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February 2018 Archives

Making your taxes a priority

Anywhere you are in the nation, Florida included, tax season always springs up at the same time of year. In the current atmosphere of economic change, you might be tempted to neglect giving your business's taxes the full attention they deserve. That neglect is even more likely if you have accrued other debts you believe should take priority. At Kingcade & Garcia, P.A., we often help clients with tax issues during debt relief and bankruptcy processes, but we are only empowered to do so if our clients have stayed diligent in their past filings.

Debt relief: what to do when the bills pile up

Florida residents who have run into a streak of bad luck and find medical bills piling up may find themselves tempted to file for bankruptcy. According to USA Today, Americans choose bankruptcy most often as a result of outstanding healthcare expenses. When emergency surgeries or other unexpected crises impact financial well-being, what should families do?

What has and has not worked in bankruptcy reform?

It has been a while since bankruptcy laws have been reformed. This has provided enough time to analyze how the changes in the laws have worked out. Before filing for bankruptcy in Florida, you may want to look at what has worked and what has not worked with these new bankruptcy laws.

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