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July 2011 Archives

Miami hotel owners file for bankruptcy in Florida

When considering filing for bankruptcy protection, there are several options for those individuals who have personal debt, own a struggling business or have put up personal assets as collateral for business loans. Chapter 7 is available to individuals and business and involves liquidating assets while Chapter 13 for individuals and Chapter 11 for businesses help debtors restructure the debt that they owe.

Florida women more likely to seek debt relief help than men

Even though the recession has taken its toll on Florida residents, many people have tried get their finances under control. However, it appears that women are more willing than men to seek debt relief help with their financial problems. But what causes this interesting difference?

Beloved Palm Beach theater files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The 24-year-old Florida Stage has recently announced that it has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after accruing nearly $1.5 million of debt. Although everyone has been hit fairly hard in this economic downturn, the theater faced a series of unfortunate events that left it out of money. The theater company was in such trouble that it couldn't refund theatergoers for previously purchased tickets to upcoming shows.

U.S. sees decrease in consumer bankruptcies in 2011's first half

As we have discussed previously on this blog, in recent years, many individuals in the country have faced financial struggles, such as problems with investments, debts or mortgages. This may be one of the reasons why we have seen a high number of bankruptcy filings in the last couple of years. However, this year, it appears that a trend of decreases in consumer bankruptcy filings is occurring.

Property value declines easing in South Florida?

One of the things that many homeowners in Florida have seen in the wake of the mortgage and foreclosure crisis is falling property values. Decreases in property values can have many negative impacts on homeowners. Such decreases can result in homeowners losing equity in their homes and can lead to homeowners facing problems such as being underwater on their mortgage (a person is "underwater" when the value of a property he or she owns is less than the amount he or she owes on the mortgage on said property).

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