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Medical debt: overwhelming, perhaps, but not a life sentence

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Debt Relief

We have stated in prior select posts that the consequences of medical debt can be severe, and we are certainly serious in noting that (please see, for example, our blog entry dated March 14, 2014).

In fact, medical bills financially derail Americans in high numbers, from Florida to California, and an inability to pay what are sometimes skyrocketing costs and interest puts many individuals and families in real jeopardy.

That is truly sad, but a dire outcome is far from always being inevitable.

A writer on credit repair who currently works for the national organization Bankrate impliedly noted that in a recent response he provided to a debtor who is strapped with a high amount of medical debt.

Debt adviser and author Steve Bucci noted that several options generally exist for persons who are squared off against creditors — often care providers and sometimes collection firms that have been retained or purchase debt obligations at a fraction of their value and subsequently pursue repayment.

A debtor can choose to fight back, of course, and many people do just that. They seek a payment adjustment, either through a lowered or more reasonable bill amount or through a flexible payment arrangement. They may seek to challenge the billing through an appeals process or by contacting a state official, such as the insurance commissioner. In the interim, many of them are engulfed by creditors’ harassing and abusive behaviors.

Eventually, and as Bucci notes, some people turn to bankruptcy, which can have several salutary effects.

For starters, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can quickly stop those unwanted contacts at home and work. Debtors who file for bankruptcy can rest assured that a proven debt relief attorney knows how to put an immediate stop to harassing activities.

Second, and of critical importance, medical bills are dischargeable through bankruptcy, which effectively terminates a billing and collection war with an aggressive creditor.

An experienced Miami bankruptcy attorney can answer questions and advocate strongly on behalf of any person needing relief from heavy debt obligations.

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