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March 2016 Archives

Why are some millennials struggling with credit card debt?

While making the transition from teenager to adult has always been difficult, it could reasonably be argued that today's younger generation -- otherwise known as millennials -- is facing considerably more difficult circumstances than their predecessors. Indeed, the job market is still tough, student loan debt is near all-time highs and the cost of living continues to increase throughout much of the nation.

Report: Florida continues to rank high for foreclosure activity

Back in January, our blog discussed a report from one data analytics group examining the state of the foreclosure market in 2015. Here, the report concluded that while the scars of 2010's foreclosure crisis had largely healed, it's effects were still lingering in many states -- including Florida.

Understanding more about Chapter 7 and your vehicle - II

Last time, we started discussing how those with concerns about having to hand over assets as part of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process must understand that the law sets forth certain bankruptcy exemptions that enable filers to retain most or even all of their property.

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