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How do I find a good credit counseling agency?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Debt Relief

Since good credit counseling can save you from a possible stint in bankruptcy court, you want to find the best credit counselor for you in the state of Florida. Still, with the variety of choices available, you might feel lost. Some people may also feel panicked because of their mounting debt and decide to go with the first counselor they come across. However, Nerdwallet suggests you will be better off if you undertake some careful preparation before making a commitment to any counseling agency.

Instead of joining up with a credit counseling agency right off the bat, give the agency a call first to secure a meeting with a credit counselor. If you cannot set up an in-person meeting, try to schedule a phone conversation with a counselor instead. The purpose of this initial meeting is to gauge the counselor, to find out if the counselor is suitable for your needs.

While speaking with the counselor, feel free to bring up any topic that concerns you. You may ask about the counselor’s previous experience. See if the counselor has been serving clients for a long enough time period that you feel satisfied with. Also take the opportunity to ask how the counselor works with clients. You could inquire about the counselor’s qualifications as well.

A first meeting is also a good time to see if the counselor is trying to get you to sign up for services that you do not need. A good credit counselor should be attentive to your specific needs. If you do not require a particular service, you should not be pressured into using it. Also, your counselor should take the time to explain the important details of their services and not gloss over components such as how much a service costs.

Basically, a first meeting is a way for a credit counselor to make a good impression on you. But because people facing large amounts of debt will have different counseling needs, this article should not be read as legal advice. Its purpose is to offer educational benefit for Floridians facing debt issues.


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