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Trying To Choose Between Debt Settlement And Bankruptcy?

Debt settlement companies in Florida are often unregulated businesses that claim to be able to help clients negotiate lower payments and get back on track. While some of these businesses make good-faith efforts to help people in financial crisis, others are simply trying to profit off the struggles of hard-working Miami families. Even in the best cases, the services and results they provide are very different from the work that can be done by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

At Kingcade Garcia McMaken our focus is on creating long-term, sustainable solutions for Miami clients to help you eliminate your debt and build a better financial future. We have helped more than 15,000 clients use bankruptcy to stop creditor harassment, eliminate debt and rebuild a sound financial future.

What Is The Best Way To Resolve Your Debt?

Unmanageable credit card payments and skyrocketing interest rates affect thousands of people throughout Dade County. It is easy to recognize when a financial crisis is seriously impacting your life, but there are a lot of choices on how to proceed. Some people choose to do nothing and suffer the consequence. Others choose to seek the help of unregulated debt settlement companies.

These companies claim to be able to reduce your debt, when what they are often actually doing is collecting your payments into a war chest so they can offer debtors a lump sum. Other potential problems with debt settlement companies include:

  • They may not be able to negotiate the best deal.
  • Creditors can choose not to deal with the settlement companies.
  • They are not regulated.
  • There are many scams associated with debt settlement companies.

People who instead choose to work with an experienced and proven bankruptcy attorney have more dependable options. As your lawyer, we can put the weight of the courts behind your plan and immediately end collections calls, build a plan to eliminate dischargeable debt and create a long-term solution that protects you now and in the future.

Unlike debt settlement, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate debt without the need for repayment while protecting the property and wealth that’s most important to your family.

You Are Not Alone

Every day clients throughout Miami struggle with the question of how to make ends meet. Make sure that when you choose a partner to help you manage your finances, you work with a professional that can build a complete plan that creditors have to work with. Contact our Miami bankruptcy professionals at Kingcade Garcia McMaken for a free consultation and case review.

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