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February 2012 Archives

U.S. credit card delinquency rate at 0.78 percent in 2011's fourth quarter

Credit card debt struggles can be very impactful on consumers. Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported on some statistics regarding credit card debt. The statistics regard the credit card delinquency rate (the percentage of borrowers who are 90 days or more past due on their credit card payments) in the U.S. in 2011's fourth quarter and are from TransUnion (a credit reporting agency).

Foreclosure activity on the rise in Miami-Dade County and Florida

Recently, the South Florida Business Journal reported on some foreclosure statistics. The statistics are from RealtyTrac and they regard foreclosure filings in Miami-Dade County and Florida as a whole in January. The statistics indicate that, in January, foreclosure activity went up in Miami-Dade County and Florida as a whole.

Settlement reached regarding claims of wrongful foreclosure-related conduct

Consumers can suffer great harm when lenders and mortgage service companies engage in wrongful conduct when it comes to foreclosures. No consumer should have to be subjected to such wrongful conduct.

In December, U.S. saw another spike in consumer credit

In a post last month, we talked about how the U.S. saw a large increase in consumer credit in November. Debt-related statistics that were recently reported on by Reuters indicate that the U.S. saw another significant rise in consumer credit in December.

Debt collector and FTC reach settlement in deceptive practices case

It is very important for debt collectors to only engage in proper conduct in their debt collection efforts. In today's difficult economy, consumers have enough on their plates without also having to worry about having to be subjected to wrongful debt collection conduct. Wrongful debt collection conduct can be very harmful to consumers.

Medical bills a leading cause of consumer bankruptcies

Although some evidence indicates that our nation's economy is on the mend, many are still struggling to make ends meet. Even for those who believe themselves to be in firm financial footing, an unexpected expense can be difficult to bear. According to a study titled "Medical Bankruptcy in the United States, 2007: Results of a National Study," published in the American Journal of Medicine, medical bills are one of the most common causes of consumer bankruptcies.

Vodka company files Chapter 7, owes debt to Miami Marlins

As many people in Florida know, running your own business in a struggling economy is no small feat. While some businesses are fortunate enough to remain stable, others simply cannot. That was the case for the owner of a vodka company who recently decided to file for bankruptcy.

Robo-signing lawsuit brought against Florida-based company

When lenders, mortgage servicers or mortgage document companies engage in wrongful conduct regarding mortgage/foreclosure documents, it can result in consumers suffering great harm. Such wrongful conduct can sometimes even result in unlawful foreclosures. No consumer should have to face a wrongful foreclosure because a lender, mortgage servicer or mortgage document company engaged in wrongful document-related practices.

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