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October 2014 Archives

Debt and divorce: is too big of a ring a risk?

'Tis the season for engagement rings, according to National Jeweler Magazine. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve are historically popular days for men to propose to the one that they love. The magazine reported that approximately 12 percent of all engagement rings are purchased during this time period. 

Bankruptcy requirements: counseling and education sessions

In Florida and all other states, excepting North Carolina and Alabama, the U.S. Trustee Program administered by the United States Department of Justice has plenary regulatory and oversight powers over counseling and education requirements regarding bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 may be the right type of bankruptcy for you

Many Miami residents are familiar with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is a very common form of bankruptcy that can help many people get out from under their current financial problems. By eliminating unsecured debts through the debt discharge process, Chapter 7 offers people a chance to clear out debts they would otherwise be unable to pay.

Credit cards and the holidays are an unfortunate match sometimes

The holiday season is so close you can almost see it. Actually, you probably can already see it in certain stores as the festive decorations that accompany this time of year are already up and promoting a number of sales and items for purchase. While this may be a happy time for many families all across the country, there are also many people who will pull out their credit cards this holiday season and plunge themselves, and their families into debt.

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