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April 2017 Archives

Understanding when a Chapter 13 hardship discharge may be an option

It can prove to be a truly glorious day when an individual who has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy makes the final payment under their repayment plan. That's because they are now only a few relatively simple steps away from securing a discharge, meaning released from all of the debts covered by the plan and free from the watchful eye of creditors.

Why more seniors are encountering credit card problems

When a person makes the momentous decision to retire after spending 30-40 years in the workforce, they understandably envision embarking on a new lifestyle that is largely stress-free. Indeed, they may see the years ahead as being filled with new hobbies, dream vacations, family visits and, of course, days of leisure.

How your tax refund might be your ticket to a fresh financial start

Last week, our blog spent some time discussing how those who discount bankruptcy as an option owing to the size of the filing fees might want to reconsider their position due to the availability of both fee waivers and installment payments.

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