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Florida seniors and medical debt; a highly troubling problem

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2014 | Debt Relief

Why does medical debt collection shoot to the top of the list for bill-related concerns held by Americans?

The answers are multiple, and they range from simple to overtly complex considerations.

For starters, of course, medical bills are often real eye openers for the amounts stated. Medical care in the United States is anything but cheap, and bills that arrive in a consumer’s mailbox are almost certain to elicit more than a modicum of stress.

And then there is this: Consumers are often still dealing with foot-dragging insurance companies to perform at the same time that bills are piling up on their kitchen tables. As noted in a recent government agency report on debt collection, many consumers are “confused and frustrated because debt collectors attempt to collect medical expenses while the consumer is simultaneously … waiting for providers and insurers to resolve disputes.”

As millions of people across the country know from personal experience, that can certainly elevate angst.

And the problem is especially pronounced in Florida. Indeed, and given the states’ outsized senior-aged population, is it unrivaled anywhere else in the country.

A media article discussing the above-cited report makes specific reference to Florida’s singular demographic, while simultaneously noting that older Americans are routinely targeted by aggressive debt collectors.

In Florida, more than 17 percent of all residents are reportedly over the age of 65. Many of those people obviously need medical care. The implications for aggressive collection efforts and outright scams are evident in such an environment.

As noted by the cited media article, many consumers become “confused and frustrated” when medical bills pile up and collectors aggressively engage them for payment. They can make mistakes.

And they can spiral downward into further debt.

While scary, that scenario is far from automatic. Strong legal protection is available for consumers seeking protection from combative debt collectors and options for responsibly dealing with debt.

In Florida, a proven debt relief attorney can respond to concerns and help a financially challenged client pursue a course that optimally promotes his or her best interests.


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