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How Bankruptcy Affects Your Property And Wealth

Losing their homes, assets and property is the number-one concern we hear from our clients at Kingcade Garcia McMaken It is important to realize that disclosing your assets to the bankruptcy court and filing for bankruptcy protection does not necessarily mean that you will lose your property. Many people who file for bankruptcy are able to keep most or all of their assets.

Our Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers Are Here To Help You Protect Your Assets

At the Miami law office of Kingcade Garcia McMaken, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers work with clients who have significant income and assets, as well as people who have very little to disclose. Since we began operating in 1996, we have helped thousands of people obtain the debt relief they need through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. We offer the following information regarding bankruptcy and your property and wealth:

Learn More About Keeping Your Property In Bankruptcy

When you schedule a free initial consultation at Kingcade Garcia McMaken, you will meet with an attorney who will help you analyze your financial needs. We can assist you in identifying the best way to keep your assets, and manage your finances and properties in the face of serious challenges. Contact Kingcade Garcia McMaken, online or by phone at 305-285-9100.

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