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October 2016 Archives

When wage garnishment pushes you to the brink, we can help

No matter your line of work, no matter how much you earn, there is no better feeling than logging into your online bank account on Friday morning to see that your employer has deposited your paycheck. That's because this bi-weekly cash influx means that you're instantly in a better position to save, spend or stay the course in paying your bills.

Chapter 7 and the reality of having 'no assets'

As we've established on our blog, Chapter 7 bankruptcy enables those individuals facing serious financial difficulties to secure a much-needed fresh start. To recap, the process involves a bankruptcy trustee liquidating certain non-exempt assets and applying any income derived through the sale of these assets toward unsecured debts with any remaining balance being discharged.

Threat of foreclosure still very real in some parts of Florida

The last few years have seen Florida's residential real estate market undergo a miraculous recovery. Indeed, the influx of qualified buyers looking to capitalize on record low housing prices in the wake of the recession coupled with improving economic conditions and rising wages has served to fuel demand and create greater overall stability in the housing sector.  

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