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January 2016 Archives

Committed to helping single mothers find meaningful debt relief

It can be a great relief for women -- especially mothers -- to see their divorce finalized. That's because they are now free to start carrying out their post-divorce plans for both themselves and their children, perhaps moving to a new home, submitting job applications, going back to school or even just enjoying their newfound sense of freedom.

Study examines how parental debt can influence behavior of children

It goes without saying that one of the major worries for most Americans is -- and will likely always be -- managing debt. This is especially true, however, for those who have families, as they not only have to ensure that their bills are paid on time, but also ensure that their children are provided for on an already limited budget.

Debtor education requirements and Chapter 7

In our previous post, we began discussing how those who were perhaps on the fence about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy should understand that while the process is both straightforward and incredibly valuable, it nevertheless requires a determination on the part of the filer to follow through with the process.

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