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October 2010 Archives

How To Deal With Emotional Aspects of Bankruptcy - Part 2

In our last blog post we discussed how dealing with financial difficulties or filing for bankruptcy can be emotionally distressing for some. Many people never imagined that they would find themselves in such a difficult position, and may experience shame, anxiety or depression over the situation. Today we will discuss some tactics for dealing with these negative emotions.

How To Deal With Emotional Aspects of Bankruptcy - Part 1

Many individuals and families are turning to bankruptcy to find some financial relief in these difficult economic times. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide consumers with a fresh financial start and alleviate stress and worry. However, for some individuals, the important and difficult decision to file for bankruptcy can be emotionally overwhelming.

FTC: More Protection for Those Seeking Debt Relief - Part 2

In our last blog post, we went over some of the soon-to-be implemented rules created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). These rules seek to protect consumers who are seeking debt relief by utilizing the services of debt relief organizations. Today, we will continue to examine the new rules and discuss why using these services is still not always in the consumer's best interests.

FTC: More Protection for Those Seeking Debt Relief - Part 1

The economic downturn has left many Americans saddled with credit card debt with little to no way of paying it back. These stressful situations have led many consumers to turn to debt relief companies which claim to negotiate and settle your debts. Unfortunately, however, many of these companies prey on distressed consumers rather than provide legitimate debt relief.

Credit Card Debt Contributes to Increase in Elderly Bankruptcy

Many Americans are struggling with overwhelming debt and facing hardships like unemployment and foreclosure. One section of the population tends to be forgotten when we consider those who are seeking bankruptcy protection to obtain a fresh financial start: the elderly. However, elderly Americans are suffering just like everyone else.

Banks Accused of Changing Locks on Occupied Homes in Foreclosure

Adding more controversy to Florida foreclosure proceedings, some banks are sending representatives to change locks on Florida properties that are in foreclosure, even though they are still occupied. Florida foreclosure defense attorneys are concerned about the implications of this newest scandal.

Housing Crisis Fueled by Racial Predatory Lending

A study released today in the American Sociological Review reveals that predatory lending focused on minority neighborhoods played a significant role in the foreclosure crisis. The study was conducted by Professor Douglas Massey of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and graduate student Jacob Rugh.

Thousands of Foreclosure Filings under Scrutiny Due to Faulty Paperwork from Banks and Lenders

Thousands of foreclosures are being scrutinized after employees at several major lenders approved thousands of foreclosure affidavits and other documents without proper evaluation. JP Morgan has suspended some 56,000 foreclosures after admitting some may have been authorized without proper review. Ally Financial, another major lender, suspended evictions in twenty-three states.

Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy? Part 2

In our last blog post, we discussed some considerations to take into account when making the difficult decision of whether to file for bankruptcy. While there are many benefits to Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, it is important for you to understand your options. Here are some further considerations when contemplating bankruptcy.

Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy? Part 1

The decision to file bankruptcy can be very difficult. As Florida bankruptcy attorneys are aware, many people today are facing the loss of their jobs and homes and are saddled with insurmountable debt. These difficult times may prompt some to consider filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you with a fresh financial start. However, filing for bankruptcy is a serious decision, and you should make sure you understand all of your options. Here are some tips and considerations for those contemplating bankruptcy.

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