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June 2011 Archives

Lender offers some homeowners incentives to agree to short sales

In recent times, reports have arisen indicating that foreclosure proceedings are generally taking a longer time to be completed. This brings up a question: is this trend affecting how mortgage lenders react to homeowners being behind on a mortgage?

Some recent graduates view debt as a positive

A recent study looked at college graduate attitudes regarding debt, and found that for some younger people debt is actually looked at in a positive light. And while for now some of these people may be thinking that their student loan and credit card debt empowers them, in the future those same graduates may find themselves in tough financial situations and challenges due to that debt.

Debt collection company accused of deceptive practices

Dealing with debt can be difficult. It can be made even more difficult when debt collectors engage in deceptive or abusive practices. Consumers can suffer great harm when they are subjected to these wrongful practices. Thus, it is important for debt collection companies to make sure to not engage in such practices when attempting to collect money from consumers.

Underwater rates still high in Miami-Dade County and Florida

The happenings in the economy in recent years have had many effects on individuals in Miami-Dade County and Florida as a whole. They have led to many consumers facing problems with mortgage debt. One mortgage problem a consumer can face is being underwater on a mortgage.

Florida couple takes actions against bank

Consumers can be greatly impacted when lenders file foreclosure actions against them. Thus, one would hope that mortgage lenders would do everything they reasonably could to make sure that they only bring such actions against a homeowner when it is proper. Recently, a mistaken foreclosure action led to an interesting role reversal. Specifically, it led to a mortgage lender being threatened with a seizure of assets for failing to pay a debt.

FTC shuts down Florida-based debt relief scammers

People dealing with substantial debt problems may be vulnerable to scam artists seeking to take advantage of them financially. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently shut down two such debt negotiation companies. The two companies, one of which was based partly in Florida, are accused of offering fraudulent or misleading debt relief services to consumers with high credit card interest rates.

Is student loan debt increasingly becoming a problem for students?

In today's economy, many individuals are struggling with high amounts of debt. There are many types of debt which individuals can hold. One type of debt that individuals in Florida and the country as a whole are increasingly holding in high amounts is student loan debt.

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