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May 2011 Archives

Mortgage companies settle wrongful foreclosure suits

Dealing with mortgage problems and foreclosure proceedings can be very difficult. It can be even more so when mortgage lenders and servicers engage in wrongful practices. Such wrongful conduct can have major impacts on borrowers. In some cases, it can even lead to wrongful foreclosures.

Florida among states with highest levels of "consumer distress"

The economic recession has had a great deal of effects on consumers in Florida. It has left many individuals facing financial struggles, such as problems with debt and mortgages. Dealing with such struggles can have major impacts on an individual's life.

State brings lawsuit against debt collector

Many individuals in Florida and the country as a whole are dealing with debt problems in light of the recent financial crisis. Coping with high levels of debt can be difficult. It can be made even more so when debt collectors engage in wrongful practices. Such wrongful conduct can cause great harm to consumers.

Bankruptcies drop in Miami-Dade County, South Florida

In the past few years, Florida has seen a great deal of bankruptcy activity. This could be because many individuals during this time have been struggling with debt and financial issues. These struggles may have caused more individuals to seek the protection of bankruptcy.

Florida college adopts new rule aimed at combating student debt

In the wake of the recent recession, many individuals are struggling with debt. This includes students, as many of these individuals face financial challenges regarding student loans. Some colleges are trying to find ways to address this issue.

Separating fact from fiction: the truth about bankruptcy

Many legal concepts are misunderstood by the general public, but perhaps the most prevalent legal myths surround bankruptcy. How often have you heard it said that you have to lose your home and your car to get bankruptcy relief? Or that the retirement savings you worked so hard to accumulate will be wiped out by filing bankruptcy?

"Cash for Keys" program could help Florida homeowners

Miami homeowners, along with the rest of the state, have been hit hard by the foreclosure crisis. But help may soon be on the way for those who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. According to the Financial Times, federal regulators recently asked the nation's five biggest mortgage lenders to begin a program that is being called "cash for keys."

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