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October 2015 Archives

Is the way bankruptcy courts treat student loan debt going to change? - II

In our last post, we began discussing how people of all ages here in the U.S. are having difficulties with student loan debt. Indeed, statistics from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reveal that as many as one out of every four borrowers are either having trouble making their monthly payments or are in default.

Is the way bankruptcy courts treat student loan debt going to change?

Every month people of all ages across the country either log onto the Internet or get out their checkbooks to make yet another sizable student loan payment. While this exercise is merely groan inducing for some, it is actually painful for others, particularly those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Can filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy prevent foreclosure?

There are a wide variety of reasons people begin to consider filing for bankruptcy, from burdensome medical bills to credit card overuse to bad tax decisions. One common reason folks begin to consider bankruptcy is that they become unable to make their mortgage payments. But can a debtor really stop foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy?

Don't believe the myths about bankruptcy and rebuilding your credit

One of the foremost concerns of anyone considering filing for bankruptcy is the degree to which it will affect their credit score. This, of course, makes sense given the many myths out there on this topic and the degree to which society as a whole relies on readily accessible credit.

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