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November 2012 Archives

New household debt numbers from Fed tell a mixed tale of hope, woe

The adage "statistics don't lie" impliedly includes an addendum along the lines of, "They can also often be interpreted multiple ways and reasonably point toward disparate conclusions."

Chapter 7 bankruptcy by golf club owner leaves members angry

When the mighty fall they sometimes take others down with them. When the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme tumbled down, many investors saw their retirement savings go down with it. The money was then gone, with little to be done to save it.

Debt settlement: less a service than a curse for most debtors

We informed readers of the double-edged sword posed by debt-relief companies in a July 9 blog entry, referencing the "empty promises" routinely made by actors in that industry and the much worse positions many debtors actually find themselves in after contracting with such entities.

Foreclosure update: Persistent "trouble spots" in Florida buck trend

There appears to be some firm traction undergirding sustained improvements in the realm of foreclosures nationally, although the evidence supporting that is tempered by outsized variances in foreclosures regionally and in certain states.

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