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How Social Security constraints can lead to debt problems

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Debt Relief

Many people in Florida and across the country might reasonably believe that they are adequately protected financially once they qualify for benefits under programs administered by the Social Security Agency.

Foremost among those initiatives, of course, is the SSA retirement program that scores of millions of Americans have qualified for over decades by dutifully contributing a portion of their wages over a requisite qualifying period.

Another SSA-administered program that helps many Americans is Social Security Disability. Like the agency’s retirement program, qualifying requirements are imposed as a prerequisite that must be met before any benefits can be conferred under SSD.

Many people likely believe that, once earned and with eligibility confirmed, such benefits are permanently ensured.

In fact, that is a mistaken assumption. Retirement and disability benefits can be curtailed for a number of reasons, with obviously adverse financial effects being visited upon affected individuals and families when they are.

As noted in a recent media article on the nexus between government benefit cuts and material debt-related difficulties, awarded benefits can be slashed for myriad reasons. If a debtor is far behind on student loan repayments (even in the retirement years), he or she might suddenly find a portion of a government check garnished to pay back creditors. The same can be true when debtors owe money for child support, a home mortgage or alimony.

And, with SSD recipients, a post-award health assessment could reverse an eligibility ruling, which would obviously yield materially adverse effects for most claimants relying upon disability assistance.

Any person with debt-related problems stemming from any source — including curtailed government benefits that target unpaid bills — might reasonably want to contact a proven debt-relief attorney for prompt and candid advice.


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