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What is the danger of credit card debt?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Debt Relief

Getting a credit card in Florida can make you feel secure like you have extra money if you need it. However, it is really easy to use the credit card for situations where you didn’t need to spend money. Credit cards can lead you to live beyond your means. Eventually, all that debt catches up with you. 

One of the biggest issues with credit card debt, according to Time, is how much it costs. It can be tough to pay it down because of the high interest rates. So, why do people even get a credit card in the first place?

It is thought the main reason is it is easily available credit. Unlike loans, which require a lot of paperwork and time to get approved for, many credit card applications are simple and the approvals are quick. A person can easily get a few credit cards in one afternoon in front of the computer. 

While having a credit card is not bad, you have to be smart about using them. The golden rule of credit card use is to pay the balance off in full every month. You should never spend what you cannot pay back when the bill comes due. However, not many people actually do that. This is the main reason why so many people carry credit card debt.

Having high credit card balances can be difficult to rectify. Paying those balances off is not something most people can do quickly. This leads many people to turn to bankruptcy as a solution. This information is educational and is not intended as legal advice. 


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