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October 2011 Archives

Credit scores down and certain types of debt up in Miami

Recently, the South Florida Business Journal reported on some interesting statistics. The statistics are from CreditKarma and they regard credit scores and debt in the Miami metropolitan statistical area in September.

President announces new mortgage-related initiative

In recent years, many individuals have faced problems with mortgage debt. One thing that some homeowners are currently facing is being underwater on a mortgage. A person is underwater on a mortgage when the amount they owe on the mortgage is greater than the value of the property the mortgage is on.

U.S. consumer credit dropped in August

Recently, an article on Reuters' website reported on some interesting debt-related statistics. The statistics regard consumer credit in the U.S. in August of this year. The statistics appear to indicate that the U.S. saw some very different trends in consumer credit in August than it did in July.

U.S. sees slight quarter-to-quarter rise in foreclosure activity

In recent years, foreclosures have become a major issue in Florida and the rest of the country. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported on some interesting foreclosure statistics. The statistics regard foreclosure activity in the U.S. in 2011's third quarter.

Man sues debt collection agency

It is very important for debt collectors to only engage in proper practices when attempting to collect money from a consumer. If debt collectors engage in wrongful conduct, it can cause great harm to consumers. No consumer should have to be subjected to wrongful debt collection conduct.

Bankruptcy filing totals from September

Recently, some interesting bankruptcy statistics have come to light regarding Miami-Dade County and the South Florida region. The statistics were recently reported on by the Sun Sentinel and they are from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Miami. The statistics regard the number of bankruptcy filings made in Miami-Dade County and South Florida as a whole in September.

Homebuilding company owner files for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy

Sometimes, individuals will seek the protection of bankruptcy in response to struggles with debt. Many things can lead to an individual facing problems with debt. Two things that can play a role in a person facing such struggles are poor economic conditions and business problems.

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