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Florida consumers carry 3rd highest debt in country

Over the past few months, we have heard a lot about Americans tightening their financial belts and using extra income to pay down debts. And for some, the post-holiday period is about paying off those Christmas bills. However, new numbers released by Equifax show that many consumers, especially those in Florida, are still carrying high credit card balances.

Equifax monitors credit throughout the country. The group's recently released numbers indicate that consumers in Florida, California and Texas are maintaining higher credit card debt levels and people in other parts of the country. While these states face some of the toughest budget issues in the nation, so do their individual residents.

According to Equifax, Florida residents have $47.6 billion of collective credit card debt. This is the third highest total in the country. California ranks highest with $90.6 billion in debt, and Texas is number two with $48.8 billion in credit card debt. These states still have "a lot of debt to tackle," as one senior vice president at Equifax put it.

Many individuals would like to pay down their credit card debt, but it seems that each month brings new financial challenges that stand in the day of reducing debt. When credit card debt becomes overwhelming, chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good debt relief option. In this form of debt, consumers who cannot meet their financial obligations have an opportunity to discharge unsecured debt such as credit card bills.

CreditNet, "Many Americans still face serious credit card debt problems," Thomas Astery, 28 Jan 2011

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