starting to sink in and I can feel the burden and worries I have been carrying melting away. I am very grateful to have received such knowledgeable, professional and caring service.

All the best to you and your staff.

Thanks again,

Hello Mr. Kingcade, (November 2010)

I just received my discharge of debts letter from the courts.
Thanks again Mr. Kingcade for your help with my bankruptcy process.


Good evening, Mr. Kingcade: (October 2010)

I went already to court on Sep. 8 of this year and waiting for the release by next month.

I will always be thankful to your firm and the group of lawyers that helped me out during this hard transition in my life.

May God Bless you All,


Dear Mr. Kingcade, (October 2010)

I have received my discharge today and would like to thank you, Jessica, and your wonderful staff for job well done. I have been dealing with several attorneys in past and present but I have not seen an attorney like you, honest, respond quickly, and have an excellent professional staff with a lot of knowledge and efficiency.

Best regards,

Tony E.

Good afternoon Dr. Kingcade, (October 2010)

I would like to thank you so much for the positive outcome of the case :)
I really appreciate your dedication and the dedication of your staff.

Thank you so much again,

Nohemy P.

Heriberto (October 2010)

The U.S. recession is taking it's toll. It is affecting people from all walks of life and it does not discriminate. I have formed part of this statistic, and have lost my home to foreclosure. Also, after 20 years with my employer I have been forced to cut my work hours. My bills started adding up and I needed help to once again stand up on my own feet. I researched the internet for bankruptcy and came upon Kingcade Garcia McMaken. Just the thought of having to visit a bankruptcy attorney was a bit embarrassing for me. However, once I entered their office I was actually amazed to see I was not the only person in financial crisis. The office personnel was always courteous & all my calls and emails were answered promptly. In three months time my case was filed and closed. I would say that what makes Kingcade Garcia McMaken, PA stand out would be their concern & communication with their clientele. I travel out of the country for work. I would send an email to Kingcade Garcia McMaken from Europe before departing to the US, and by the time I was back in the US, my email was answered.


Heriberto G.

Rolondo (October 2010)

Dear Mr. Kingcade, Jessica and all those who assisted:

I wanted to take a moment to thank each one of you for all your assistance in my Bankruptcy case. September 29, President Johnson said," An error does not have to become a mistake unless one is not willing to correct it". All of you have allowed me the opportunity to correct my mistakes. I have been afforded the opportunity to start over and for that I am truly grateful. I can now begin the slow process of forgiving myself. I just wanted you to know that this client appreciates your efforts. I wish you all the best. Please forward this to all who were involved.

Best regards to all,

Rolando V.

Simon (July 2010)

Mr. Kingcade,

I received a letter from the Bankruptcy Court with a discharge notice in chapter 7 and that the case is now closed . I am writing you to personally thank you for your great help . I remember the first time I went into your office and you tried to help me in different ways, but the main one was "take it easy and do not worry, I will help you ."

Simon Z.

Raul (July 2010)

Good morning Tim,

I'm writing to thank everyone at Kingcade Garcia McMaken for their hard work, professionalism and service. We got our discharge papers yesterday from the court. My wife and I are so relieved. We wanted personally thank Jessica, Tina and everyone in your office we ever had the pleasure to deal with regarding our case. We greatly appreciate everything that was done on our behalf.

Thank you again you have no idea how grateful and relieved we are at this moment.

Thank you again.


Raul J.

Marcus (July 2010)


I received the letter confirming the Chapter 7 discharge. I want to thank you and your staff for their efforts. Before I hired your law firm, I visited 3 other attorneys and all of them said that Chapter 7 was impossible for me to attain because of my previous financial status. I guess that is the difference between a mediocre attorney and a talented one.

Thank you once again,

Marcus E.

Ileana (July 2010)

Thanks for all your patience and professionalism, you really are the best!

Take care,

- Ileana F.

Jackie (July 2010)

Thank you so much Mr. Kingcade. You are an amazing attorney. I don't think there is another like you. You and your staff are always available and extremely helpful. Wow! I have been so impressed by the way your office handled my case, especially the speed of email response of you, Tina and Jessica. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs a bankruptcy attorney.

-Jackie B.

Gary (June 2010)

Hey Tim,
The bankruptcy expertise that you gave was awesome! We were well informed every step of the way...Kudos!!!

- Gary

Enrique (June 2010)

Hi Tim,

I received the discharge letter. The case is over and I just wanted to thank you again for your help with over the last several months and with this very difficult process.

Best of luck with everything.



Norma (May 2010)

Mr. Kingcade,
We came to your office feeling lost and out of options for our financial future. We were owners of a company that we had put all our savings in and had gotten into a 100,000 debt in trying to save, hoping a miracle would appear and that things would be back to normal. The economy had given us a slap in the face and it was time to accept our situation. You made us feel at ease from the moment we met you, you reassured us that our situation had a way out. The whole process from the start was smooth, your staff was always there to answer questions and concerns. You always replied to our emails immediately. You gave us a new start. You also gave us the tools to not fall into this situation again. Thank you for all your help. We are truly grateful and will not hesitate to recommend your office.
- Norma

(March 2010)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,
I am happy to report that my case went very smoothly. The case went just as you said it would. Thank you for all of your advice.

SPWS (January 2010)

Tim: I just learned that I was discharged by the Court on Monday. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks to you, and Jessica, Tina, Cristy and all of your staff, for all of your excellent work and effort on behalf. I would also like to say thank you for all of your patience during this process.

Best regards,

(March 2010)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,
I am happy to report that my case went very smoothly. The case went just as you said it would. Thank you for all of your advice.

Maria (May 2010)

Mr. Kingcade:

Thank you for your support throughout this process. I really appreciate your prompt responses to my emails. You truly treat your clients well, this is unheard of in this century we live in..



Juan (May 2010)

Thanks, Mr. Kingcade for all of your advice. "You 'da man!"


Rene (May 2010)

Good Morning Timothy,

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the way you and your staff handled my situation. I know I am just one client but in all my professional years the behavior stems from the top and you have definitely displayed your strong professional and honor towards THE CLIENT. THANK YOU !!!


Ray & Martha (May 2010)

Mr. Kingcade,

Thank you for recent advice and outstanding customer service. Your personal attention and sincere willing to help us through our difficult times is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again,

Ray & Martha

Brian (May 2010)

Good Morning Mr. Kingcade

I'm finally done with my case and I wanted to thank you and your staff. Your firm has been nothing but TOP NOTCH from the first day.

I'm a Very Grateful Client



Elijah & Angela (April 2010)

Good Afternoon Mr. Kingcade,

Hope you are doing well... I wanted to reach out to you and thank you and your firm for your assistance during our bankruptcy matter. I really wanted to this opportunity to thank one of your employees for thier diligence and thier ability to always be available to answer all of our questions. They has been a tremendous help to my husband and myself and I thought it was very important to let you know what a great associate you have working for you. We felt it was very important to point her out to you and show our gratitude.

Thank you again Mr. Kingcade


Elijah and Angela

Kelvin (March 2010)


Now that my case is getting to the end, I want to tell you that you have one of the best staff ever.... Thank you very much for helping me and my family of a new beginning .

God Bless You.

Thank you.


Wayne & Carmen (March 2010)

Mr. Kingcade:

We went through the Trustee process with no apparent glitches. Natalie was as proficient and humane as all the members of your staff we have encountered. In a world of convoluted process and mystifying demands, you and your staff have made our experience efficient and most satisfying.

Our sincerest thanks,
Wayne and Carmen

Perla (March 2010)

Dear Mr. Kingcade and Staff:

I would like to thank all of you for the professional and courteous manner in which your office handled my case. From the initial consultation onward, you and your staff provided me with excellent and accurate service.

I had my court appearance last Friday and all went well. The representing attorney was most helpful and well prepared, as a result, our meeting was promptly adjourned.

Thank you again.
Your sincerely,

Thania (March 2010)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

I hope you are doing very well when you receive this email. I would like to thank you for all your services during our difficult financial time. I know you represent many people in South Florida and have helped them out of financial crisis.

Thanks again for always responding so quickly. I appreciate you and your time. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to hear from you soon.


Maggie (March 2010)

Just wanted to take a moment to let you that you should be very proud of your entire staff, paralegals and attorneys. They made something very difficult for me easier.

Have a great evening.
Best regards, =)

Jackie (February 2010)

Thank you so much for always being there for me. You are an amazing attorney.


Andres (February 2010)

Mr. Kingcade,

I would just like to express my gratitude to you and your staff for helping me get through the bankruptcy process. Everyone on your staff was most helpful in answering my questions and made me feel like I made the right decision using your firm.

I received my discharge letter from the court a few days ago, and feel much relief. Thanks again and if I encounter anyone in need of your services, I will be glad to refer them.


Jillian (February 2010)

Hi Tim!

I went to my meeting and according to Natalie it went very well! She was very nice, please be sure to thank her for me!
Thank you for all of your help and for dealing with my crazy emails!
According to Natalie all I do now is wait for my letter of discharge, which will come after April 19th.


Mauricio & Monica (February 2010)

thank you very much sir for your help, this is the first time i have good experience whit a attorney, i will refer you to my friends, you are a good professional ...

Mauricio & Monica

Alex (March 2010)


I would like to thank you for the smooth Bankruptcy case and rapid service your office provided me..

Thank You

Claudia (March 2010)


Yesterday Cristi, Jessica and Tina were very helpful and supportive! I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are to have found an Attorney like yourself who is surrounded with amazing staff who actually care about their clients!

Thank You, Claudia

Greg (February 2010)

Hello. I hope you're having a wonderful new year. I am very thankful for the new beginning your office has given me. Your office was absolutely wonderful and I have told everybody about you and how wonderful your office is. Thank you very much.

Thank you once again and have a great day,

Jorge & Rosa (March 2010)

We have already been in front of the trustee and should be all done. I do want you to know that I was very very happy with your handling my case and all of your staff. It was a completely different story from when my wife went to see another attorney in Miami, he took her money on a chapter 13 and was never process properly again thank you very much and I will be more then happy to refer anyone to you .

Jorge & Rosa

Ana (January 2010)

That is GREAT NEWS!! I can't thank you all enough for your support and guidance during a very trying time for me. I thank you for your patience with me and giving me peace of mind every time I felt hopeless. I will continue to recommend you to everyone that I can since I know that this world is in need of kind souls like yourselves.

Thank You!!

Tim: Just a quick note to compliment Crystal, Jessica and Mayra for all of their assistance in this process, and say thanks for all of your help as well. Your staff is really excellent.

Best regards,


In that case you have my thanks, and please pass on my thanks to your staff.


Art (November 2009)

Dear Jessica:

You are an angel.
Thank you for Everything, we will keep in touch.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Martha (November 2009)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,
I want to thank you for the great service I received in your office with my bankruptcy. Everyone in the office was very helpful and very professional. My bankruptcy was discharged on August 3, 2009.

Thank you,


Andres (November 2009)

Again, I want to thank you for all that you've done. This was something that I should've done years ago, but like I said before, I believe everything happens for a reason. I'm sure the reason in this situation was to come to your firm for help. I firmly believe that no other firm could've done a better job.

Thank you

Nohora (November 2009)

Hola Dr.:
Queria agradecerle por su trabajo en mi caso. Ya me llego el Final Decree the discharge y de caso cerrado.
De nuevo gracias por todo.


Jeff (November 2009)

Mr. Kingcade,

Thank you very much for helping my wife and myself in these difficult times. It has been very disturbing, and I'm glad it has ended on a positive note. You as well as your staff did a fine, professional job.

Thank you once again,

Myla (November 2009)

Hello Mr. Kingcade and Natalie, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your quick answer. Your company is the best. You really give importance to your clients. Again, thank you.


Pete (November 2009)

Hi Jessica,

I hope you are well and did not get sick eating to many Halloween treats.

I want to also thank you, for answering all my question and not making feel like I was being swept under the rug as the saying goes. I greatly appreciate your helping & caring nature.


William (November 2009)

Mr. Kingcade,

May God bless you and your staff. Thank you for representing me in court and giving me the opportunity to start fresh once again financially. I don't think I can thank you much for your wonderful help. Once again, God Bless and thank you very very much! :)


Daniel (October 2009)

Mr. Kingcade,

I hope all is well. I wanted to thank you for the great job and service your employees have provided up until now. I have no complaints, just good things.


Emanuel (October 2009)

Thanks. You rock.

Raul (October 2009)

Hi Natalie,

My father received the discharge from the court on Friday. He would like to thank you for all that you and your office did for him during the course of the bankruptcy. Friday was the first time in a long time he was able to get a sound sleep, he said, thanks to your efforts.

Thanks again

Michael (October 2009)

Thank you for your quick response and for your assistance through this whole process. You and your firm have done a fantastic job with my case. Although I hope no one close to me is ever in need of your services. I would certainly recommend you to anyone.

You guys are truly making a difference. Keep up the great work!

Indiana (October 2009)


Informing you that I passed by your office today and left a deposit. I am so glad I ran into your commercial and got a chance to sit and speak with you.

Thank you,

Howard (October 2009)

Alexandra and I thank you very much for being so considerate and doing a great job with my case


Melissa (October 2009)

Hola Kingcade no podia dejar de hacerle llegar mi agradecimiento por la gran ayuda que usted me ha dado. No tengo palabras para alagar su buen trabajo simplemente me queda decearle que dios lo vendiga siempre y que siempre sea un buen instrumento de dios.

Una vez mas Gracias, miles de vendiciones, eternamente agradecida,

Andres (October 2009)

Mr. Kingcade,
Once again, I want to thank you for your help, professionalism and expertise with the bankruptcy. This was something I should have taken care of years ago, but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that is why I was led to your office.

Thanks again,

Carmen (September 2009)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

By the way, I recommended you to my friend Nilda Gutierrez and she is very happy with your services.

Thank you and have a great day.

Marlon (September 2009)


Thank you very much for the great work you did related to the bankruptcy for my wife (Lucia Rodriguez) and myself (Michael M. Wilson) earlier this year!

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Lucia (September 2009)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

This is Lucia Rodriguez, Michael Wilson's wife. We recently filed bankruptcy with you and I must say, we are so happy!

Thank you very much for all of your wonderful efforts.

By the way your new commercial is fabulous. I wish you much success as you continue to help people get out of their financial distress.

Thanks again,

Robert (September 2009)

Dear Mr. Kingcade,

You handled my above case and I wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your hard work!!

I appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Best Regards,


Thanks Tim,
Nonetheless, she is very happy about getting this matter off her back.


Tony (August 2009)

Yes Sir ! Very Happy ! Thanks Brother !

Should I record the bankruptcy in the office of recording ?
Also, I'm still interested in canceling my student loan.
Is there anything, at all, that you can do about that ?

Thanks : Tony

Jaime (August 2009)

Thanks mr kingcade your great!!

Sandra (August 2009)

I forgot to tell you thank you very much. You don't know the weight I will be taking off my shoulder and have a fresh start.


Adam (August 2009)


It's over? Done and finished? Just thanks to you and your staff for being so efficient and helpful?


Stephanie (July 2009)

Hi Mr. Kingcade,

Thanks for your help. I have to say you have the best "service" that I've dealt with in a long time. It's very rare to find people like you anywhere in Miami.

Kindest Regards,

Jessica (July 2009)

That is great news!!!

Thanks a lot for all of your help.

Jose (July 2009)

Attorney Kingcade:

Good morning.

On July 29 I went to the bankruptcy trustee interview, Ms. Nathalie was very professional handling all matters.

Also I want to express that Ms. Mayra Gonzalez and Ms.
Tina C. Polimeni were very helpful and valuable in the process; responding accurately to all my concerns in a timeless matter. You have a very well organize system in place and sensitive employees. I would recommend your services to others that unfortunately are going through my same situation.

Have a nice day

Mr. S (July 2009)

Mr. Kingcade and Staff,

Angel Gomez and I would like to thank you and your staff for your help and professionalism with his bankruptcy case which was completed yesterday. Angel was able to obtain his commercial FDL yesterday and GOD willing begin to get back on his feet.

Thank you again,
Mr. S

James (July 2009)


If possible please forward this note of thanks to everyone on your staff who helped me. I appreciate how smoothly everything went and how you all gave me such a sense of calm when I easily could have had a nervous breakdown.

Thank you all so very much!!!!!

All the best,

Candida (July 2009)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

I got the discharge letter today, thank you sooo much!. I feel a weight has been lifted.
I knew I was in good hands. You and your staff are the greatest!!
I will recommend you highly to anyone that needs your services.

God Bless You and take care

Best Regards,

Jeff (July 2009)

Thank you for your patience and great attitude! I will be in touch.

Rosella (July 2009)

Dear Jessica and Kristi,
Our utmost gratitude for all your help, patience and understanding. You were always there for us during this difficult time and there are no words to describe our appreciation.

Carlos and Rosella

Carolyn (July 2009)

Just wanted to thank you for your representation, you and your team have been amazing and very sensitive to my situation. I know you guys do this on a daily basis, but it's nice that you keep in mind that not everyone has gone through this situation.

Thanks again,

Kerry (July 2009)

I would like to thank you for all of your efforts and work on my behalf regarding my bankruptcy.


Steven (July 2009)

Hi Tim,

Thanks for everything with my bankruptcy.


Allan (March 2010)

Dear Tim:

I wanted to thank you for being so damn kind and wonderful with me and my file. :)
Everything went so well....God Bless you and you family.


Damian (July 2009)

Thank you very much, you are truly professional and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend you.

thank you,

Henry (July 2009)

I also wanted to let you know that I received my discharge on June 12th and I wanted to thank you for your services, your staff was very helpful and professional.


Tony (June 2009)

We originally sought your services based upon excellent referrals and your advertisements. However, having had firsthand experience with you and your staff's professionalism and courtesy, we will highly recommend anyone who finds themselves in this most precarious situation. May the Lord continue to prosper you in your endeavor to provide legal services to others who are thrust in this situation.

I am looking forward to a new start, having learned many lessons from this occurrence. We thank you and your staff for providing a new start for our family.


Nisso (June 2009)

Dear Mr. Kingcade:

I like to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for your time yesterday with me and my wife.
It is very comforting to know that in this difficult time in our life there is somebody like you stand besides us.

All the best,
Nissim (Nisso)

Gus and Zuly (March 2009)

Hi Attorney Kingcade:

Gus and I were at your office today for our "signing" with Mayra Gonzalez. I just wanted to let you know she was very efficient and helpful. Thanks for getting us through this tough time.

Gus and Zuly

Etniel S. (May 2009)

Hello Tina and Mr. Kingcade

First thanks for everything again. You guys did an excellent job with my case.


Martha (March 2009)

Mr. Kingcade, I would like to thank you for your help and kindness regarding my ordeal. Rest assure, I will be an advocate and source of referral for your firm. Even tough sometimes it's hard to believe, human kindness still exist. Once again, thank you for your compassion.


Gerardo (November 2008)

Dr. Kingcade or Garcia,

I would like to say thank you for all your help with my bankruptcy. You kept me calm during a very uncertain time.

Again thank you so much.

Annie (September 2008)

My case was filed yesterday and I'm writing just to say thank you and to confirm what I'm sure you already know, Jessica is a great professional!


Robert (June 2007)

Hi Mr. Kingcade,

Thank you for all your help with the bankruptcy. You and your staff are great.
I have a question, I received a couple of bills recently what should I do with them. They were included in the bankruptcy.

Thank you
Robert and Enith


Thanks to both of you for all your help during this process. I appreciate your patience and diligence.



Thank you for everything you have done to see are filing come thru.

Miguel & Linda


Thank you again so much for all your help!
I wish one day I can repay you!

Much Love



I do appreciate all of your help throughout my case.
Thank you for all of your firm's help.



Dear Tim:

Thank you for everything; we will keep in touch.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



Your response is quick, I have not seen this level of service in a company in a while, especially for a Law Firm. I should know, I am in the employment business and work with many companies.

Again, THANK YOU for your help



You are incredibly helpful & diligent.




Ok sorry about all the questions I just get so worried about these things but please thank you for your attention to our situation and personal matters.

God bless you.



We appreciate all the hard work you did to file this case so quickly, considering the large amount of material.
Have a great day.



Thank you for all your help Jessica, and please tell Leisy, Mr. Kingcade, and the rest of the girls in your office, thank you for all of their help. It was a very hard decision to make, and a lot of steps I had to do when I decided to go through with this, and you guys have helped a lot.

Best regards,


Thank you for all your help.






I was a pleasure to finally meet you, if only briefly. Thank you once again
for all your help on my filing.




Becky and I want to thank you for all you've done through this process. It has been very stressful for us and I don't believe we could have done it without you.

Thanks again.
Max and Becky



Thank you Thank you! just received the discharge.
Thanks again for everything.



Thank you so much everyone for your help!!
I really do appreciate everything and will be very happy to refer others to your office.



I do appreciate all that you are doing for us. Again I thank you all for your time and guidance thru this very difficult matter.

Thank you again,


Thank you!

There's not much I can do for you but if you ever need to stay at any Marriott hotel or Ritz-Carlton please let me know so I can help you with the rate :))


You are very "Fast"............

I will bring a check down to your office sometime in the next week. I will have to see what I can get together; hopefully all of it so you can get started.

Thanks for the quick work !



Thank you for the good news. I will pass it on to Mike. Finally I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Juanita (Dawn)


Hi Tim,

Just wanted to say thank you for getting all our papers done yesterday I know you have a lot of work.

Thank you so much.


Hi Tim;

Thanks for the help on Friday at the court house.



Ms. McMaken,

No se imagina como le agradezco su ayuda. Las fechas en las que estoy por fuera son del 4 de Marzo al 16 de Marzo. Cuando necesito pagarle la multa?

Muchas gracias y que Dios la bendiga!


And by the way, thanks so much for your quick response....
Thanks so much, you guys have been great....


Peter & Olga

You are the best! Thank you!

Caridad D

Okay, thank you Tim for all your patience and your help today!! You have been wonderful!!!

Thanks again!!!


Mr. Kingcade and Jessica,

I want to thank you both for all the work that you did on my case.

Thank you,


Jessica muchas gracias por tu excelente atencion.

Cordiales saludos



This is great news!!! Thank you for your prompt response.
Please advice and thank you again and your staff for all your help!

Orlando and Mileivys

Maggie (September 2010)

Hi Mr. Kingcade,

Hope this email finds you well. Everything went well with my bankruptcy and thank you and your staff again for same.

Thank you again,

Best regards,


Marian (September 2010)

Hello Mr. Kingcade,

I thank you for all of your help during my bankruptcy earlier this year. My credit score is now 598 hopefully in the near future I'll be able to qualify for a credit card.


Charitie (September 2010)

Hello and good morning Mr. Kingcade:

I just learned that our case has been discharged as of 9/10/2010. Thank you and your office for all your hard work and efforts in making this possible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Warm regards,


Brian (September 2010)

Mr. Kingcade,

I appreciate all your help. My case came out perfectly. I have referred two clients to you already. Your customer service is the best I've experienced.


Brian J

Claudia (August 2010)

Mr. Kingcade,

"You're a Great attorney!!"


Karla and Jorge (August 2010)

Please accept our gratitude for finishing our bankruptcy process successfully. Thank you so much.

Karla B. & Jorge B.

Jose (August 2010)

Good morning Timothy,

I was very pleased with the way my case was handled by your office. Everything went through without a hitch as you said. I am recommending you to anyone that needs a bankruptcy or foreclosure lawyer.


Jose A.

Williams P. (August 2010)

Mr. Kingcade, you always give a fast email response and excellent customer service. Miami needs more professionals like you. Thanks a lot. You are really efficient.

Williams P.

Stephanie Y. (August 2010)

Dear Timothy,

I wanted to say thank you to and your staff I feel such a relief and i am thrilled I was able to keep my properties. It was a great experience working with you. Have a great day!

Stefanie Y.

Jessica M. (July 2010)

Thank you ever so much. We are indebted to you, Mr. Kingcade and the rest of team for helping us regain our lives free of debt.

Jessica M.

(February 2014)