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August 2011 Archives

Average credit card balance and average mortgage down in Florida

Recently, some interesting debt-related statistics regarding Florida have come to light. According to a recent survey, last month, the average credit card balance in Florida was $6,442 and the average mortgage in Florida was $161,785. Reportedly, for both mortgages and credit card balances, this was a drop from the averages the state saw at the same time last year. Reportedly, in July of 2010, the average credit card balance in Florida was $7,726 and the average mortgage in the state was $174,309.

Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy filing made by company owner

As we have mentioned previously on this blog, many individuals have faced debt and financial struggles in light of the recent economic difficulties the nation has experienced. Struggles with debt and finances can have many impacts on an individual's life. Sometimes, individuals will look to bankruptcy protection to help deal with difficulties they are facing regarding debt and other financial matters.

Personal bankruptcies drop in South Florida and Miami-Dade County

In a post last month, we discussed how the nation as a whole has, thus far, been seeing drops in bankruptcies in 2011. Statistics recently reported on by the Sun-Sentinel indicate that Miami-Dade County and the South Florida region saw such drops last month.

Family living in home's backyard

A foreclosure action can have major impacts on a homeowner. Thus, it is very important for mortgage lenders and banks to do everything they can to make sure that they do not wrongfully foreclose on a property. No individual should have to be the victim of a wrongful foreclosure.

Debt deal could have impacts on graduate students

Recently, it was announced that politicians in Washington D.C. have reached a debt deal. It is worth noting that if the bill containing the terms of this deal passes, it may not only impact national debt. It could also have an impact on the personal debt of some graduate students.

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