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Florida homeowner fights for her home

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2011 | Foreclosures

These days, many people are facing foreclosure, especially in Florida. Recently, there have been many instances of banks providing inadequate, if not fraudulent, documentation regarding homes in foreclosure. Consequently, borrowers are no longer allowing banks to take their homes without a fight. The “fight” typically occurs through the court system. Homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure will hire an experienced foreclosure attorney to help them through this complex and confusing process.

One Florida homeowner has taken the fight one step further. She has lived in her Pembroke Pines home for 20 years. The homeowner believes that the bank involved has been fraudulent in their handling of her mortgage payments. As a result, the homeowner has been struggling with the bank foreclosing on her home for the past two years.

Now she is publicly trying to save her home in an unconventional way. This weekend she is planning to erect two very large signs and post them across her front lawn. The signs will read “The Bank is trying to steal my home, again.”

The story began in September 2008 when she reached a mortgage modification agreement with her bank. She made the monthly payments according to the agreement. However, in March 2009, the bank notified her that they were missing six months of payments. While the bank assured her that her payments were received in telephone conversations, the bank filed three consecutive foreclosure cases, all of which were subsequently dropped.

This homeowner’s struggle exemplifies the confusing nature of foreclosure. Unfortunately, this situation appears to be more common than not. Many homeowners who have been making timely payments are facing foreclosure as a result of bank mistake or fraud.

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