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February 2013 Archives

Tight economic times increase unsecured debt for many baby boomers

The primary distinction between secured and unsecured debt is that the former is backed by collateral of some sort that a creditor may have ready access to in the event of a payment default. A classic example is a home, car or other physical asset.

Feds say tighter oversight of, enforcement over, debt collectors

As an indication of just how harassing debt collectors can be in Florida and across the country, consider this: More than 180,000 formal complaints were lodged with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2011 by consumers being targeted by collectors working as independent agents or as employees of debt buyers.

Sad but true: stories of sordid debt collection practices

For proof that some debt collection agencies are virtually shameless and unscrupulous, consider this: One of them was recently fined more than $700,000 for threatening to exhume the bodies of dead children for non-payment of funeral bills. Others have threatened to hurt debtors' pets. Still others tell debtors that they can be taken to jail and lose custody of their children.

Senators propose student debt bankruptcy reform legislation

Calling it a "chance to right a wrong," three U.S. senators proposed new legislation last week aimed at reversing a prior legal change that makes it all but impossible for student debtors to rid themselves of private loan obligations in bankruptcy.

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