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Discrimination Due To Filing Bankruptcy

Many people are worried about the impact a bankruptcy filing could have on their careers. It is important to be aware of an anti-discrimination provision that is present in every bankruptcy filing. If your job requires a professional license, you cannot be denied licensure following a bankruptcy filing.

At Kingcade Garcia McMaken, we advise many professionals throughout the bankruptcy process and ensure that their rights are protected. Whether you are a nurse, lawyer, doctor, architect or any other professional requiring a license, you cannot be discriminated against for filing bankruptcy.

You Cannot Be Fired For Filing Bankruptcy

While you cannot be denied a government job based on a bankruptcy filing, you could be denied employment by a private company. However, if you were already employed when you filed, your employer may not terminate your employment because of the bankruptcy.

These stipulations can be confusing. Many clients come to our firm for answers to their questions about bankruptcy discrimination, as well as representation following mistreatment by an employer. Our attorneys also assist clients who have been wrongly denied student loans after bankruptcy filings.

Learn More In A Free Consultation

Contact our Miami lawyers at Kingcade Garcia McMaken to arrange a free initial consultation. If we determine you were a victim of bankruptcy discrimination, we will fight for compensation for all relevant damages including lost wages and punitive damages.

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