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How Can Chapter 7 Help Small Businesses?

Small business owners often come to Kingcade Garcia McMaken to find relief from business debts. Many of our clients are professionals who provide services, such as accountants, architects, lawyers, real estate brokers, electricians and plumbers. With no hard assets, it can be difficult to keep a business running as lines of credit, loans and other forms of debt begin to accumulate. Our goal is get you back to selling services and not paying overhead costs. While you may be hesitant to file bankruptcy with an SBA loan, don’t be.

Let Us Help You Rejuvenate Your Business

You are your company’s most valuable asset, and our job is to find the best way to help rejuvenate your sluggish business, so you can focus on providing the quality service your customers expect. Usually, we use a combination of discharging debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy and reorganizing your business to cut out unnecessary costs. For many small businesses, the time and costs associated with filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy does not make it a realistic choice. Florida small businesses are increasingly choosing Chapter 7 as the most effective option.

Contact Us Today

To find out how we can help you find debt relief and take back control of your finances, contact our attorneys online or by phone at 305-285-9100 for a free consultation. Our law firm has helped more than 15,000 people and small businesses get the bankruptcy answers and support they need.

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