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Who benefits when you avoid credit card bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Bankruptcy Reform

We know that average Florida citizens do not know much about bankruptcy — they have no need for the knowledge. If you are like most people, even thinking seriously about filing for this type of debt relief is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Even worse, the laws change often. Even if you had a bankruptcy earlier in your life, there is no guarantee that the rules would be the same if you tried it again now.

Many of our clients at Hall, Ricketts, Schuller & Gurbacki, P.C., are stressed from debt trouble and confused by the system that is supposed to help them. That is why one of our first steps in the process is explaining exactly what bankruptcy is — and who wants to make it harder for people to get the relief they need.

There is a myth out there that bankruptcy is bad for you. While it is probably not a good alternative to controlling your spending, succeeding at business and making wise investments, sometimes things do not work out perfectly. The bankruptcy process is often a smart alternative to paying excessive amounts of interest on your debts for extended periods of time — but your lenders often make less money as a result.

A successful debt relief case for a client of ours could mean thousands of dollars of lost revenue for a credit card company. When you work out the numbers, you could see that lenders often benefit greatly from even a small reduction in the number of annual credit card debt bankruptcies. 

The 2005 bankruptcy reforms have made the process more difficult, representing a win for these credit card companies over borrowers like our clients. However, with the right help, we believe that our clients still have a chance against these powerful special-interest groups that want to keep them buried under overwhelming debt. Please read on to find out more at our main site.


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