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Can you protect your small business from bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Avoiding Bankruptcy

Operating a small business in Florida presents you with unique challenges that should be strategically handled as they are encountered to utilize the competencies of your organization and implement optimal solutions. One challenge you may face is not having as large of a financial structure as a bigger company. However, if managed with care, you can take precautions to prevent missteps that could ultimately leave you signing bankruptcy paperwork.

Perhaps one of the more critical preventative steps you can take is to hire a financial expert who is solely responsible for managing the financial aspects of your company. This is not to say that you no longer need to be involved as you should regularly receive reports that show numbers and where the money is going in and out of your organization. However, with someone well-versed in financial practices at the forefront of your money management, you can confidently pursue day-to-day practices from a financial standpoint. 

According to, if you recognize that your cash flow is dwindling and finances are not as secure as they once were, it may be time to sell off various business assets that you no longer need. You should also regularly revisit your business plan and reference the section where you discussed how finances should be managed. If there are aspects that are not working or no longer apply to your organization, modify these parts to keep your plan relevant. If you are in debt to other entities, make a list of the payments that are delinquent and prioritize them in order of importance. 

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