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March 2013 Archives

Famed singer files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

People at all socio-economic levels struggle, and there is ample evidence to show that it is not only "regular" people who encounter financial difficulties -- such as unexpected medical bills, job loss, home repairs, a business venture gone bad and so forth -- that ultimately bring them to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing or a consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Advocacy group's act highlights medical debt, bankruptcy

It is likely that the vast majority of Americans have not yet heard much, if anything, about an organization called Strike Debt, which is a group recently spawned from the efforts of Occupy Wall Street.

Staggering medical debt: It doesn't have to be a life-long curse

In the economic downturn of recent years, many Floridians and persons from elsewhere across the country have stated that it was a sudden and unforeseen job loss that created insurmountable financial problems for their family and resulted in bankruptcy. Others have noted that it was an unexpected expense or two that was charged on a credit card, with principal and interest payments subsequently becoming onerous over time and eventually beyond their means to pay.

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